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What’s In Gary’s Barn?


Barn Finds reader Gary M. has a nice collection, with a good amount of variety. Some of his cars are rather easy to identify though, so to make it more challenging, you now have to identify the make, model, and year. Our thanks to Gary for sharing his “barn” with us! If you think the cars in your “barn” could stump our reader’s collective knowledge, then please send us some photos.


  1. SamB

    Model A ford
    68 Camaro
    70 era Corvette
    54 Corvette
    2003 Vette on the lift
    61 Convert Vette
    Porsche 356

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  2. Mike Jepson

    58 corvettte stingray ferrari 355 spyder model a ford porsche 356 71 camaro

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  3. Dolphin Member

    1963 Corvette convertible
    1963 Porsche 356B Coupe
    1954 Corvette
    1970 Chevy 2-door
    1934 Dodge sedan
    2000 Corvette on lift

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  4. GaryMc

    I’m loving these guesses

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  5. graham

    2000 Vette on Hoist
    1932 Chevrolet
    1968 Camaro
    C4 Corvette
    C1 Corvette
    Porsche 356 Coupe

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  6. jim s

    enough cars to have one for each day of the week. why the NSU sign? very nice and thanks for sharing.

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  7. GaryMc

    I have an NSU as well, just not in this pic.

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  8. rancho bella

    Well GaryMc, you mystery you………….nice grouping. I can’t get a handle on the year of P car or that little dandy fifties something Corvette. “Blue Flame Six”?

    I know a tad bit about P cars so finding out the year will be fun .

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  9. tom

    I’m with Sam on all makes, except the camaro, i think its a pontiac,

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  10. Don Andreina

    I’m guessing the P is an A.

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  11. John Meyer

    Some very cool hardware is in Gary’s barn, that’s what. Enough said. I’ll take that nice lookin 356 and be outta there!

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  12. Joseph Fodor

    63 to 67 corvette convertible.

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  13. SoCal Car Guy

    I’m going purposely vague on years (can’t see enough details on any but the early ’30s Chev sedan to discern the exact year) so probably zero correct. Counterclockwise from front : ’01-04 Corvette Z06, ’63-67 Corvette convertible, 356A or B Porsche coupe, ’53 or ’54 Corvette, ’68-82 Corvette, ’67-68 Camaro coupe, ’30-32 Chevrolet sedan.

    GaryMc, my compliments on a nice nice selection of toys.

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    • GaryMc

      pretty much everything but the 30-32 “Chevy” sedan

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  14. hhaleblian

    30-32 Chev, 68 camaro, 53-54 vette 63-67 vette convert, late model vette on the lift, Porsche 356 A coupe by the steering wheel color with the wrong outside mirror

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    • GaryMc

      Also remarkably close and great job on the 356. The stumper is that one in the back left corner.

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  15. junkman Member

    I’m goin’ with 29-29 Dodge

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  16. junkman Member

    that was supposed to say 28-29 dodge

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    • Dolphin Member

      The ‘stumper’ in the back left corner looks more like a ’28-’29 Dodge than a ’34, so I’m guessing that you’re likely correcter than me, but who knows?

      The thing is, back a long time ago Scientific American had a 2-page spread that showed drawings of the front of every car made in the US, and at a glance they all looked the same—flat exposed rad/rad cowl/big lights/big bumper. You had to study the small details up close to see any difference and distinguish makes.

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      • GaryMc

        It’s funny how many times this “look alike” comment is made of modern cars

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      • Dolphin Member

        I think you could say that all modern cars look ‘alike’ because they are all ‘aero’ at the front due to fuel mileage requirements, but there are many different grille sizes / shapes / treatments, different headlight / fender shapes, different overall frontal areas because some cars are giant SUVs and some are tiny mileage-makers for their manufacturers’ overall CAFE, and so on. Manufacturers are looking for some distinctiveness in a sea of competition.

        Back in the late ’20s / early ’30s most US cars had a big flat rad in a thin cowl, 2 big lights, a horizontal battering-ram bumper, and were BIG, so for me it is harder to tell them apart. And there was just about no foreign competition to influence them to be very different from each other.

        So are you going to say what your cars are?

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  17. Mike

    Back left corner car looks like a buick.

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  18. Tom S.

    This is a little like playing “Battleship”. :)

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  19. GaryMc

    Ok, here it is…back row, left to right…’30 Studebaker Commander, ’68 Camaro (orig owner), ’82 Collector Edition Corvette, ’54 Corvette. Up front, on rack, ’01 Z06, ’65 Corvette (a/c 2nd owner) and ’58 356A Porsche. This was fun and I’m impressed with the guesses.

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  20. junkman Member

    Nice collection Gary, thanks for sharing, some day I’ll line mine up for a similar exercise,

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  21. SoCal Car Guy

    Thanks for a fun one, GaryMc. Your ’30 Stude Commander threw me for a loop, thought I could make out a blue Chevrolet “bow-tie’ on the radiator shell. Again, my compliments on your tows and your toy shop. SCCG

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  22. 427vette

    Nice collection but good god man, fix that roof insulation thats falling all over the 54 vette!

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