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What? Why? Chopped 1966 Toyota Land Cruiser

If you’ve been waiting for a chopped top vintage 4×4, now is your chance to own this beauty! This 1966 Toyota Land Cruiser can be found here on eBay with zero bids at the time of this writing.  Located in Walton, Kentucky, the current owner says he didn’t chop the top himself but purchased it that way to possibly turn into a rat rod. I don’t know what the fate of this particular Cruiser will be, but it may still be salvageable.

The engine is a “Chevy” bolted to a 3-speed transmission and Toyota transfer case. Unfortunately, the engine is not bolted in place, so don’t count on it being ready to run any time soon. The body is said to be fairly straight and clean with minimal rust. There is no title included in the sale. This may turn off some bidders depending on how hard it is to obtain a replacement title in their area.

While a chop-top Land Cruiser is not common, this one certainly wouldn’t be the first. A well-executed example can be found here. I know, I know, I can hear the gasps now. However, isn’t the custom car industry about innovation and building a vehicle the way you want? I would prefer a really nice 4×4 version, but I can appreciate the time and craftsmanship that goes into an extreme custom build like this. How about you? Is this project completely blasphemous or can you accept it?


  1. HoA Howard A Member

    Somebody sure ruined a very rare vehicle here in the states. It looks like a cross between a FJ55, like I had, and a FJ40. I’m sure this will shake up a few sodas with Cruiser fans. There’s a guy in my town that has probably 20 of these as a business. I’m sure they would be appalled.

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    • Al

      To bad it wasn’t channeled as well. Then we could all shake our heads in dismay.

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  2. Jamie Shannon

    Looks like a Botswanaland pygmy hauler to me

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    • Sam61

      Very witty….how about Snow White and Seven Dwarf’s parade car at Disney Land…

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  3. Dairyman

    This falls in the category “you can’t fix stupid”

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  4. Mark S.

    Off – roading might be a problem with the chop top, you would have to wear a helmet to keep from bashing your cocoanut on the ceiling. You might even break your neck on the rougher terrain.
    This the result of bad decision making, a sawzall, and a welder.

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  5. Mike Brouillette

    Stupid idea on chopping this classic, but since it’s been done, I could see this, in the right hands turning into something great. Gonna take some work…

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  6. Matthew Member

    I am assuming that is a 230 or a 250 straight six

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    • Al

      No that I think was chopped as well to a 115 or a 125 straight 3.

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  7. Madmatt

    While I like a chop top,I think its a bit too much,
    on this vehicle,about 2″ higher wouldn’t jolt your eyes so hard,
    while looking at it,but would still look chopped.
    This does have to be a pretty scarce Toyota,I hope It can / will
    be finished and enjoyed,despite the “haircut”.Really cool Toyota Though..

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  8. Michael55

    It looks like the same one that was listed in November of 2017:

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  9. healeydays

    Ok, it’s been chopped. What are you going to do, send it to the crusher? When you have broken eggs, make an omelet. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I could see someone making something that I’d go look over at a car show…

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  10. AF

    Why are we seeing this one again???

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  11. Martin Sparkes

    These were used in mining operations. I went to a close down auction and they had a bunch of them with lowered roofs. They were beat to death though because the drivers would turn them around in the tunnels and bounce them of the walls. Not saying that is the case with this one. Seems too long and too clean.

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  12. geomechs geomechs Member

    Every time I see a chopped top I always ask why. I’ll go to my grave asking why. The rest of the truck looks like a feasible project. Someone needs to find a rust bucket with a good roof.

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  13. CanuckCarGuy

    I get it, in terms of someone thinking about a Rat Rod build, but I don’t understand it on this one…I enjoy a well executed Rat Rod, but there are limits.

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  14. Dirk

    Damn! I hate it when people use red heater hoses.

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  15. Jeff S.

    Piece of junk, send it to the bone yard, enough said.

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  16. Dirk

    There’s a pill that will help you love a truck like this.

    If you already love this truck, please disregard.


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  17. Gaspumpchas

    GEEZUS. You guys said it all. finishing the chop that chop would take an expert. I see rust up in the dash area. that chevy six may or may not work out. As they guys said, they ruined a car with potential. I understand a SBC swap into these is popular. Shame…just the cost of good fitting glass will put you upside down.

    Good luck to the new owner.

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  18. Wayne

    It’s all flat glass. Just don’t roll up the windows anymore that the stop. And the windshield being flat will not cost an arm or a leg. As an FJ40 owner/lover I do not like what they did to this. I generally like the chopped look (I always wanted to chop a 1978 BMW 530I about 2 to 2.5 inches) as long as it is within reason. This is not.

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  19. Mike H

    South African Lowrider?????

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  20. Scott

    Dairyman said it right, “ You can’t fix stupid “ This is a shame on so many levels but it shows what can happen when stupid people breed. This thing is barely worth the scrap price of steel. As far as a classic it is worthless. What a horrible end for such a rare vehicle.

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