Well Optioned: 1967 Dodge Monaco


This week, I had to replace my dearly-departed E36 M3. I bought a later-model car, and although it’s nothing special, I did find a model that was equipped with lots of desirable features. I believe that’s a great way to assure better values later, which is why this Dodge Monaco wagon here on eBay is such a catch. 


In addition to being well-optioned, this wagon Monaco is also a pretty spiffy survivor. It was originally delivered in California before traveling to Kentucky and Colorado. In that time, the owners racked up many comfortable miles with reliable 383 power under the hood and cool breezes wafting in from the power rear window. This car stickered for near $5K when new!


The interior, as the seller notes, is in excellent condition. I’m shocked that for a family hauler it has remained as neat as a pin on the inside – not many kids romping around! Other desirable features include a whole host of power options, from power brakes and door locks to a power driver’s seat and power steering. The car’s motor is paired to an automatic 727 and the original A/C system is included. It doesn’t blow cold.


If the paint is as original as the seller expects, that’s a nice buy for the next owner. He also claims production numbers were quite low, which makes this one an even more special find. The seller did perform some basic maintenance, including a new carb and adding in electronic ignition. Bidding is at $5,500 with the reserve unmet; where do you think it will end up?


  1. BradL

    I believe he’s upgraded the originality right out of this car. Though, I’d daily drive the hell out of it. BTW, my source show a production of 8900 Polara Monaco Wagons.

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  2. RoughDiamond Member

    This one checks all the right boxes. What a beautiful survivor Monaco wagon. I love the dash mounted toggle switches. This wagon is just classy!

  3. Rock On Member

    Interiors stayed cleaner before the mid 80’s, when everyone decided that they had to carry a coffee 24 hours a day!

    • Ed P

      No cup holders in the ’60s.

      • Rando

        Oh you had the plastic things that hang on the door frame to hold your cup. My mom had these in all her cars. But only one per door. Or the plastic console thingie that went on the hump that had the cup holders (2) in it. And a rack for the 8-tracks (cassetes later). Unless you have the trash can with the sandbags on the sides for the hump. FM converters and floor mounted 8 track players. I remember a lot of these from my youth.

      • fordfan

        My dads 67 valiant had 2 recesses in the glove box door that when the glove box door was open you could rest 2 small cups on it

    • Nova Scotian

      Ahhh… sure, but you might be forgetting nearly every car had a cigarette smoker somewhere in there back then. Hot embers flew into the back seat of many otherwise sanitary cars back then. It was “normal” to see a mint car with a cigarette hole or 2 some where in the upholstery…Just sayin’.

  4. angliagt

    Nice car! I miss the days when you pick up wagons
    for dirt cheap. Heck,I used to buy sedans like this as transportation,
    when I was in – between cars for a few hundred dollars.
    Guess I’m getting old.

  5. Another Bob

    That is a great looking car. Love it.

  6. Chebby

    This is the kind of car I think of when Clark Griswold says “I distinctly ordered the Antarctic Blue Super Sports Wagon with CB and optional Rally Fun Pack!”

  7. Larry K


  8. Ck

    Hey Chebby Lol .Although this car would also look good in Metallic Pea don’t you think.

  9. Barzini

    It could easily pass for my neighbor’s car back in the 1970s, which brings back lots of nice memories. It was a time when most of the people in my middle class neighborhood bought used cars instead of new ones. And they kept them until they wore out. Today, cheap credit and different priorities make it possible for people of more modest means to own newer and nicer cars. Anyhow, this is a cool looking car.

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  10. charlie Member

    I drove one fully loaded, probably over loaded, with 8 people and luggage, was fine until we went across a long high bridge with a strong cross wind, I thought the front suspension must be falling apart, it just did not want to track, but then, we were across, and all was well. Plenty of power. With 3 adults in the “way back” it can get pretty tail heavy. Look at that overhang!

    • Ray Smith

      As a kid we had a 68 Plymouth Custom Suburban wagon. It had a hitch on the back that was forever dragging when ever we left any drive way.

  11. S Ryan

    Sweet wagon. Wish I had the time and Room.

  12. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Nice…but…..it’s a Monaco a higher end in the Dodge in the line up as for wagons – so some options are a given so there some misses on the high option list. And just thinking the paint’s not right…..

    My plain jane 1967 Polara wagon came with much of the same 383/auto pw door locks – pw front disk brakes, cruise control, A/C and rear seat…..but no power seat or roof rack on mine….. mopar wagons came standard with the rear power window which can be real fun to work with !

    Check out the movie – With Six you Get Egg Roll – WITH Lucia Ball and Henry Fonda….might be the same wagon….think he drove a Ford wagon she drove the Dodge……

  13. josh h

    Makes me feel like a fool for giving away the 68 Monaco wagon I had.

    • moparedtn

      Our family had a ’68 Monaco wagon that Pop bought new. Awesome car. He hated the gas mileage and traded it in on a ’73 VW Bus. Ugh.
      I’ve been looking for years for another wagon like that ’68…

  14. Alan (Michigan)

    I wonder how well a paintless dent guy could do on the right side crinkles?

    Cool car….

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  15. Utes

    Pretty much a dead-ringer for Don Garlits’ car that he used to push-start his AA/FD ‘Swamp Rat’.

  16. Gary Chittenden

    I have a 68 Monaco wagon. I have too many cars, so they are all for sale and I’ll keep the last two left. This car is a survivor, from Pennsylvania with dents in the woodgrain etc. It has newly covered seats as original. 383 /727 PW, PB, PS, AC.
    Asking $13,500 in Ontario.

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