Wanna Be Like Nicolas Cage?

Poor Eleanor

Gone In 60 Seconds was alright, but why did so many people want to make their Mustangs look exactly like the one from the movie? I never really understood the whole Eleanor craze. Perhaps they thought it would make them feel cool like Mr. Cage? Yeah, just think about it – you could throw on a leather jacket and head out to do some wild tricks on public roads! Well, unfortunately those sort of dreams don’t always end well. Take this replica for example – it’s twisted, mangled, and not very cool. Seems like a waste to me, but it will be interesting to see if the next owner attempts to recreate the same dream or not. Find it here on eBay where the seller is asking $8,900 or best offer. Thanks goes to Mark for the tip!


  1. Stang1968

    That car is messed up. I don’t see a straight panel, and the unibody looks twisted.

    IMO, Parts only and priced too high.

    • Gnrdude

      I agree It’s a Giant parts car now….

  2. John H from CT

    There is a reason that this is only $8,900. My assumption is that the damage has distorted the whole unibody, and perhaps only a really excellent frame puller would have the time and talent to salvage this one. Plus, the seller states that it doesn’t run. So who knows what happened in the drivetrain from the impact.

    Looks like somebody had the money to buy a cool car but not the brains to pay$3K-$5K to go to the Bondurant driving school.

    • Rocco Member

      I agree with everything you said.

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  3. Steve from PA

    Yeah, definite unibody damage. I agree, that’s now a parts car.

  4. Heath

    Not a fastback, so not an Eleanor clone. Why someone would put Shelby named anything on a coupe is beyond me (Shelby only made 1 coupe…prototype).

    Even the drivers door is bent. Jeez, what did they hit. It was a nice car…painted differently with a few less of the Eleanor pieces.

  5. Jason Houston

    Eleanor was a 1973, yet people want to Eleanor every pre-1970 they can find. I don’t get it, either. Maybe someone will come out with an Eleanor Torino or Pinto, “just like in the movie.”

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    • G. Flennoy

      Eleanor was a 1967

  6. ron e bee

    No. No I don’t want to be like Nicolas Cage

    • brakeservo

      Let’s stop bashing Nicholas Cage. He’s a car guy, one of us. I remember seeing his Bugatti Type 57 in Scottsdale many years ago. Anyone cool enough to have a Type 57 should be ok with all of us, whether you like his movies or not. And yes, I agree, the original “Gone in 60 Seconds” is such a legendary classic, there should have never been a sequel, much like “The Italian Job.”

      • Jason Houston

        I learned how s****y movie remakes are with the # 2 and # 3 Back to the Futures.

        Then that dreadful Psycho remake, with a stupid Volvo substituting for that gorgeous ’57 Custom 300, and a flim-flam used-car lot substituting for the Roche-Mayberry Lincoln-Mercury dealership on Lankershim Blvd.

        Just before he died, they announced Mad Mad Mad Mad World was going to be remade, but producer Stanley Kramer died before it ever got rolling. That’s probably good.

  7. Mike H. Mike H.

    Jason, Eleanor was a 1973 in the ORIGINAL film, but in the Nic Cage crap-tastic remake it was a 1967 (1968?) Mustang Fastback/Supposed Shelby GT-350/GT-500.

    The original film was better with less talking and none of that fat-lipped, smug, and arrogant woman strutting around.

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    • Jason Houston

      Hey, thanks, Mike. That explains everything.

      Never cared for Nicholas Cage for just the very reasons you pointed out. Besides, most movie remakes are phony crap anyway! So, I didn’t miss anything.

      Thanks again for setting me level.

    • James

      I was about to post the same picture.. now that is Eleanor!!!!

  8. Frankie Paige

    Looks like it took a lot less than 60 seconds to do this. The original film was completely different than the Nicolas cage film.

  9. john

    Seems a lot for a parts car……..

  10. grant

    Well, first off remakes of movies ALWAYS suck, more so if it involves Nic Cage. 9k for a twisted, modified Mustang? Nope….

  11. piper62j

    It’s actually not that bad.. I’ve repaired worse than this one.. You definitely need a frame machine to pull the front end and get the measurement points in place.. some of the sheet metal can actually be brought back during the pull.. Obviously, a lot of it will need replacement and the parts are readily available..

    I wouldn’t look for a good used front clip or anything like that because of the rust issues..

    These cars bring big bucks.. This one is quite do-able with the right shop environment.

    There is a company who produces them and they start at $100,000.00. You actually get a brand new car when they’re finished..

    I like this one.. Great challenge and value..

    • Brakeservo

      This company producing ‘Eleanor’ replicas, do you mean the Texas based people who got busted for title fraud or phony V.I.N.s or something like that?? I think they’re gone now.

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      • Jason Houston

        Don’t worry, these garden slugs just show up somewhere else with a new identity. They never go away, they just reinvent themselves.

  12. Dolphin Member

    Sorry to disagree, but someone is trying to sell some twisted metal for actual money. With luck maybe the engine / transmission will be OK, but the seller says it doesn’t run, so who knows whether the throttle stuck open and trashed the engine. It’s happened before.

    Chassis not even worth putting on a frame machine—–waste of high priced time and equipment. Front end is toast, wheels askew. It’s a performance car that bought the farm. Even the tail lights don’t look 100%.

    Bottom line: I wouldn’t trust my life in it fixed. A lot of money for an aftermarket interior.

    • Steve from PA

      Not even a good aftermarket interior, either. Those are just re-covered seats and white face gauges. I noticed the tail-lights, too, they are buckled inward, not a good sign. There’s even damage on the roof!

  13. hhaleblian

    A few years ago I watched Nic and Lisa Marie operate at the Bonhams tent Pebble Beach. Ahh…. no thanks. I’ll stick with Mr Ed.

  14. Frankie Paige

    The engine doesn’t run because in part the radiator is bent into the fan. For such a major project it’s priced way too high. Especially that it’s a coupe and there are so many out there, pull the engine and transmission and some other parts and wave goodbye. The driver must have been hurting bad after this one


    This definitely will have a salvage title so it won’t have much value.

    • Brakeservo

      Cars get salvage titles after an insurance company declares them totalled. If this car wasn’t insured it may still have a clean title. And sometimes the salvage label simply ‘disappears’. I once bought a Ferrari with a California salvage title and brought it to my state. I don’t know what happened but i got a clean new title. Then several years ago my truck was totalled but I kept it and dutifully sent the title in to be reissued as salvage. Apparently some clerk goofed and just sent me a new clean title. So don’t let the lack of a salvage title fool you into thinking a car was never seriously wrecked.

    • racer99

      Car is listed on ebay as having a salvage title as are most of the cars in this seller’s inventory.

  16. racer99

    Looks like this shop specializes in flipping high end salvage vehicles (see their other vehicles for sale on ebay). From the looks of it someone has done some pulling on it already to get it close enough to sell. As piper62j mentioned above, just about anything can be fixed, the trick is knowing what should be fixed. If this is truly a $30K++ vehicle than even if you have to replace the tub you should be in pretty good shape. And yes, I’ve seen worse than this fixed up and put back into service (I wouldn’t do it but I’ve seen it done). There’s probably more than that in parts in this puppy.

    • Jason Houston

      In other words, the seller is just another hocus-pocus junk dealer, like all the others on eBay.

  17. Lee

    Maybe you could Bend the other side and use it for Off Road From the Picture background they didn’t get very far from the salvage yard –with no frame machine

  18. Jim

    Parts car at best, Body wasnt that great before the crash and not worth fixing. Its a coupe so no where near as desirable as a fastback. PLUS Elenore has been done too death!I would say 4K if it runs.

  19. paul

    There’s only one Elanor , the rest seems wet chickens ..it’s a pitty , could look cooler with a new fence and grill and saying need some fixes…


  20. Tracy

    How or why would someone take a low mileage and make a clone? Why didn’t the seller show the tag that is loose in the center console?

  21. DonS

    The rear diff axle is crooked – this thing took a huge hit. Someone started to straighten it out, but must have given up. Move the parts to a straight car…

  22. Steve


    To both the car in general and the question of me wanting to be nic cage.

  23. Gary

    Oh I feel bad for the owner to have a car like that Gone in Seconds….Not even 60!

  24. Jim

    It’s useless and a huge waste of money and resources to try and repair this one, it’s gone. Even on a frame jig, you’ll never get that thing straight again and still have a strong enough structure for a road worthy vehicle. Besides, you can buy a rust free 67/68 coupe shell for about $1,500-$2,500 and build your own if a coupe floats your boat, however a coupe is not an “Eleanor” clone, it’s just a coupe with some of the glass parts and color of an Eleanor.

    It’s only value is in the parts and the seller would be wise to part it out and crush the rest.

  25. MountainMan

    Not many Nicolas Cage fans huh?
    The car could be repaired of course but the time required may be better spent pulling off the salvagable parts. Im not a fan of the many Eleanor clones/tributes personally but it looks like this was a nice car before somebody wadded it up.

  26. AMX Brian

    Not worth it for a coupe.

  27. Blake

    Lots of expensive parts on that car if you are building a mustang. Is that pink paint on the cowl????? If thats a hint of the original paint, that could be a playboy mustang $$

  28. Skloon

    Dynacorn candidate but too high I don’t like the stain on the drivers seat either

  29. jim s

    it is an automatic, has cup holders, and the seller used a forklift to raise the car up in the air so they could take photos of the underside. interesting find.

  30. James

    Sorry, but this one is a complete waste of time. These 67/68’s are built around that cowl and this cowl is wasted. There are bends everywhere on the car. You can tell from the exposed cowl that they did a quickie on this one when they slapped it together. The small block is not valuable. The decklid and taillight panel is worth about a grand and the interior is just totally stock. Wheels are worth about a grand. I see about $3,500 in parts and the rest goes to China to make dishwashers and stoves.

    • John S

      Don’t forget the compost in the left seat

      • brakeservo

        Are you sure it’s compost?? Maybe the driver was “scared sh*tless!”

  31. junrai

    thats right around hte corner from my work and that car is JUNK theres not a straight piece on it. even if there was a straight part that was savable its a coupe and it wasnt dont very well look at the pics of the apron and the front suspension its all original equipment. for the money you would spend JUST top HOPEFULLY get it straight enough to sell it as repaired to some sucker or someone that didnt know how bad it was damaged YOU COULD BUILD ANOTHER ONE JUST LIKE IT
    I say all that car is or was was painted up nice with some nice looking parts to make a really nice AFFORDABLE car.

    say he spent the $13k I have in my 363 stroker and say he spent another thousand bucks on a willwood disk brake kit $5 grand for the paint job $5 thousand on the fiberglass parts and maybe another thousand bucks on the shelby named stuff and the tires and wheels cost $2k lets add that up I come up with $27k being generous

    it is a shame to see it go to waste regardless of what the builder spent on it. was a nice car once upon a time

    • Jason Houston

      As a practical matter, NO Mustang, Galaxie, Falcon or Thunderbird in the1960’s was ever called a “coupe” [sic]. They are “hardtops”, both in structural nomenclature and in sales and marketing. The lone exception is the 1963/1964 Fairlane hardtops, which were trade-named, “Sport Coupe”. Like the confusing Sedan debacle, traditional coupes are 2-door cars with a ‘B’ pillar and an abbreviated roof with small quarter glass… quite the exact opposite of any hardtop.

  32. racer99

    With no seat belts and a dent on the INSIDE of the driver’s door you know it had to be one hell of a ride. Still think the big issue is what is the car worth as a finished piece? Looking at it again there are things that you see that appear to be done really well and things underneath that weren’t which would lead me to believe that it was not a big buck build but a build that was assembled to look like one over cheaper (largely stock) underpinnings. Also just saw the wrinkled apron at the cowl on the passenger’s side (look at top view of engine) — man, that thing took a big hit. Obviously they’ve tried to straighten it some before taking the pictures.

  33. Paul VanSteen

    $8900 for a c code 67 coupe? That about all its worth if it’s in good condition. And moving it around on the end of a fork lift can’t be good for the under side.

  34. MikeW

    Just what does all the Eleanor hipe got to do with this coupe, excuse me, hardtop coupe. Oh, and there’s no frame to straighten, so good luck with that.

    • Jason Houston

      Supposedly, somebody came out with a 1967 Eleanor that was done up like the 1973 Eleanor, and they began selling body kits to modify your 1967-1968 hardtop into an Eleanor. The full story is here in this thread.

  35. Brakeservo

    Lankershim – hey you must be talking North Hollywood, that’s my old stomping grounds. I remember the Phil Rauch Chrysler dealership ( which also sold Amphicars) and Cutter Ford, but not the dealer you mentioned. George Barris’ shop was on Riverside just east of Lankershim, and the opening scene of Sanford & Son was on Magnolia slightly east of Lankershim, and of course that wild cowboy tailor Nudie who also made some bizarre cars was also on Lankershim. Great history there.

    • Jason Houston

      Jeez, you are predating me. (And that’s hard to do!) I don’t know Cutter Ford, but do remember Phil Rauch and (unfortunately) George Barris.

      And Nudie! He made all those glitterous cowboy outfits for Roy Rogers, Buck Owens, Porter Wagoner and a ton of others. He made his first Gunslinger out of a brand-new 1958 Bonneville convertible. It was such a hit, Pontiac Motor Division gave Nudie a new Pontiac convertible every year. When Pontiac quit making convertibles, they gave him El Dorados until those faded away. You probably recall, Nudie’s shop was next door to Little Nashville, a dance club were I performed regularly with Johnny White’s band in the 1970s.

      One of the last Nudie Pontiacs is propped up behind the bar at the Buck Owens Crystal Palace in Bakersfield. Buck owned it and put California personalized plates, ‘BUCK U 2″.

      Thanks for the memories.

  36. AMCFAN

    There was only one Gone in Sixty and in reality one Elsinore the elusive and battered 1973. HB Halicki was a car guy. Had he lived his collection might have been that of what Jay Leno has accumulated

    As far as Nick Cage being a car guy maybe. Him having an exotic Bugatti type 57 or what ever doesn’t say much. He has been known for his wild spending on some really stupid things

    Cars that may not have been insured or under insured and damaged in a serious accident could still have a traffic report and would show up in a carfax

    • Jason Houston

      Elsinore is a town in Riverside County, California. The 1973 Mustang was Eleanor. All the cars in Gone in Sixty were given female names, and it had nothing whatever to do with Elsinore, California. The movie was filmed in LA and Long Beach, which is nowhere near Elsinore. Hope this helps.

  37. Willte

    Bottom line the car is a turd.

    • Jason Houston

      In a punchbowl, no less.

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