Weathered Bird: 1964 Studebaker GT Hawk

Most things Studebaker are pretty cool, but I fell in love with the Gran Turismo Hawk when I saw one for sale in high school. It wasn’t meant to be, but I’ve wanted one ever since! They are pretty uncommon, so I always get excited when I see one. This 1964 Hawk is in excellent overall condition and is in prime “light project” condition. These cars have unique styling that is a complete departure from popular styles of the era, and depending on your preferences that can be a good or a bad thing. Find it here on Craigslist near Sacramento, CA and a believed actual odometer reading of 85,000. Thanks to Michael for sending this one in!

The interior is complete but pretty rough. All the components are there, but would need to be repaired and recovered. This is a running and driving vehicle, so it could be enjoyed as it is, but it is just past the cut-off for nice enough to enjoy (in my opinion). It would be fun for a little while, but many enthusiasts wouldn’t be able to stop themselves from making it pretty (myself included)! The only piece I can spy missing is the passenger side dashboard trim panel. The seller states that the interior was replaced in the 1990s, and based on several aesthetic properties that makes sense. According to the ad, “All of the gauges work except engine temperature. The speedometer works, but it ‘wobbles.'”

The engine is the original Studebaker 289 V8 which is not the same as a Ford 289. Believe it or not, the bright yellow valve covers are probably factory! In a sea of orange and blue V8s this will really stand out. The transmission is a 3-speed column-shifted manual (three on the tree). As per the ad, “Almost every part of the brakes have been replaced, and there was a previous upgrade to power brakes. Other upgrades include electronic ignition, electric fuel pump, and a brand-new 12 volt GM alternator.”

This car has some rust, but based on the seller’s description it sounds very minimal aside from “several rust holes in the floor.” The 1990s interior coupled with the wheels and exhaust tips make me think someone had a good time with this car back in the 1990s. The wheels would look cool on something, but I’m not sure they’re the best choice for this car. The seller seems very transparent and straightforward about the condition of this car, but it would be worth checking out in person before purchasing. With correct wheels, a paint job (original color is light brown, but I like this blue better!), minor sheet metal repairs, and an interior this would be a looker! This is the perfect project for someone looking for a straightforward project that is out of the ordinary.

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  1. Ralph

    The yellow valve covers are correct. All of the brightwork appears to be in very good condition.If this has been a California (West Coast ) car as stated in the ad there should be little rust, but the ad also states that the front fenders have been replaced with fiberglass ones.The Hawks are know for rusting out around the fresh air vent on the front fender and the floor by the door. The hole in the driver side floor is to access the brake reservoir. The interior would have to be replaced with the correct material ( not cheap). From the pictures the car looks solid and would make a good restoration project.

  2. Classic Steel

    A fair price for one that needs maintenance performed.

    The speedo is either the gear to Tran or my bet connection to speedometer.
    Worse scenario is replace cable.

    Interior is a custom job now due to old company but it’s possible a special company is producing but it will be costly.

    These looked ahead of their time in my book.

    Hawks are cool but one of their problems were introductory year had bad seats that failed and wore and even though new models were better the stigma stAyed ☹️

  3. Chuck F 55chevy

    Hey look, tail fins! How many 64 cars still had tail fins? This was still a unique style car, when cars still had style. One of the first cars my Dad let me drive was a 61 Stude lark, and I was always an Avanti fan. This seems like a fair deal to me, looks like it was pretty nice at one time, check out that interior, this looks like something you would see in a Cheech and Chong movie. I almost pulled the trigger on a $900 one of these in Northern Alabama, it would still be sitting there waiting for me to pick it up most likely. I also think of the Avanti roller that once had a Chevy V8 for $2400, time flies, that was 6 years ago, or was it 8? So many cars, so little time, and space, my Car Hoarder disability, I’m glad I have this support group.
    Restore this, or resto mod? I vote resto mod.

  4. PaulG

    Great start on a mild restoration project.
    If you google the # in the ad you’ll see it’s a dealer who specializes in older vehicles.
    However dealers placing an ad in the “By owner” section of Craigslist always seems sketchy to me…I tend to stay away from such behavior.

  5. john m

    Has been on and off sale for a very long time. Seller should put some effort into showing the rust and getting it ready for sale.

    • That Guy

      Yes, i’ve seen this posted many times. I would expect the seller to be open to offers by now.

  6. Mike R

    Well, on the bright side, today’s generation of car thieves would have absolutely no idea how to steal it with the three-on-the-tree. :D

    Neat car, and still great styling today.

    • EdP

      I learned to drive on a three on the tree. It seems natural to me but some are completely confused by it.

  7. P Wentzell

    My older sister had one of these as a daily driver back in the mid-1970’s, to think that car was only a shade over 10 years old. It was all original, great condition, 289 and a floor shift manual (3 or 4 speed, I can’t recall). I do recall the interior ceiling fabric held in place by ribbed chrome strips, that’s coachwork! Make sure it’s in running shape and enjoy, restore the interior along the way. This is too nice a car to resto mod, it can already stand out on it’s own.

  8. scottymac

    I always thought the Hawk must have been part of the inspiration for the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione.

  9. Joel Chamberlain

    I don’t see any pricing information. Am I missing it?

    • PaulG

      Joel, The Craigslist ad states $5995.

  10. EdP

    The Lowry coupes are among the best looking cars of all time.

  11. Chris Londish Member

    I didn’t know they made them with column shift manuals the ones that I’ve seen here in Australia were all autos if you were paying that much for a car like this back then auto was the go although most were capable of 100 mph anyway

  12. Tort Member

    Just looked at one today the same year that is mechanically rebuilt with a good interior and a fairly good body close to me for $3500. Thinking I may jump on it.

  13. JimmyJ

    Super cool body style!

  14. waynard

    A nice car but not a simple restoration. This car has been VERY wet at some point in time as is evidenced by the surface rust all over and the water marks in the trunk on the inner fenders, carpet totally deteriorated, door panels and seats with high water marks. Be careful. It’s no wonder this has been for sale for a long time.

  15. PatrickM

    Andrew, I couldn’t have said it better! Not bad, but…


    I like that the seller states “I’ve been told it looks better in the pictures, than in person ” Usually they say the opposite .
    I think this car would be a blast.

  17. EdA

    The Studebaker 289 made the Ford 289 look like it was tied to a stump, when the light turn green.

  18. Daveymeboy

    I learned on a 4 on the tree! (A 1971 Peugeot!)


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