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We Are Headed To Monterey Car Week!

Tomorrow morning Josh and I will board a plane bound for automotive mecca! If you don’t already know, there is a huge car party going on over in California this week. It’s happening on the Monterey Peninsula and there’s something for everyone. There are free car shows, fancy car shows, and high-dollar auctions. We have attended twice before, but we are extremely excited to be there this year for a few reasons. Keep reading to find out why.

Photo Credit: Werks Reunion

Friday we will hit up the Werks Reunion and the Legends of the Autobahn. Both are free to attend and both will be jammed packed with German cars. We have never been to these shows so we aren’t sure how much walking we have in store, but it’s sure to be a lot.

Photo Credit: RM Auctions

If we’re not exhausted after that, we hope to make it over to RM Auctions. We don’t plan to bid on anything there, but we do hope to catch a glimpse of the most important Porsche of them all. This car was built in 1939 and is claimed to be the first car to wear the PORSCHE badge. This one is expected to go for around $20 million so we will feel privileged even if we can even get within 10 feet of it!

Then on Saturday, we will be at the Concours d’Lemons! We will have a booth there to sell t-shirts and hats. So, if you are in the area, be sure to stop by and say “hi”. This event provides the most laughs of any during the week. There are always a few outrageous rides on display and the guy who runs the show has a great sense of humor. It may have started as a way to make fun of the Concours on Sunday, but it has become a Monterey Car Week staple. These photos were from the 2018 event


After that, we will grab dinner and go for a stroll down Broadway in Seaside. There will be 400 exotic cars on display and tens of thousands of people gawking at them. It’s a wild event, but where else are you going see this many million-dollar supercars in one place?

Finally, on Sunday we will wake up early and make our way to Pebble Beach. It won’t be for a golf tournament though. That’s where the granddaddy event, the Concours d’ Elegance, will take place. There will be super rare Bentleys, Aston Martins, and Bugattis. But, the cars that we are most excited about seeing are the five historic hot rods that will be on display. They have all graced the cover of Hot Rod magazine and they have all made an impact on the hobby. I’ve heard rumors that the car that Tim Allen built on the TV show Home Improvement may even be there!

It’s going to be automotive overload and we can’t wait! If you’re not able to attend, we hope this is the next best way for you to enjoy the festivities. We will attempt to live stream throughout the weekend so be sure to follow us on YouTube and don’t forget to keep an eye on the site for daily updates!


  1. Rodney - GSM

    See you there!

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  2. geomechs geomechs Member

    Well, guys, it looks like you’re doing something I wish I could. I always had this dream of visiting the car events en masse after I retired. I got the retirement part right but I sort of missed the boat about attending the fun stuff. I’ll be thinking about you while I’m my wife’s pack mule at the NW Montana state fair through to Monday. Have fun you guys.

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  3. Robert White

    I’ll have to stay home with the ball & chain so I can cry in my soup but you two guys have a great time whilst we poor sots watch real life streamed on Internet like it’s the old boob tube of yesteryear.

    Actually, bring me back a nice 56 GMC Napco & some candy apples too, eh?

    Don’t forget to haggle on the price.


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  4. stillrunners

    Have fun !!!!

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  5. Joe Machado

    Just got home from taking the 1991 Ridler award winner to Russo Steele auction. It is a 33 Ford done by Foose an Coddington. Look for it. Goes on block Friday. Ferraris are common there. About 9 miles of traffic when I left headin East to 101. Enjoy yall

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  6. Rube Goldberg Member

    Another busy day at the ol’ rock pile, I see. Have fun, and to be clear, the party has been going on in California for a hundred years,,it’s the one thing we can always count on.

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  7. Jack M.

    For any readers in the northern part of the country you still have a chance to catch the Canadian version. I have been to a few shows and can definitely recommend it.

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  8. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

    We are on the plane!

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Looks like you are having fun already! I hope you have a couple of handfulls of Barn Find stickers to slap on those exotics while you two are roaming around. Have fun, Mike.

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    • Pat L Member

      Nice t shirt Josh!

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      • Josh Mortensen Staff

        Thanks Pat! It seemed like the perfect option given where we are headed!

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    • Josh Mortensen Staff

      We are in San Jose and are headed to Monterey in a Mustang GT!

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    • Robert White

      Looks like a Nash Metropolitan would have given you two guys more space in the seating compared to that tightly cramped plane you are flying in.

      What happened to the old way of travel on four wheels?

      I went on a plane trip once and vowed to God I would never do it again once I landed and kissed the ground out of sheer joy to still be alive.

      Coming from Mechanical Engineering I never understood why people would fly a complement of machined parts in the air? Heck, motors crap out sometimes too. I hope your plane has more than one engine, frankly.



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      • Josh Mortensen Staff

        We would have liked to have driven, but it wasn’t in the cards. If we come next year we plan on driving! We will see what happens.

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    • Rube Goldberg Member

      Who was using the Barn Finds private jet? Jamie, I bet.

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  9. Kansas Ken

    Hope to catch up with you at your booth Saturday!

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  10. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

    You’re never blocked. That’s just a popup reminder to become a member. The trip most definitely didn’t come out of membership fees. That money doesn’t even cover our writers’ salary so please don’t be rude.

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  11. Doug

    If you can, check out the car show on lighthouse avenue in Pacific Grove- lots of small cars & micro cars.

    First Awakenings is great for breakfast/brunch/lunch

    International Cuisine on Lighthouse Ave in Pacific Grove was very good, and literally across the sidewalk from the car show !

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  12. Norton Rider

    If your schedule allows, drop down to Solvang next Saturday for the Wheels and Windmills show. Only 300 cars, and sure to be a disappointment after all the maxed out beautiful cars you’ll see. Don’t know if Quail will still be going on in Foster City. Too much happening all at once. Whew!

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  13. Enesset

    I still haven’t sold my “readers ride” 1975 Laguna S3.


    Gonna attend the mecum muscle car auction and park with my signs on it. Any readers that saw the posting…and are in Monterey… see my car in person!

    Thanks again guys for all the great content — Eric

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  14. Raymond Keck

    I just got back from Monterey yesterday. It’s mind-blowing to see so many cars convened in one area. There were cruise-ins in Pacific Grove and Carmel, auction cars streaming in, under their own power and in carriers. Every kind of car cruising Cannery Row, from rat rods to Rolls Royces. Driving down Highway 1, there is a seemingly endless stream of exotics speeding north, many participating in organized runs like the Italian Stampede. The CHP is having a field day! It’s an amazing spectacle.

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  15. Frank J Capparelle Member

    Have a great time Gentleman. Enjoy the madness

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    • Josh Mortensen Staff

      It really was madness, but it was awesome! We just boarded the plane back to Boise, but we will be posting our adventures tomorrow!

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  16. Josh Mortensen Staff

    Just ran into Wayne Carrini at Pebble!

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  17. DLegeai

    I am jealous…..!!!

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