What A Great Truck! 1950 Chevrolet Find In Miami


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This 1950 Chevrolet pickup is described as an “unmolested barn find” by the seller. I’m not sure about the unmolested part after looking at the interior, but I can certainly see where this could be a really cool old truck to put back on the road! It’s located in Miami, Florida and is up for sale here on eBay. Bidding is starting at $500, but of course the reserve is higher than that.


I love the green paint, but I’d love to see what could be done with it to shine it up a little. I know the center caps aren’t original–I’d want to source some originals or reproduction ones to complete the look. The seller claims that the major rust issues are all in the floors, which quite thoughtfully have had replacement parts purchased by the seller and they are included in the sale.


The bed is something I’d be torn on . It looks relatively solid with two plank exceptions, but it would be hard to match that well-worn look with replacement wood. Being the practical sort that I am when it comes to trucks, I’d probably replace it all with solid wood. I’d have to find a tailgate as well.


I was really enjoying looking over this truck until I got to the interior. Sorry, but I’m not a fan of diamond pleats, and they are all over. Honestly, I’d rather see the classic old folded blanket covering torn original upholstery. I would end up redoing the door panels and seats without a doubt.


The original engine for the 1950 trucks was a 216.5 cubic inch six-cylinder with output of 92 horsepower at 3400 rpm and 176 ft-LB of torque. Obviously the engineers were looking for power rather than top speed! I’m not seeing anything that would make me doubt that this is the original engine, but I’m guessing some of you readers out there are experts in this trucks–I’d love confirmation. Ultimately, I’m interested in what level you folks would take this truck to. For the “patina” lovers, it certainly has plenty, but it’s sure solid for the restoration folks out there as well. Let us know what you’d do in the comments!

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  1. bob

    Vent windows in the doors and pull down outer door handles indicate that this is a ’51, ’50 had no vents and ’52 had vents and push button outer handles. The engine is a ’54-’62 235 as indicated by the valve cover and short side cover.
    Nice old truck in any case.

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    • Jamie Palmer JamieAuthor

      Thanks for the expert eye, Bob!

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    • Tre Deuce

      And, also, Bob, in 52′, the left-side cowl vent was eliminated and was replaced by door vent windows. Thankfully, the center cowl vent was retained.

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  2. Kerry Glenn

    Engine is a 1959-62 235 cu. in. Clue is the oil filler in the center of the rocker-arm cover.

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    • bob

      Kerry: I believe you are correct on the oil filler location ,I should have noticed that as I had a ’62.
      Also, do the wheels look correct to you ? Looks like they could be 15 inch which would explain the incorrect center caps. Six lug 15 inch ?

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      • Kerry Glenn

        Wheels do not look correct to me, but tough to say from a photo.

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      • Dantheman

        My ’49 has 15 inch rims with 6 bolts. Early K Blazers can backfit here.

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  3. Wayne Thomas

    A Vortec 4.2L straight six in a 1953 can make for quite the sleeper. Would be the same with this truck:


    Could have had a V8? Don’t need one.

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  4. John.H

    Note vent on passenger side with different color on paint around it, and no vent on driver side. hmmm. My former ’52 five window had vents on both sides. These were prone to rusting right above the vent. I suspect some earlier rust repair?

    Also no pics of floors, another notoriius rusting spot for these. And what about underside?

    OK truck if price does’t go past $2,500, as this is not a five window, so less desireable.

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  5. Van

    Are the six lug wheels the same as late model 4×4. A set of 20″ chevy wheels would look interesting?

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  6. Lionel

    Just finished working on a ’48 GMC version of tis truck with the 228 cu engine. Quite many similarities, down to the color, althought I know the history of my truck since day one: started life a white service station owned by a former White Sox player, then was painted white, as visible on old aerial photos of downtown, then its current green with Texaco markings still visible on its faded doors. After the owner died, it spent years at the local dirt track pushing and pulling wrecked cars off the track, using I-beams welded instead of bumpers, where it got all its battle scars.
    The truck has over 300,000 miles as seen in a newpper clipping from 1975….

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