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What’s The Story: 1970 Corvette LT1

1970 Corvette LT1

While most cars are inherently interesting simply because of what they are, there are times when we come across something that the story behind it is even more interesting than what it is. This C3 Corvette is definitely interesting all on it’s own, but as you start to look it over, you can’t help but wonder what its story is! How did it get to the current state it’s in? Why was it parked after only 6 years of use? Why does it have a ’62 Corvette radiator? But most importantly, why is there fake fur attached to the door panels? Whether any of these questions will ever get answered, we don’t know, but that’s part of what makes finds like this so interesting. If you’d like to take a closer look at this LT1 powered Vette, find it here on eBay in Woburn, Massachusetts with bidding already up to $6k!

1970 Corvette

As you can see, this Corvette has been modified and not just with a set of custom wheels and a set of valve covers. It wears custom paint and pin stripping, plus fender flairs. I’d say it’s also safe to assume the hood and side pipes are also add-ons. For the most part, I’m alright with the looks, but I’m not sure about the quality of the work or how it’s held up after being in storage. The paint will need to be redone, the top needs replaced and the wheels either need new paint or to be replaced with something more original. And during paint prep, you might want to remove the spoiler mounts and tow hitch!

1970 Corvette Interior

Now for the real scary custom work! Have a look at those seat covers! I hope the faux fur seat covers and door treatments aren’t glued down, but I have a feeling the are. What would inspire someone to attach this material to their Corvette’s interior? I know it was the ’70s, but even leopard print fabric would have looked better than fur! I guess you’ll have to redo the interior anyway. On the upside, this car has a 3rd pedal and a 4 speed shifter! It should make putting all 370 horses produced by the LT1 to good use a bit more enjoyable! So why do you suppose this Corvette was parked after only a few years of use?


  1. Avatar photo randy

    Too many tickets? That would do it for me.
    That was a tough 6 years. Jeesh

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  2. Avatar photo Mike D

    Nope, sorry, the seller even admits the frame is shot figure about 15K a year in all sorts of weather (NH Car) by no means a babied car

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  3. Avatar photo Mark

    Piece of rusty junk!

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  4. Avatar photo Craig

    without the original born with LT1 motor its just a Corvette that needs a ton of work, it led a tough life for those 6 years

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  5. Avatar photo skloon


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  6. Avatar photo Tom Member

    6 years of CONTINUOUS USE maybe, like 2190 days where the engine never shut off. Sorry, not buying it…..the car or the story. Maybe it is a CUMULATIVE 6 years. Again 2190 days of use during the past 45 years. That I could buy. after 99,999 miles it shows up 000001 again, pretty sure this car has seen that happen. Said correctly above, without the numbers matching engine and the frame rust/rot, this is hardly a parts car. I love the “car salesman” hype. Perfume on a pig is still a pig. Don’t get me wrong, this car is on my top 10 list of favorite but really….somebody really beat the SH__ out of this car…truly molested. Sad.

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  7. Avatar photo ruxvette

    The motor was installed in 1976 and car was never driven after that? Really?
    Just a big pile of parts…

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  8. Avatar photo Waldon Herdman

    The mo-hair would the least of my worries ! Custom no front bumper, fender flares, and a lack of the original lt-1 350 ! and the rot!

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  9. Avatar photo Glen

    That post should get an award for the most exclamation points , yes, I counted them, ..19 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  10. Avatar photo Danger Dan

    I believe it was a womans vette, by the fur and the color. This was a gift from a man to her. She stopped driving for whatever reason and he has the original motor in a pickle fork hot rod boat.

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  11. Avatar photo Texas Tea

    Okay, here is my guess. I think the car probably belonged to someone that loved Prince, and they had the car painted to match the Purple rain song………………. Then they played the song in the 8 track Craig Power Player I see mounted between the seats and smoked hooch for six years.

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  12. Avatar photo Chebby

    The Harvard sticker makes me think a bunch of frat dudes picked this up cheap and had some Animal House-style fun with it, painting it purple, adding gorilla fur and drag racing it. THE BEAST. When they all graduated, someone ended up with it and parked it somewhere, then life happened. C3s were worth nothing for years, so not much incentive to restore it until recently.

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  13. Avatar photo Steve H,

    Number of things don’t add up. Motor was replaced under warranty in 76, but yet the guy ends up with the heads and intake that were on motor when work was done and now will sell parts if he can get them back from owner. Usually when warranty work is done they keep all parts that came off of motor. Looks as if car
    was originally a red color and painted many other colors before storage. I might be wrong but it does appear to have some kind of numbers stamped on engine pad? There are several other items that don’t appear right for a seventy model too. I ‘d be very cautious and do a lot more csi work on it.

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    • Avatar photo Tom Member

      What car in 1976 had a factory warranty in place after being 6 to 7 years old? I was only 10 years old in 76 so maybe I am wrong? Not sure what a “new car warranty” was in 1970 but it would surprise me if it was more than 3 years and 36K miles. If it was sold as used, not sure a used car would have had much of a warranty back then.

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    • Avatar photo krash

      cool wagon, Steve H.

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  14. Avatar photo Dirty Dingus McGee

    Why is the theme song from Flipper running thru my head?

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  15. Avatar photo DJ

    My dad bought a 76 like this one time. He fixed Corvettes in his spare time. Pulled out the ashtray and wham. A rather large stash of hash!!!

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    • Avatar photo Texas Tea

      Come on DJ. You have us hanging now. What does “A rather large stash of hash” mean?

      I’m guessing one of the cars had a rather large stash of hash behind the ash tray as he was taking it apart? Did y’all smoke it?

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  16. Avatar photo gunningbar

    Mmmmm… fake fur and plastic car… yummm….. drown it.

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  17. Avatar photo MikeG

    Huggy Bear’s pimp mobile.

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  18. Avatar photo PRA4SNW

    Yikes, really scary! Someone will have to build a new car around the VIN. These cars aren’t there value wise, yet.

    In NH, it’s easy to get a title for an old vehicle. I was able to get one for my 70 Vette that I bought on a bill of sale by taking the car to the local PD, having them verify the VIN and send it to the Registry in Concord with I think $25. 3 weeks later, I had the title.

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    • Avatar photo Tom Member

      Minor correction, a 70 LT1 convertible with a numbers matching motor has fairly strong value and is definitely a car worth restoring – in most cases. No matching motor, not much value like this one. Add in the swiss cheese frame and this is a parts car at best.

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  19. Avatar photo Lee

    It would take a ton of work to get it back together but it’s not impossible. The frame can be replaced but the bodywork is what would/will be the ‘killer’ as far as restoration costs are concerned IMHO. Gotta find a GOOD fiberglass guy to get this one straightened out. BTW that is the correct LT-1 hood for the car. Both big block and LT-1 cars have the same hood for ’70-’72 model years.

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