Well Optioned S Code: 1966 Ford Fairlane GT

This Fairlane is going to need a complete restoration, but it’s well worth the work. You see, this is a GT 390 car with a 4-speed and a Positraction rear end! Quite often when we see big block projects, they are missing their engine, but this car’s 390 is still in the engine bay and is even running! The seller states that it isn’t a driving project though, as it needs brake work and rust repair. It looks like it could be a fun project though, so be sure to take a look at it here on eBay in New Lebanon, Ohio with a current bid of $6,700 and less than 10 hours to go.

As you can see, it’s going to need body and paint work, but the body looks fairly solid. The floors have quite a bit of rust and will need to be replaced. I’ve seen a lot worse restored though and you can get everything you need to restore it easy enough. And while the interior will need a lot of work, it looks like all the major components are still here and restorable.

The 390 V8 was offered in two performance levels, 275 or 320 horsepower. The seller states that this one is an S code 390, meaning it’s the 4 barrel version with 320 horsepower. Some people claim these engines actually produce more power than that, while others claim they produce less. Either way, I’m sure it produces more than enough power to have fun!

When this Fairlane was new, it would have been one sweet machine. A big block with a 4 speed, Positraction and bucket seats, you really can’t get much better than that combo! Heck, I even like the way these Fords, add in the hood vents and you have one mean looking machine! It’s going to need a ton of work, but just think about how much fun you will have in it once it’s done.

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  1. Steve R

    The missing console will probably cost $750 or more to replace by the time you get a decent 4spd shifter insert.

    It would have been nice to have better pictures of areas prone to rust.

    Steve R

  2. JC

    Love this body style and you just can’t go wrong with an FE backed by a 4spd.

  3. Rock On Member

    Hey, it’s Wednesday! Need to see some wagons!!!

  4. McQ

    I bought a ’66 Fairlane GT/A new. It was a great car and decent on the drag-strip. As for this one featured a couple comments: Wrong carburetor. Likely not original -S- code 390 GT which was actually rated at 335 horsepower in ’66. They came with chrome valve covers, oil breather, air cleaner and even the dip stick handle was chrome. One unique feature of the ’66 only GT 390 was the tall intake ports. May have contributed to the higher horsepower rating. ’67’s rated at 320. ’68’s at 325.

  5. Luke Fitzgerald

    McQ – appears genuine – go to eBay and check out the vin on rad support and shock towers – it’s just like everything we buy – been thru some wars

  6. JW

    If I had the money and time I would take this project on.

  7. McQ

    Luke – I’m not disputing that this Fairlane’s a true GT. It is an S code. I agree many if not most of these finds have been through a lot of work and changes. This particular car has many of the desirable unique features of a big-block Fairlane. The HD 9″ rear-end, special suspension and even reinforced unibody. This Fairlane would be an excellent candidate for a fun build. BTW the correct carb on the ’66-’68 390 GT was a Holley 600 CFM.

    • Rocco

      You are so right. The first thing I noticed was the wrong carb. I have one on my 289 K-code eng. sitting on the eng stand.
      Are those hp ratings for Fairlanes only, ’cause my buddies dad bought a ’68 Mustang new with a 390 2V, rated at 315hp with premium fuel on the air cleaner cover. The 390 4V was rated at 335 in the ’68 Mustang. Just curious if the hp ratings were different between Fairlanes & Mustangs.

  8. Steve

    That’s a autolite 4100 “shoebox” carb on the car. I thought the 4100 was std equipment on this car. If not, what was?

    • Rocco

      A 600 Holley with Ford linkage & Ford part # on the air horn. I can get the #’s off my carb and list them here later if needed.

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  9. McQ

    Rocco and Steve – the 4100 Autolite is an excellent carb. Have had much positive experience with them. Currently have one on a 427 and works perfectly. Not “correct” but the 427’s not correct in my ’68 F100. Also have the original 4100 on my son’s ’64 Fairlane K code. The original OEM carburetor on the ’66-’68 390 GT was a Holley sourced rated at 600 CFM. They were a center pivot float. The heart of a 390 GT, again ’66-’68, was the camshaft….C6OZ-B. It offered a nice smooth power band to 5,500 RPM.
    As for hp ratings it was/is difficult to figure out what FoMoCo was doing. The 335 rating for a 390GT was ’66 only. Then 320 for the s code in ’67. And 325 for the ’68 S code. And low and behold Ford’s low ball rating on the 428 Cobra Jet introduced in April, ’68 was 335! The S code for ’69 …. Oh boy it gets even stranger. The true 390GT was no more. The ’69 Mustang/Torino, etc. S code was a standard cammed, Motorcrafted 4V that wasn’t a very hot performer.
    Obviously I do like the FE series engine. They’re unique and they will perform.

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    • Rocco

      I agree that the 4100 is a great carb for 470-480cfm. I love them on a 289 4V or even a stock K-code. They even worked well on 390’s in family type cars(very reliable). I wanted a little more for my K-code with a C7FE (LeMans cam) and reworked heads & Cobra intake. So when I ran across the 600 Holley on the 390 at the junk yard 30 years ago, I snapped it up, put a kit in it, and it was like day & night. The 715 Holley that Shelby used works well also, if you can afford one.

      • Steve

        Thanks for the carb schooling on the GT. Love the 4100, using one on my project 68 cougar.

      • dan

        bought mine in aug 66, 4 miles had 735 holley same cam as 428 cj 335 horse

  10. GP Member

    I bought my 1967 Fairlane 500XL, 390 with a 3-speed on the floor in 1977 for 100.00. Red with black inside and no rust, Excuse me, I have to go kick myself in the ass again.

  11. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Just like a 66/67 Fairlane with a FE and 4 speed…..getting a little hard to find one all there….with a part you might not need for a fun car that doesn’t show up like a Mustang at all the car show’s…..make it a driver and have some fun !

  12. McQ

    Rocco – totally agree on the merits of a Holley for performance. Obviously U.S. Manufacturers thought so too. Now as for CFM I’ve understood that the Autolite 4100 with 1.08 cast on the sides of the front float chamber are 480 CFM. The 4100 with 1.12 are 600 CFM. These numbers, 1.08/1.12, refer to venturi size. The 1.12 was the stock carb on the 289HP. So here’s a test I did years ago: engine – 428CJ with a hotter than stock cam, aluminum PI intake, C-6 (CJ-R servo), 3.50 gears. Vehicle – ’61 Starliner (Fill size Galaxie) 3,900lbs. The big rig ran consistent 13.7’s/102mph. This with the stock Holley 735. As a fun comparison I replaced the Holley 735 with an Autolite 4100 with 1.12 venturi. This carb came from a ’62 Merc 390. It was rebuilt with an over the counter kit and a step up on the jets both primary and secondary (I don’t remember the size). These early 4100’s accept Holley jets. ET’s/MPH’s: 13.7’s/102. I was pleasantly surprised. This exact carb is the one now on my 427. So dependable. Can sit all winter but fires right up without any needle/seat issues like I’ve had with Holleys.

  13. Rolf Poncho 455

    I like this Ford a lot whant to have it
    it’s a must have

  14. Mike H. Mike H

    I’m not trying to be pedantic, but. . .

    “Positraction” was a trademarked Chevrolet/GMC name for their limited-slip differential. FoMoCo referred to theirs as “Traction-Lok” or “Trak-Lok”, Chrysler liked “Sure Grip”, Pontiac called it “Safe-T-Track”, AMC had the “Twin-Grip”. . .

    So this Ford doesn’t have “positraction”, but instead it has the traction-lok differential.

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    • Andrew

      Was wondering how long before that was pointed out.

  15. Lee Crawford

    I don’t know what you’re talking about but I’m interested in trading my 1994 Vette are you?

  16. bog

    Now I’m missing my “bought new off the dealers lot” ’67 Fairlane GTA. That was 50 years ago, guys. Drove it from Ft. Knox to Chi-town, then Bayonne, shipped to Germany for 2 years of Autobahn and narrow European street driving. It held it’s own on the ‘Bahn. Many XKEs, big Mercs, and Porsches of that era would follow me into a gas station to find out how big the engine was. Happened frequently, as the 4 bbl really sucked gas at high speed ! Only time it scared me was going DOWN the Alps into Italy & the front disc brakes got a bit hot…Traded it in on a made-to-order BOSS 351 upon my return. Miss THAT car even more ! ! !

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