What The?! 1989 Buick LeSabre Limousine

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I love seeing completely random cars show up at modern vehicle dealerships, offered up like any other late-model GM product. This unusual 1989 Buick LeSabre limousine isn’t even described as such, as a low-mileage LeSabre on the dealer’s website. Kudos to Barn Finds reader Dave S., who somehow stumbled upon it listed here on the Brookfield GMC page. Tell us how you found it, Dave! 

Originally built by a company called Concept Coach, the stretched LeSabre features looks more like a standard coupe body with a sedan nose welded onto it. Given how experimental in nature some of these conversions were, that may in fact be the basis for constructing such a car. Regardless, this example sports extremely low mileage of just over 15,000 original miles.

If this was used solely as a chauffeur-driven vehicle, there’s a chance the mileage is limited if it saw only occasional use. Certainly the interior appears to be in excellent condition, along with the exterior cosmetics with seems to strike a T-Type theme. The cabin doesn’t feature leather seating surfaces, surprisingly, but the gray mouse-fur cloth does appear to be holding up well along with the requisite beverage and TV stations.

The corporate 3.8L six-cylinder mill sports excellent cosmetics and will easily outlast this aftermarket conversion – and parts are still readily available. While these were far from the best limo you could buy, these LeSabre conversions always struck me as one of the more handsome designs of the oddball limo set. Would you be carted around in this custom LeSabre, or would you go the more traditional route?

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  1. Bob

    Maybe this will be as collectible as a Dusenberg like the Imperial. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    Fun car to play with. Never seen one before.

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  2. slw71962Member

    Actual listed mileage is 1,530.

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    • PaulG

      And it’s on sale for $17,995.00!

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      • Dovi65

        I’m sure the list price was supposed to be $7995.00. Insane, unrealistic pricing aside, it sure is an odd duck; not such a bad thing, as it sure would be a conversation piece at your local Cars n Coffee! Hauling that beast around, even w/out passengers, is asking a lot from that humble V6. Not sure even a GN upgrade would be enough

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  3. mike b

    I give it points for rear seat access when most limo’s retain that stupid little door with a wheel cut out even after adding 10′ to the car length.

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  4. rustylink

    oy that poor 3.8 pulling a wedding party up a grade….

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    • Dean

      Grand National swap!!…..(see, I didn’t say LS)

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      • Fiete T.

        L67 swap. Series II or IV, better motor architecture.

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  5. Miguel


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  6. jw454

    I agree Jeff, this looks like the front half of a 4 door and the rear three quarters of a 2 door welded together.

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    • MBenn

      That’s exactly what this is and probably built by a company I used to work for many years ago called Hess & Eisenheart (not sure if I spelled it correctly).

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  7. canadainmarkseh

    The thing that wrecks its look is the sloped window on the back door, makes it look like a utility truck. If that wasn’t there it wouldn’t look like a two and four door set of cars cobbled together. It would be a lot of work to correct that. It’s a little shy on engine too. The build quality looks pretty good though. Sure wouldn’t want to own it.

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  8. ChebbyMember

    I’ve seen a white one of these before. That wedge-shaped bit of roof from using a coupe body looks okay from the inside, but absolutely unacceptable from the outside. It’s like Body by Jethro coachworks built it.

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    • Mountainwoodie

      “Body by Jethro” Classic!
      A freaking abomination topped off by mouse fur. Perfect limo for the times we’re living in.

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  9. Al

    Thank you for the great write-up!

    I especially like the „mouse-fur“ upholstery concept.

    Would I want this vehicle……NOPE!

    However that „mouse-fur“ just makes it sound so „warm and cozy“.

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    • George

      After several months of battling mice, that “mouse fun” upholstery seems less inviting… :-)

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  10. Nick

    Well, this is certainly unusual. I kinda like it, although I too wonder how that engine pulls all that extra weight. I hope it finds a good home, and doesn’t wind up lingering outside in a lot somewhere and goes to crap.

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  11. David Rhoces

    why ?

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  12. gary

    The pictures show 001552.1 for miles and the interior looks like new with no fading or use showing and flawless paint. Be cool to take to car shows.

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  13. gary

    Looks like it was made from a T type.

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  14. MartyMember

    A few days ago I commented that the 1996 Roadmaster wagon seemed like a limousine conversion that was more worthwhile than most.

    This is the other kind.

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  15. Wayne

    If they lower the price to $500 I could run it in a Lemons race! It is weird enough to be accepted. (If you don’t understand that statement go to 24 hours of Lemons and read the rules. Reading of the rules is always good for a laugh!) They would have to work pretty hard to shove me off the track if I was driving this thing!

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  16. Clair Maughan

    Chopped off the front of a 2nd car. Removed the body behind the front seat.
    Welded the 2 together and filled in the space between the front window and behind the seat of the 1st car. Looks pretty funky to me.. Don’t know if I’d want to bee seen in it. lol..

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  17. Rolls-Royce

    I like this Buick LeSabre limousine. Not far from my house there is an Buick LS, with Amarican number plate

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