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West Coast Paint Scheme? 1977 Dodge Power Wagon

The seller of this 1977 Dodge W100 Power Wagon pickup claims it sports a “West Coast” paint scheme, an offering that is apparently so rare I can’t find any evidence of it…anywhere. Fortunately, the truck also comes from the West Coast, so the body remains nice and rust-free. It’s also a desirable short bed, and the overall appearance is that of a cool, period truck with undetermined collectability. Find it here on craigslist for $7,700 in New York.

The truck looks like something straight from Dodge’s “Adult Toys” catalog that was all the rage in the 70s. Special equipment, graphics kits, and plenty of attitude certainly made for a memorable lineup, but whether this Power Wagon is one of them remains a question. The side-body graphics and tailgate applique certainly look better than amateur-grade, and the yellow paint looks to be evenly aged.

The interior bring more good news, with an un-torn bench seat, un-cracked dash, and preferred manual transmission. The seller notes it comes with a factory big block paired to a 4-speed manual, which is a tasty combination. Looking at the continuation of the yellow color scheme into the door panels and matching paint inside the door jambs seems to provide more evidence that the Dodge left the factory looking the same way it does now – just shinier.

No word on how it runs, but the engine bay is super clean. The seller doesn’t detail any recent maintenance since the Dodge arrived in New York, but hopefully it’s stored indoors and off the roads for winter as that pretty West Coast bodywork will be destroyed in no time if left to the elements. So what do we think: is this a rare version of a special edition Power Wagon, or just a one-off reflecting a previous owner’s preferences? Thanks to Barn Finds reader Ikey H. for the find.


  1. David G

    Awesome looking Power Wagon. These are great trucks, and this one has been well cared for. The 400 is the largest engine available with a 4 speed in these. The 440 is also optional, but paired only with the 727 torqueflite. A/C is dealer installed on this one. Paint was probably done when the truck was new at a body shop, as were many vans of that era. Would love to have this, but my stable is full. :(

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  2. AndyinMA

    Love it, factory or not

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  3. Bucky Hughes

    It is rare my dad had a 77 step side that was black n had similar paint scheme I’ll try n find pics of it I’ve trying to find more info bout it also it came factory with roll bar n brush guard

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    • rob

      I have found a few Californians, and guessing your dad’s may have been one of those. Google “1977 dodge californian” if you follow the link to the grey truck, it had similar paint, and if you follow the black one, well, that might have been your dad’s :) There is also a yellow and a black Californian on there. Interestingly, all pics seem to indicate that the Californians are stepside and used a Dodge bed and Chevy rear fenders, or maybe that was just a “Cali” thing.

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  4. Del

    Nice truck. Cannot recall this paint combo.

    Need some verification on that issue.

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    • Preston

      There were a bunch of short run special models back then. I used to have a “Californian” which was a package put together by a dealership. Had warlock interior, swb, step-side, with a similar pattern on its paint. Mine was white, with purple pattern. Light bar was included also

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  5. Dave

    These have full time four wheel drive and are really great in the snow. Problem is that they suck gasoline and are tinworm magnets. You never see these in Pennsylvania.

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    • theGasHole

      Dave I just sold a 77 Power Wagon to a guy in PA, he now has 4 of them and said the same thing “can’t find ’em over here!”

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  6. chrlsful

    hard to see, is that 2 strips of chrome or some white paint?
    Any 1 believe it’s less than 25K on the clock? All round fishy…

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  7. Mark

    I question what’s going on with the gas tanks. Behind the seat and side-saddle? I didn’t know you could do that.

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    • Lydel Neer

      I have a 77 short bed sitting in my yard that has both tanks. I have seen a few others with this setup.

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      • Mark

        After seeing this picture and seen quite a few this way. What a weird feature.

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  8. G

    WE had a 3/4 ton on the farm. Compression was so low on the 400, that when parked on the side of the barn ramp it was slowly backing up 1 piston at a time. Clutch linkage was funky too, wouldn’t engage when it was parked all twisted.

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  9. JRG 617

    ‘Fraid I don’t see the A/C compressor or lines under the hood so…

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  10. Del

    These were good trucks unless you got one built on hangover Monday.

    As usual rusted out quick

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  11. LDN

    Looking at the pictures this one started out in Oregon and by the plate frame just on the other side of the mountain about 75 miles from where I’m at now.

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