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Well Optioned Work Truck: 1970 Chevrolet CST/10

1970 Chevrolet CST10

While this example has more than the requisite number of dorky, low quality photos that are required to list a vehicle for sale on craigslist, these are at least good enough to show that this truck might be worth a closer look. Offered on the Springfield, Illinois page, is this 1970 Chevy truck. If the seller has any room to negotiate the price, the fifty dollars worth of scrap metal bolted to the bed will help the buyer recoup at least some of the cash outlay that would bring this truck home.

350 V8

Trucks in this body style are still plentiful and easy to find. What makes this one stand out from so many others, is that it appears to have had minimal exposure to having too many hands on it. Exhibit A is that the engine appears complete, but the seller states that it isn’t running. It appears to be a high-option truck, with fancy wide side trim, and factory air conditioning, that so far, no one has hacked off of it. The black interior is interesting, particularly the impressed vinyl inserts on the seat, which looks to be in decent condition.

Fancy Trim

Anyone who has owned, driven, or ridden in one of these, can attest to the fact that these are genuine, real metal work trucks, and fancy trim and A/C don’t change that. These are almost completely lacking in fragile plastic interior parts and panel controls. While the hubcaps shown are 1980s vintage, aftermarket wheels would probably be a respectable choice for this truck. The aftermarket support for GM pickups of this vintage is excellent.

Work Truck

This would make a great parts-store runner or shop truck, and rather than a time-consuming, expensive restoration, I’d get the trim properly re-attached, get it mechanically up to par, get the A/C working, put some wheels and tires on it, and then look forward to getting the next forty-five years worth of use out of it. Do you think it’ll last that long?


  1. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    I like the idea of this truck, but take a look at all the cigarette butts in the ash tray…

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    • Barzini

      In its day about half of these trucks would have a well-used ash tray from the driver, passengers, or both. At the peak, around 45% of the adult population smoked and now it’s under 20%. (I quit smoking 25 years ago but never lost the desire.)

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  2. HoA Howard A Member

    Well Jesse, looks like just you and me on the Chevy trucks. Now see, this, on the other hand, compared to the Cheyenne, is just a beater, wood hauler, take a load of scrap metal to the junkyard and leave the truck there, type of truck. I see very little collector value here, like the Ford with no front suspension a while back. Not to say at one time it wasn’t a nice truck, but with the doors not closing, major rust underneath. Take the box off for a storage bin and scrap the rest.

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  3. randy

    This is the most sought after Chevy truck body style ever. With that said, he’d be better off selling it without the box. Get it running. I don’t think this particular truck not running will bring $2500.00. I do like this body style, and I’d have one at the right price, and close to home.

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  4. JW

    I agree lose the box, get it running, clean up what won’t fall off then he might get $1500.

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  5. 64 bonneville

    the butts in the ash tray were standard equipment in most vehicles prior to, and after WW II. I think they became an option sometime in the 1980s’.

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  6. grant

    Don’t miss the bottom-section-only air cleaner full of leaves…

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  7. Doug

    A well optioned Custom AC truck is always worth more than the base farm haulers. It was nearly top of the line in it’s day. It will have Drum Brakes on the front as disc’s came out in 1971. Kept in top shape, they work reasonable well though. The seat is in nice shape!

    The body looks quite good, and with some minor work, should present well. Get the Engine repaired, or built it up and it could well be a real nice driver that will last at least 40 years, if not subjected to salt! GLWTS!

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  8. Mark S

    I had one of these in high school, it started life as an ESSO service truck when my brother bought it, a beat down piece of junk. We fixed it up and he drove the crap out of it for about 2 years. He sold it to me for $800.00. I had it repainted and installed a 305 crate motor, it was a 3 on the tree and was one of the best trucks I ever owned. I drove that truck as a daily driver for14 years and then scrapped it. It was all used up every thing was worn out but it gave reliable service for a total of 25 years. One of the few I regret getting rid of.

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    • randy

      My first father in law had one that I occasionally used, the linkage for the shifter would get between gears and I’d have to crawl under the truck and fiddle with it. That was some of the blackest nastiest grease I have ever encountered. That was 30 years ago, I bet I still have some of that grease on me somewhere. I did love that truck though, it had the sweetest sounding 350 ever.

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