Well Optioned and Rare: 1975 Pontiac Grand Am

Before “Driving Excitment” became a catchphrase and Pontiac started littering interiors with 300 buttons per steering wheel, the Grand Am looked like the car you see here – a 1975 model being sold as a hard-to-find example loaded up with factory options. This 1975 Grand Am here on eBay may look rough but it said to be largely complete with minimal rust. There’s one bid at the moment to $500 with the reserve unmet. 

The Grand Am was based on GM’s A platform, which underpinned numerous other corporate “twins” across the model lineup. Key distinguishing features of the Grand Am included a unique nose panel that could actually bounce back into shape if it absorbed a slight impact, like a parking lot bump. The Grand Am shown here also has a factory power sunroof, cornering lights, eight track stereo, power seats/locks/and steering, and a rear window defroster.

Inside, the Grand Am fulfilled Pontiac’s strategy of being the more sporting arm of the GM family, with a three-spoke steering wheel, extra gauges, and a pair of Strato bucket seats upholstered in corduroy fabric. Although nothing will ever be as cool as a set of swivel seats, the buckets here are in decent shape and worth restoring. The seller has added a new fuel pump and replaced plugs and wires in his time with the car, but notes that it cannot be driven home as-is.

A power sunroof is indeed an unusual find in a car from this era, and the seller notes that the now-missing vinyl roof covering is the only area he can find any filler on the car, which was applied at the factory. Although it comes with the standard engine – a 2 bbl 400 making about 170 b.h.p. – the original body colors and stripe package make it sound like this Grand Am was a stunner when new, so hopefully the next owner will take it back to original condition.

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  1. Pa Tina

    As long as the buyer understands he will own this car for as long as he lives, and his children and grandchildren will also own it . What is the definition of “rare” It seems like every pile of rolling scrap on this page is “rare”. I have read that first generation ZR-1 Corvettes are NOT rare because GM made 6500 of them. The same with 1978 Pace Car replicas.

    • Clinton

      I sold 2 78 pace car Corvettes for over 20k each. One significantly more than 20k. I don’t really like them but others do obviously. This car listed uh…no comment.

    • Tommy D

      Of the many thousands of classics at the dream cruise this weekend here in Detroit, I only saw one Grand Am, compared to hundreds of Corvettes, Gto’s, W-30 Oldsmobiles, Z-28’s, etc. I would consider that rare.

      • Pa Tina

        Do you think seeing one Grand Am might be a hint that nobody is interested in them?

      • RS

        Yugos are pretty rare too.
        Honestly, that Pontiac even when new was a homely car.

    • Mark-A

      Its only Rare if you’re selling a vehicle but when buying it’s definitely not Rare as its only another excuse to inflate the price in my opinion. Don’t fall for it people.

      • Bobmat

        Grand Ams are on the rare side because hey didn’t sell well in their day, being overshadowed by the Grand Prix and Firebird. Also they had the Lemans body with the GP interior and the revolutionary Enduro grill/front facia treatment at 20% less than a GP and about 15% more than a Lemans. Right in there with the Trans Am.

  2. jw454

    I know many won’t have that much good to say about this car but, I think these were nice cars. My brother bought a 1973 model and I drove it many times. His was a 350 Cu. In. 3 speed manual shift. It ran very well and the car had pretty good road manners.
    I like this one. Thanks for posting.

    • Tommy D

      They only came with 400, 2 or 4 bbl, or 455.

      • jw454

        1973 LeMans Coupe…

        Engine offerings were carried over from 1972 with revisions to meet the 1973 emission requirements. Standard on base Le Mans sedans and coupes was Chevrolet’s 250-cubic-inch inline six-cylinder engine, while the Le Mans Sport Coupe, Luxury Le Mans sedans and coupes, and all Safari wagons got Pontiac’s 350-cubic-inch V8 with two-barrel carburetor rated at 150 horsepower standard (optional on base Le Mans models). Optionally available on Le Mans, Le Mans Sport and Luxury Le Mans was a 400-cubic-inch V8 with two-barrel carb and 170 horsepower, a 230-horsepower 400 four-barrel (standard with the GTO option) and a 250-horsepower 455 four-barrel was optional on all models.

        As I said, It was a 350.

    • Tommy D

      Sorry, thought you said it was a Grand Am which came standard with a 400.

  3. nessy

    Great cars. I had a 74 Grand Am loaded with everything including the power sunroof and the 455 4 bbl. It needed to be restored but was a strong runner. Sold it a few years ago to a Pontiac collector for 5k if that helps put a value on the car posted here today.

  4. Todd Fitch Staff

    I like how the fuse block is mounted to the dash for… easy access? Or perhaps that’s the rare dual fuse-box option. All kidding aside I like these cars very much. The sunroof is nifty but I’d have to hold out for the 455.

    • SamM

      Hey Todd,
      This is the stock location for the fuse block, the trim panel is off/missing/eaten by whatever was living in there.

      • Todd Fitch Staff

        Good eye SamM! Thanks!

  5. Mountainwoodie

    So rare it was taken well care of before the flipper got his hands on it. :) Now if it was Nessy’s, based on his comments and his other cars, I’d have more confidence in it. Still having trouble seeing Seventies ‘Merican iron being worth the trouble……….

  6. Jeffro

    Had a 73 as my 1st car. Loved it!

  7. Ralph

    I don’t think these had the option swivel seats, that was only Chevrolet and Oldsmobile mid size cars.

    • W9BAG

      Wrong-o, Ralph. Do your homework.

      • Tommy D

        These cars were never offered with swivel seats, but did come uniquely with recliners and lumbar support.

      • Jeremy

        They DID NOT have swivel seats. This is my Grand Am and I have a few others and have owned my first since 1998.

  8. Tony S

    “300 buttons per steering wheel” LOL truth.

  9. W9BAG

    I have a friend that did a frame off resto on one of these. 455 & factory 4 speed Incredible car. Power windows, lock, tilt, A/C , all of the factory goodies. LOVE these Le Mans’ with the options.

    • Trey

      Guessing it wasn’t stock? Because Pontiac never built one with a 455 and stick.

      Like 1
  10. Steve in Charlotte

    Here was my ’75. I still miss her.

  11. Dominick Bonacci

    Anyone have any Can Am pictures ?? These were cool cars, with the trans am Shaker hoods and such out of the factory.

  12. Tommy D

    ’73 is the year to get, real wood dash and console, and best rear end treatment. Tom Goad, a GM Exec is a neighbor of mine who owned the only Grand Am station wagon built, with an SD-455, it’s true GM/Pontiac History.
    Read his story when you have time…it’s amazing;


  13. cudaman

    I had a ’74 Lemans back in the ’80’s that was pale yellow with white interior. All the white plastic interior trim was shot from the South Florida sun. I went to the junk yard and took black trim out of a different car and painted them white. The car was mint. Wish I still had it……

  14. Tommy D

    The trim on these cars would turn to dust in the heat/sun, just like the nose, especially the rear sail panels.

  15. Michael Jacobs

    A buddy of mines car…..pretty rare I hear….not my cup of tea…but nice..

  16. DON

    I don’t know if “rare” is the right term/word, the only thing rare about this is the sunroof, and for what it would cost to bring this one back, you can buy one that has been restored.

  17. navadisha

    Many Saturday nights hooning in a friends 73, most of the time with the pedal mashed.

  18. Dave

    Had a ’75 LeMans Sport Coupe. My first car. Loved it, and this is close to the same idea…

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