Want To Drive A Fishbowl? 1978 AMC Pacer

1978 AMC Pacer

From Chuck F. – This 1978 Pacer, here on Craigslist is claimed to have 59,448 miles, and from the pictures it looks like it. It also looks like for the price it would be a fun summer cruiser, at least up north in Minnesota, where summer is two weeks of bad ice fishing. The real question is how much rust is hiding along the bottom in the shadows? What can be seen looks like a couple of patches need welded in, and I would bet there is some more, even with that low of miles. If it turns out to be solid, it looks like a bargain to me. I would restore it back to original, as it would fun to take to car shows, but I probably wouldn’t keep it long. And I think when all is done I would make some money on it. How about you? Keep it original, fish with it as is, or something else? You could always cut a hole in the floor, and make a one of a kind ice fishing shanty!


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  1. blindmarc

    For the price, this is a amc fans deal of the day.

  2. MikeW

    The rack and pinion were junk and expensive to replace if I remember correct.

  3. Howard A Member

    The ’78 Pacer sports a new grill and hood, to accept the 304 V-8 ( not available in Mexico), although, few were equipped that way, as most had the trusty 258(or 232), like this. I knew several people who had Pacers, and they were great cars, and this is no exception. GUARANTEED you’ll be the center of attention where ever you go. I saw a Pacer drag car ( 500 ci drag motor, parachute, etc.) at the AMC reunion in Kenosha, a while back, and I said, “wow, that’s not your grandma’s Pacer”, and he said, “actually, it WAS his grandma’s Pacer”, and he made it into a drag car. Party on, Wayne!!!

  4. MH

    This car is only 10 miles from where I live. No time for this car for me. But you could buy it, drive it, and sell it next year for what you paid for it. Cheap entertainment.

  5. A.J.

    My wife has strangely always liked these and she does need a new car…

    I prefer the 401 Gremlin.

  6. RayT Member

    Clever seller! A car that admittedly has rust gets parked in the shrubbery so we can’t see the lower doors/fenders/rockers, etc. No dash shot so who knows if the pad is full of cracks or nice? The photos show a pretty nice car, but I have to suspect there’s grim news in the areas we can’t see….

    If it were in good shape, I suppose it would have to be kept stock, but I’d be inclined to stuff in a SBC so I could leave quickly when I tired of the crowd’s attention.

  7. jim s

    this should be sold already. i think i see more then the asking price in parts. if the rust is bad go junk car racing with it. interesting find

  8. RodgerG

    As ugly and strange as these were when they were new, I must say I saw one in traffic recently, and in amongst all of the look alike SUVs, it did look kind of like George Jetson was flying by all of the traffic. It was kind of cool looking in its own stylish way.

  9. ben

    There is a reason that these cars can be found with low miles. No one wanted to be seen driving one!

  10. Ed P

    No thanks.

  11. Barry T

    Say what you will about these cars but at least they have great visibility. Unlike quite a few modern cars that have horrible blind spots due to either a tiny back window or side windows.

  12. Mr.Eman

    I worked at a gas station the summer after I finished HS (late 80’s). One of the guys I worked with had a Pacer and she would come in for gas. I remember it took in the neighborhood of 30 gallons to fill the thing.

  13. Danny

    i drove a 77 pacer for years as my winter beater .. Never got stunk in the snow .. In Ottawa, Canada

  14. Doug

    I just want to buy it, yank the engine and make it an electric car. I figure I could power it by mounting solar panels INSIDE the car :)

  15. josh h

    $1,550.? I would snap this Pacer up (if I were near Minnesota and after a thorough going over). Looks clean, but not posting pics of the rust seems dubious.

  16. johnforsman

    I may have written about this before. Pacer, a 928 in Drag. Perhaps except for Phillip Garner’s Pacer convertible. He sawed off the roof with a Sawsall. Garner did great car related cartoons for R&T. lol, and drove one.

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