What A Long Car! 1954 Chevrolet Armbrister Limo


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This is one looooong Chevy! I didn’t realize it before researching this post, but long before Armbruster performed their magic on Pontiacs and other high-end GM vehicles, they used Chevrolets as the bare canvas for their stretch vehicles. This particular limo is now in Chester, New Hampshire but has history in the Southwest, and is for sale here on eBay at no reserve, with bidding currently at $200, which I’ll bet is well below the scrap value!


As you can see from this picture, the limo has been out in the elements for a while. The seller tells us that they drove it from New Mexico 20 years ago after purchasing it with intentions of restomodding it and using it in a limo business. Plans changed, as they might, and the long Chevy has been painted with protective paint and used as a “lawn ornament” for the last 15 years. There’s a really interesting history of the Ambruster company here if you are interested in learning more


Time has not been kind to the limo, as the seller describes it as being rust-free prior to it’s relocation. There are bubbles apparent in many places and the rocker panels and door sills are in real trouble in spots. Those New Mexico plates are dated 1994, so that checks out with the seller’s story.


Unfortunately, there are definitely some other issues with the car that will need attention. I’m not sure if this fender is compatible with normal 1954 Chevrolets, and I didn’t find any fenders readily available new. Even a search on eBay didn’t find any, although I’ll bet intrepid Barn Finds readers can find one (that’s a challenge, in case you are wondering!)


While the seller states that they have installed a Checker drivetrain and that neither the drivetrain nor steering have been properly attached and debugged, they don’t show us under the hood. The interior pictures show a gutted interior and little else. Although I’m a fan of originality and restorations if necessary, this is one case where a “restomod” might not be a bad idea. You already don’t have the interior, drivetrain or any original paint! I’m thinking a subtle massaging, but I’m interested in your thoughts? First, is it worth saving? Secondly, what would you do if you came across this find?


Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Tony

    It’d make for one cool camper….

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  2. Andy Frobig

    This might sound strange since most people are thinking in the other direction, but this should go to Cuba. It would fit right in; there are hundreds of craftsmen who would know just what to do with it, and plenty of donors for body panels; and the huge tourism boom there would ensure full seats on every trip. Obviously there’d be some serious red tape involved, and who knows who would be willing and able to make the investment, but that’s my suggestion.

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    • Joe Nose

      Problem being that with a turning radius of 3 miles, it could never navigate some of the Havana old town streets.

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  3. Art

    I’m with Tony…it would make a cool camper…

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  4. Ed P

    The original ‘Blue Flame Six’ must have done some mighty struggling to move this car with a full load. Very interesting, and different, find.

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  5. Woodie Man

    Damn shame…..such a unique vehicles….

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  6. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    Looks restorable to me, and would make a great car show cruiser. There’s a nice white 1956 Ford limo running around my small town, and my wife has always liked these early 50s Chevies, good thing it’s too far from me.

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  7. Fred

    So the guy gets a rust free New Mexico car, drags it to New Hampshire and leaves it in the snow and humidity for 20 years? Grrrrr…. At least that Checker drivetrain should help. In ’75 it should have been a small block Chevy V8.

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  8. Van

    Chop and chanel
    Make a lead sled

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  9. Tom

    It is close to Bentley’s Saloon in Arundel,Maine. Warren has a nice car museum behind his biker bar and luvs different rides.Also he could use it to cater biker weddings and as a campground shuttle. O yey he also has a NICE campground attached to his facility. Tom and the OLDBOYS with coastal cruisers

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