Well, It’s A Real Woody! Rebodied 1936 Ford

Jamie PalmerBy Jamie Palmer

One man’s vision, this rebodied 1936 British Ford was completed after a five-year project by a disabled veteran. Unfortunately, the creator passed away in 2010 and the “woody” is now being sold, along with it’s 28′ Haulmark enclosed trailer here on eBay. The buy it now is $27,500 but lower offers are being considered. As long as you don’t have termites in your garage, you can pick this one-off up in Escanaba, Michigan after purchase.

As you can see, Mr. Veazey thought of it as a “woody” as well. The seller tells us that all the running gear from a 1936 British Ford was used, and I recognize the “artillery” wheels as what was original on those Fords.

It’s obvious that Mr. Veazey was a tremendous woodworker. I’ve seen several cars rebodied like this out of wood, and I’ve never seen one that actually got the proportions correct like this one. It really is spectacular, and was featured in many articles when it was first built. Copies of those articles are included with the car and trailer, as well as a VHS tape showing Mr. Veazey constructing the car.

The seller tells us that there is a mid 1930’s Ford flathead V8 under there. The modern alternator looks a little bit out of place, but I’d actually welcome it over a generator. Since the ad mentions a three-speed transmission, I think we can assume that is original to the Ford as well.

Here’s the trailer. Haulmark trailers are really nice–think of it as an extra garage on wheels!

Yes, I realize this isn’t the clearest picture, but for those of you that have been criticizing Mr. Veazey in your minds for “ruining” a classic car, may I present the wreckage that he started with! Gee, I don’t think anyone would complain after looking at this picture–would you?  And how about that woody–is there room for it in your garage?

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  1. Brakeservo

    I wooden want it. I’d get board with it even though it lumbers down the road. So don’t stick me with it. But based on the British branch of Ford, has a trunk like no other car.

  2. grant

    I’ve seen this car featured in a few places (maybe here, too?) It’s been for sale for a while, or someone got bored with it quickly. An amazing showcase of the builder’s skills for sure. Not sure what you would do with it beyond parades; and I imagine the maintenance on the wood is somewhat involved.

  3. Woodie Man

    Today should Wavecrest 2017 at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas CAl if you’re in San Diego area. Woodies up the y I n g y a n g

  4. 68 custom

    looks well put together but what would a guy do with it? I know I would be in fear for both the car and myself in the unfortunate event like an accident were to happen and while it is pretty I dont need any yard art. hope who ever does purchase it enjoys it though.

    • LAB3

      It’s as useful as any other 36 Ford. Weekend’s, parades and special occasions.

  5. Jeffro

    My biggest concern would be get splinters while washing it. Wait…how would I wash it? Maybe I should buy stock in Pledge furniture polish?

  6. Dave

    There is some pretty good looking “c” cab Ford hot rods out there. Metal too.

  7. Don

    A garage is not a problem- it comes with it…
    Nice job

  8. Dolphin Dolphin Staff

    I hope he used waterproof glue.

  9. JW

    A VHS tape, does anyone have a VHS tape player anymore ???

    • GOPAR


  10. Ron Trainor USMC

    RIP Brother…great job


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