Weekend Warrior: 1973 Pontiac Grand Am


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A few days ago, one of the Facebook pages I follow revealed a group member had rescued a Pontiac Grand Am from a long-time slumber in a farmer’s field. I was surprised – the Grand Am of my youth was nothing to write home about, but the original seemed quite attractive and with V8 power on board. This 1973 model here on eBay sports some custom “Weekend Warrior” graphics which make it all the more intriguing as a cheap resto-mod project. 


The Grand Am here features the less desirable engine, that being the 6.6L V8 that originally came stock with a two-barrel setup; the seller has changed his to a four-barrel on the stock block, it seems. In addition, the original base model came with a single-outlet exhaust, and it would appear this car now has a dual-outlet setup, so it’s not exactly how it came from the factory. But the seller claims it still wears original paint, which is a nice bonus if correct.


Here’s where we need some detective work: is this a dealer trim package or a real model Pontiac produced? I’ve seen some references made to a “Weekend Warrior” package online, but details are scarce. If this is an original paint car, it’s possible a used car dealer or some previous owner made the custom graphics, but I’m curious if our GM fans recall the company offering such a model within the Grand Am lineup.


Overall, this appears to be an honest car that does need some bodywork: as you’ll see in the eBay listing, the nose cone will need to be replaced. And it absolutely should, considering that pronounced snout is one of the more distinctive features of the Grand Am. However, sourcing one could be a challenge. Automobile magazine considers the Grand Am a “collectible classic” – for $4,900 or best offer, do you agree?

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  1. Mr. Bond

    I’d be concerned that 4 bbl addition included a cam used with the 4bbl motor. I swapped a 4bbl and intake from a 1970 350 onto a 1970 350 that was factory 2bbl, and it ran like crap. They are different cams for sure. Had to swap it back.

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  2. jeff6599

    Grand Ams came with the 400 as the base engine. There are 4 degrees difference in duration between the 2v and 4v cam, not enough to even notice. if the 4 bbl ran badly it was no doubt due to an installation error such as vacuum leak, spark lead or any other silly little thing that can drive a sane man mad. Thousands of carb swaps are made without needing to change the cam to make it run well. That Grand Am nose is reproduced in fiberglass very reasonably and the TriPower Nationals in Ohio are coming up in early August. What timing for such a car.

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  3. Pontiactivist

    I’m going to the tri-power nat’s. That place is s awesome! Had a 73 years ago. Green with white interior.455 transplanted into it. Was a fun car. One of those I wish I woulda kept.

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  4. TomMember

    Wow, it only has 1,999 original miles on it !!!…….sorry….just couldn’t resist !! Apparently I have been tainted by all of the previous sellers who think most buyers are idiots. I commend this seller for printing 101K miles. all done.

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  5. PonchoVilla

    The graphics are not factory, nor dealer. Factory as well as dealer packages were in decal/transfer/emblem form, not painted, as they needed to be replicated exactly. I would re-paint it factory color and ditch those aftermarket wheels in lieu of sectioned/widened Rally II’s from somewhere like Stockton Wheel. The RWL tires are period correct but IMO, blackwalls or even redlines would look better.

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  6. Tomas Vargas

    I have a 1973 grand am I found in San Antonio tx and it has a 6.6liter

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  7. Ken

    That is my old car! I sold it on eBay in 2006. Wish I never sold it but at the time I felt bad about not having a garage to keep it in during Michigan winters. When I had it the nose cone was in good shape and it looked pretty decent.

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  8. Ken

    That is my old car. I sold it in 2006. It looked great when I had, no visible rust and original rubber nose was in good shape. What made it look really cool was the punched louvers in the hood. Was not much original on it when I bought it. Had a fuel cell in the trunk and gas line ran through rust hole … haha. I put a gas tank on it, patched the holes in the trunk and floor boards and drove it as a daily driver in the summer for fun. Wish I never sold it but didn’t have a garage to keep it in during Michigan winters or work on it and couldn’t stand watching it rust away. Will try to post some pics later if I can find them.

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