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WHAT DID YOU SAY? 1958 Airboy Outboard

Air Boy

That’s right folks you can add this motor to your small row or fishing boat and make her into a “Air boat”. This vintage Airboy Outboard is listed here on craigslist in St. Louis, Missouri with an asking price of $1,100. It certainly isn’t a cheap add on, but how cool would this be to have strapped to your old fishing boat?

Air Boy back

The seller claims this Airboy is still exactly the same as when they found it. There is compression, the throttle seems to work, the blade is chipped, and there is a grove on the back of it. Is it safe to operate? We don’t know, but we hope so. Perhaps one of you can tell us how you would go about testing it?

Air Boy standing up

This is a clamp-on device, just like an outboard engine. We imagine this setup operates at a higher noise level then your standard 5 HP kicker, hearing protection maybe in order. The owner believes this is a 5 HP or less 2 cycle engine and the prop measures in at 26″. The owner says the gas tank isn’t rusted and believes this was built sometime around 1958. Do you need to do some shallow water fishing in your boat? You might have to wait awhile after you shutdown this Airboy for the fish to return!



  1. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Robert does it again! Never heard of this. Oh sure, many of us, if you’ve ever been to the Everglades, rode on airboats, ( and they were pretty fun) but this blows me away (pun intended) Apparently, there were 3 different manufacturers of these, none very successful. Aside from the inherent danger, they were noisy, shook the boat, and barely got the boat going. I’ve seen vintage pictures of people putting airplane engines on sleighs in the winter ( with no guards what so ever) but this is pretty lame. Still, somebody thought it was a good idea. ( not an “Airboy”, but you get the idea)

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    • Avatar photo Bobsmyuncle

      I live adjacent to a golf course and long before I was alive this neighbourhood was at the edge of the city.

      A gentleman used to rent the neighbours garage for his plane in the winter which would fit with the wings off. He would often put skis on it (still without wings) and bomb around the golf course with the neighbourhood kids!

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      • Avatar photo Howard A Member

        Hi Bobsmyuncle, I don’t know what would be more dangerous. Running one of these or living next to a golf course. FORE!!

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  2. Avatar photo Bobsmyuncle

    How would I go about testing it? Here hold my beer and I’ll show ya!

    Pretty cool piece of gear.

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  3. Avatar photo bcavileer

    Love it, now that is interesting.

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  4. Avatar photo skloon

    Looks safe to me

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  5. Avatar photo Tundra/BMW Guy

    I would test it by hooking it up to my little, plastic, two person peddle/paddle boat or to my Wife’s paddle board!! Bet the DNR (water police) would be too busy trying to figure out what the heck it was to bother “pulling her over”! She would be smokin’! Literally! Both across the water and across my face with a right hook, if she lived to catch me!!
    Neat neat find!!!

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  6. Avatar photo Rex Kahrs Member

    “OK, you, with the ponytail, you sit on the bow”.

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  7. Avatar photo Dougm

    I’ve a few friends with airboats here in Sw Fl, wondering if I could keep up with them if this was on my Ghenoe?

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  8. Avatar photo John H Bell

    These were made in Denver I believe from 1954 into the later ’60s. They could be had in anywhere from 2 to 12hp. Not much more than a mower engine tilted 90 degrees. Makes me wonder just how good fish can hear, because all air-cooled outboards were noisy!

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  9. Avatar photo Jug

    I Just found this one today in the Attic of it old barn. Anyone interested in owning it let me know. Motor looks to be all there prop is in pretty good shape

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    • Avatar photo John B

      I’m an old outboard guy in SW Virginia…where are you located?

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      • Avatar photo JC

        Sorry I took so long to reply. I’m in Rochester,MN

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      • Avatar photo JC

        Sorry took so long to reply. I still have Air Boy. I’m In Rochester,MN

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    • Avatar photo BMW4RunninTundra

      I’m interested also, IF JohnB doesn’t pan out. Just reply back and we can get contact info going……….

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      • Avatar photo JC

        Sorry I took so long to reply. I’m in Rochester,MN

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  10. Avatar photo elroy cook

    I have one, gas tank isnt original had ran it in a long time but it was smooth I attached it to a ranger truck frame and ran it. ran beautifully.

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    • Avatar photo wallace stark

      Please contact me about your airboy.

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  11. Avatar photo Roger

    I have one of these I dug out of a scrap dumpster 25 yrs ago. It has a few pieces missing I think, but I actually had it running at one time. It still has good compression, just been sitting in a shed fora lot of yrs. if interested in it let me know. I’d like to see it running again.

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