What A Bonny Wagon! 1968 Bonneville


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I tend to be naturally suspicious of extraordinarily low mileage claims, but this one looks like the real deal. With 7,317 miles showing and original, hardly worn parts everywhere along with some documentation, I can believe this wagon has lived a cosseted life! It’s located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is up for auction here on eBay.


The seller claims the all-original paint is showing only a few chips and scratches, and I can believe it from the pictures. That’s a full-length factory vinyl top as well, something not typically seen on a station wagon. You can see the rearward-facing third row seat in this picture; this is a true 9-passenger wagon. The seller purchased the car from the original owner, who was 91.


I really like the “coke bottle” accent curves on the sides of this generation Pontiac; it keeps the side panels visually interesting. Yes, those are the coveted 8-lug wheels as well. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most optioned station wagons I’ve seen of this vintage, featuring power steering, power brakes, power windows, power locks, power seat, tilt wheel, power tailgate window, tinted glass, “Comfortron” air conditioning, an air deflector and a roof rack in addition to the wheels and vinyl roof. The seller does tell us that the bumpers are a little pitted from when the car was kept outside for two years in the 1990’s.


Naturally, the interior looks even better than the exterior. The seller talks about an optional clear steering wheel; I’m guessing that’s the top portion only. I can’t believe it was done for visibility; the plastic would distort the view horribly–any readers know more about this option? I like the Pontiac floor mats as well, it’s a nice touch. I’m guessing they are original as well. Just look at how much room there is with the seats folded down! It’s almost like a covered pickup bed. Of course, I doubt that anyone buying this car would use it as a hauler, but it does give me some ideas.


As you might expect, there’s a little more age showing under the hood, although nothing that worries me. The seller tells us that the only things that have been changed from new are the tires, which date from 1992, and the battery. If that’s truly the case, I’d be wondering about belts and hoses, but as the famous saying goes, it’s only original once! This one is actually a little too nice for me; I’d like an older wagon that I could drive without causing it to plummet in value. But if you’re a Pontiac collector, I can’t imagine a car that would be more fun to make it so you could take the whole family with you to events!


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  1. Paul R

    I like it a lot!
    Sweet looking wagon.

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    • Dan Bowles

      It’s at $20,400 this morning!!!

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    • Johnny

      Parents had a new 68 4 door hardtop great car plenty of torque , does this wagon have 8 lug wheels or are they wheel covers ..

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  2. Luke Fitzgerald

    The half clear wheel is original – not an option – on Bonne’s – mats are factory’s – the real deal this one – watch it go!

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  3. mike young

    I had a ’68 Catalina….that 400 motor is sweet. Trans as well…. Very nice machine.

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  4. Fred

    The only option missing is the 4 speed!

    Nice wagon

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  5. DolphinMember

    It’s amazing how good a bunch of overpriced, rustbucket, chopped up Porsches can make a wagon like this look to me, and I’m not even in the market for a wagon right now.

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  6. Charles H.

    Wow…..simply amazing!…..love it! This one seems to have everything going for it, don’t see how you could go wrong, if you can get it for the right price.

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  7. Vince Habel

    Don’t think it will be cheap.

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  8. Bob Salter

    I don’t think the paint on the air cleaner is original, but love this wagon.

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  9. Luke Fitzgerald

    Black on Air cleaner is correct – I cannot believe this car – Jesus, someone get it

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  10. Keith

    Well preserved wagon, I like it but not practical for everyday use. Looks like someone will buy it though, very nice indeed.

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  11. JW

    Amazingly well kept car, if your in the market for a classic highway cruiser you just viewed it.

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  12. Keith

    Actually now that I have been looking at this for a while if I were to own it I would Resto-Rod it. Reason being is if you were to drive it “as is” the value of the car would plummet. However if one were to Resto-Rod this car it would retain it’s value not to mention having a great condition car to start working with. I would pull the entire driveline and detail everything including under the car. Then I would install a fuel injection kit on the engine, redo the interior with new leather, gages, a kicker stereo, and some awesome wheels. Lastly I would get rid of the vinyl top and put a flawless awesome paint job on it and lower it. I know to some this would be an insult to it’s originality but at least it would retain it’s value and can be driven. It’s a shame to just let this car sit in a garage as is, we only live once in this world.

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    • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

      It already has awesome wheels! I do agree not to let it sit in the shed. If I had the room and the ching to pull it off I would drive it. As far as losing value from driving her, well I do not plan on being the richest guy in the cemetery. Merry Christmas to all and may next year bring sweet deals to all of us car whack jobs!

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  13. Charles

    This car is too original to modify.

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    • Keith

      Original it is but what do you do with it? If you want to retain it’s value then you can’t drive it. If you drive it there goes it’s value. Also these older cars are not known to hold up to everyday use even back in the day, that’s why they only came with a one year 12k mile warranty back in the sixties and seventies. Like I suggested before, resto-mod it and give it new life!

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  14. jim s

    i love wagons and would want to use it as a driver. great find.

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  15. Moparman MoparmannMember

    Just a random thought..but how cool this would have been/could be, with the concealed headlight set up from a Gran Prix? :-)

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  16. Moparman MoparmannMember

    68 Gran Prix Front end example

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  17. Fred

    $16,700 and reserve still not met!

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  18. JW

    I could see adding fuel injection, Disc Brakes all around and OD trans but everything else keep original and drive it while keeping all original parts. As I’ve stated before I don’t buy cars as investments I drive them like they were intended when purchased new.

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  19. Dan the Man

    WOW!! What a honey of a car for somebody!!!

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  20. Mark

    Nice original wagon right down to the exhaust resonator and rear shocks!! Maybe add a dual exhaust with a mellow sound but I would leave it and also change the belts and hoses, that’s it!!

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  21. 64 bonneville

    I would have to, “trailer queen” it, for Historical Preservation of Features class. With the bidding up to $18K iis way out of my financial dreams.

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  22. HoA Howard AMember

    This is a nice looking car. I just can’t decide if it actually has 7K miles on it. The inside sure is nice, but the engine and underside look a little rough, but totally possible if the car just sat. Either way, it’s one of the nicest wagons I’ve seen in a long time.

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  23. charlieMember

    Had a ’67 Bonneville wagon, same car, bought used, used it up, 200,000 plus miles when the rust got to it. Engine and transmission were stlll sweet. Hauled my 3 kids and their friends, camping gear, hay, lumber, but was very low to the ground, useless on back roads, but on the highway a real gem. Put bigger wheels on it and bigger tires to lift it a bit, very fast without fuel injection – 400 cu inches is a lot before pollution controls. When you could see the road go by your feet, and the gas tank fell out (in the left rear fender) and the cross brace under the transmission let go (metal fatique, not rust), and the rocker panels, and the bottom of the doors, and the rear fenders had no place to Bondo the Bondo and duct tape to, it was time to say goodbye.

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  24. Ronniecarlo

    I like it! I can imagine using it to tow your race car to the track instead of s high dollar 1 ton.Any of these big oid wagons would transport you back in time when these were used for that purpose. My mother (yes,Mother) Would take us to a drag strip in Houston in her ’64 Mercury Monterey with the “Breezeway” back glass.I remember all the wagons towing the husband’s car while us kids ran wild there. Been scouting one for just that. I don’t think(properly set up)these wagons would have a problem pulling a trailer with a 3200 pound car on it….and yes she did race it occasionally to make me happy. Thanks mom for you and the speeding tickets, busted knuckles, blown engines etc. Yes,it is all her fault…

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    • krash

      Ronniecarlo…when I was a kid I always envied the family down the street who had a car just like your mom’s…solely for the “Breezeway” back glass….and I don’t think they used it even once…

      Beautiful wagon….great how the rear seats folded down giving you that nice flat deck for loading whatever….missed out on another chance to dream while the auction minutes ticked down…

      really like the color combo…quite a car for some lucky buyer..

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  25. Wayne

    Keith, I think you need help urgently. Please seek the advice of brain surgeon that has a powerful magnifying glass,before it’s too late. Your a few cows short in the top paddock.

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    • Keith

      yeah I know, I have issues……LOL

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  26. Ronniecarlo

    I happen to like old wagons.

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  27. Ronniecarlo

    I really do

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  28. Ronniecarlo

    OK.I’ll stop. But I like them. Hereis a “running when parked”.. Lol

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  29. piper62j

    That’s a sweet ride.. I’d be worried some idiot would plow into it while on the road.. Lots of sicko drivers out there today..

    Great looking wagon with perfect body lines..

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  30. Charles

    I would not modify it, trailer it, or use it as a dd. What I would do with it is drive it on a limited basis to cruise in’s, picnic’s, and car shows. I would not haul lumber with it or make it into a tow vehicle. It might see 1000 miles a year, but the condition and configuration of the car would not change. Cars are not designed to be static art forms, however one as well preserved as this one should see only limited use. Since we are all ready members of the Pontiac community, the car would be welcome at the events we currently attend. That is the philosophy we use with all of our collector cars. None of them ever get to just sit and be looked at. We have owned Shelby’s, Isetta’s, all sorts of muscle cars, and they all get driven a little. Our current collectables are driven short distances, trailered if an event is a distance away, but driven at the event. I choose to trailer them long distance because we haul lots of equipment for the event, for our own comfort, and so as not to risk a breakdown with and old car far from home. The cars are not trailer queens though.

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  31. Bill Owens Bill OMember

    Love the color. I believe this color was unique to Pontiac and no other GM’s had it. I think they had it for about 5 years. Saw a lot of GTO’s in this color back in the day.

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  32. alfred

    i would love to own this wagon

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  33. FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972Member

    This car should be kept as-is. New belts and hoses, check out the mechanicals; that’s it. It annoys me that there is so many comments about how driving it will decrease it’s value. If you want an investment to increase in value, buy stocks or bonds. If you want an investment you can’t use but can only look at, buy a painting. New car buyers don’t seem to be bothered when they drive a new car off a lot and it loses 25% – 30% of it’s value after 50 miles. It’s not like this beauty will plummet in value if you drive it a little each year.

    Drive it, show it………………… Enjoy it!

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