What’s This 1966 Olds Delta 88 Worth?

1966 Olds Delta 88 Sedan

Reader Andrew S recently contacted us in hopes of getting an idea of what this beautiful Olds Delta 88 might be worth. It’s in great shape, but is a four door, which isn’t valued by Hagerty. He thought you guys might be able to help him value this survivor! From Andrew – Hey Folks… Maybe you can help me with this. My friend’s father passed away last year and my buddy inherited his 1966 Olds Delta 88 4-Door Holiday Sedan. Normally I wouldn’t be interested in anything with that many doors, but this one is incredible in that it only has 22k miles and looks/smells/drives like a new car. Can you give me some idea as to it’s value? Thanks! So what do you think would be a realistic and good price for this Olds? More photos below!


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  1. justin

    Being that the car is from CA, the condition, the low mileage but with too many doors, I would ask $3,500.

    • dan

      I was thinking the same at $3,500 I hate to say but its an Olds. My friend has a ’67 pretty much the same. Lowered with nice wheels, looks cool but no one wants to spend the money!

      • The Walrus

        It’s worth more than twice that.

  2. Rich

    I think Justin may be right. Worth more for the memories / emotional value than cash value. Beautiful car though! Would be a blast to take to shows. Not many 4 doors in that nice of shape.

  3. Real

    I would expect it to go for about $8000.00 with those low miles and its superior shape.

  4. Dan

    I’ll give ya $2,500 cash

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    • Dan

      See. 4 doors can be cool if done right !!

  5. Howard A Member

    Hi Andrew, hold on, that $3500 is a little lean. 4 doors are beginning to have a big following, as baby boomers are going for the cars they grew up with. I’d double that price, as evidenced by an ad on Hemmings. That’s really a cool car. My parents had a ’65 Olds similar to that. Why not keep it? http://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/dealer/oldsmobile/delta-88/1710431.html

    • The Walrus

      Exactly… the car you linked isn’t as nice and its a sedan, not a hard top…

      • Ed P

        4 door hardtops were priced at the top of their range. 4 door sedans and 2door hardtops were cheaper and easier to sell in quantity. I would take this clean Olds in a heartbeat if I had the cash.

  6. Mike

    I would need more photos & confirmation , but in that nice condition , with new tires & battery so it could be driven home , I think 4,000 + is a fair price, maybe even $5,000 if AC and everything works!

  7. JW454

    I would think more like 7~8K…. Remember Lambercht Auction Maina? It’s definitely a Don Draper or a Roger Sterling type of car. LOL

    • JW454

      Hey! That’s $31,757.24 in today’s money and he paid cash… Impressive.

  8. The Walrus

    Assuming the stated mileage is accurate, and from the 2 pictures, I would value this car at $8-$10K. I would say this is very good number 3 or possibly number 2 car.

    From Old Cars Price Guide April 2015:

    1966 Delta 88, V-8, 123″ wb
    6 5 4 3 2 1
    4d Sed 480 1,440 2,400 5,400 8,400 12,000
    4d HT 600 1,800 3,000 6,750 10,500 15,000
    2d HT 680 2,040 3,400 7,650 11,900 17,000
    2d Conv 720 2,160 3,600 8,100 12,600 18,000

    Old Cars Price Guide is a much better reference tool than Haggerty, as it is based on real world transactions rather than estimates made by insurance adjusters.

    Here are their condition explanations:

    1) EXCELLENT: Restored to current maximum professional standards of quality in every area, or perfect original with components operating and appearing as new. A 95-plus point show car that is not driven.In national show judging, a vehicle in number 1 condition is likely to win top honors in its class. In a sense, it has ceased to be an automobile and has become an object of art. It is transported to shows
    in an enclosed trailer, and, when not being shown, is stored in a climate-controlled facility. It is not driven. There are few number 1 vehicles.

    2) FINE: Well-restored, or a combination of superior restoration and excellent original. Also, an extremely well-maintained original showing minimal wear.
    Except for the closest inspection, a number 2 vehicle may appear as a number 1. The number 2 vehicle will take the top award in many judged shows, except when competing against a number 1 example in its own class. It may also be driven 800-1,000 miles each year to shows, on tours or simply for pleasure.

    3) VERY GOOD: Completely operable original or “older restoration” showing wear. Also, a good amateur restoration, all presentable and serviceable inside and out. Plus, combinations of well-done restoration and good operable components;
    or a partially restored car with all parts necessary to complete it and/or valuable new old stock (NOS) parts. This is a “20 footer.” That is, from 20 feet away it may appear perfect. But as we approach it, we begin to notice that the paint may be getting thin in spots from frequent washing and polishing. Looking inside, we might detect wear on the driver’s seat, foot pedals and carpeting. The chrome trim, while still quite presentable, may have lost its sharp, mirror-like reflective quality it had when new. All systems and equipment on the car are in good operating order. In general, most of the vehicles seen at car shows are in number 3 condition.

    4) GOOD: A drivable vehicle needing no, or only minor work to be functional. Also, a deteriorated restoration or a poor amateur restoration. All components may need restoration to be “excellent,” but the vehicle is mostly usable “as is.” This is a driver. It may be in the process of restoration or its owner may have big plans, but even from 20 feet away, there is no doubt that it needs a lot of help.

    5) RESTORABLE: Needs complete restoration of body, chassis and interior. May or may not be running, but isn’t weathered, wrecked and/or stripped to the point of being useful only for parts. This car needs everything. It may not be operable, but it is essentially all there and has only minor surface rust, if any rust at all. While presenting a real challenge to the restorer, it won’t have him doing a lot of chasing for missing parts.

    6) PARTS CAR: May or may not be running, but is weathered, wrecked and/or stripped to the point of being useful primarily for parts. This is an incomplete or greatly deteriorated, perhaps rusty vehicle that has value only as a parts donor for other restoration projects.

  9. Howard A Member

    My condolences to your friend, Andrew. My dad passed away last Oct. Sure slaps you around, a bit.

  10. banged my head

    This car is super nice and like Howard said 4dr cars are starting to appreciate in value. I would think a fair price would be in the 6 to 7k range and kept in the same shape I would bet that car in the next ten years will hit five digit numbers. Would make a neat weekend cruiser.

  11. KO

    Not sure the value, but your buddy should keep it. Even if he’s not very mechanical, a low mileage original car is perfect to learn on. The family memories are priceless. If you’re looking to buy it from him, be fair. Good luck.

  12. ahdriver

    It’s a beautiful car! As an appraiser, these types of vehicles values tend to vary depending where you are. That being said, trying to get the long dollar here is possible, but it my take time for the right buyer… So, depending on how interested you are in selling will have some affect on the price. With the proper documentation, a vehicle such as this could go over $10K in an auction setting. There are generally 3 prices for a car; 1) Fire Sale, turn it fast, in this case $4000ish or less; 2) Fair Price, roughly about $6K here; 3) Waiting It Out, $8000ish or more, just have to have the right guy walk up the driveway. Just my 2 cents worth. Good Luck!

  13. Dan h

    It’s worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it.
    I’d be surprised it it sold for more than 4 digits.

    • JW

      I totally agree Dan, I have a neighbor who is my age but loves the big Fords/Lincolns/Mercury’s. He will just have to find the right person who loves land yachts. Jay Leno maybe.

  14. Bill

    ahdriver has it just about nailed. Mid 60’s Olds 4 doors, regardless of being a sedan or hardtop are about the least valued/desired of any of the GM marques. It would take a severe Olds enthusiast to get this car anywhere near 8k… but it could certainly be done. I love original sedans, and would certainly be interested in buying this, but I wouldn’t pay silly money for it. If it was 1 year older, it’d be worth quite a bit more…but anything post 1965 for Olds, is a crap shoot.

  15. Chief Pontiac

    I wouldn’t pay more than $3000.00. After all it is a 4 dr.

  16. Woodie Man

    @Dan: How much for the woman?

    As for the Olds , to me the value in any car is its originality…..not what a former owner decided should be shoehorned into the engine compartment or hung from the sheetmetal .

    So given this cars apparent originality and taking into account its not particularly desirable door configuration or its original concept as a Grandpa car, I personally would not pay more than say 5K and would be most comfortable with $3500. But then I think most cars are overpriced and wouldn’t pay for them. Its hard when you used to buy them for pennies on today’s deflated dollar

    • Dan

      @Woodie. You can have her free. Sorry, just not mine

      • Woodie Man

        More a comment on the mentality of car valuation lol

  17. Joe Moss

    My Uncle had a 98 L S the same color back when new. Id love to have this Rocket.. NICE CAR!..

  18. Peter G

    I had a 68 Delta 88 with a Rocket 455. This car was crazy fast. Burn outs were a global warming cloud. Came with 14 inch rims stock, and I upgraded to 15’s with slightly bigger tires. This car was legendary at my college. Our ski team had two hour ride to our race mountain. The passengers in the car arriving first drank free for our stay. Cars in the race to the mountain included BMW’s, Mercedes and other rich kid sports cars including a VW Karman Ghia (ok, no bragging rights there). I never lost a race. For some reason the girls / young women would not ride with me. Got chased by a state police plane and won! Great memories, lots of tickets.

    • Ed P

      If the girls would not ride with you, was getting there first worth it?

      • Peter G

        Hmmm, perhaps not, but maybe I did not want to be seen with them anyway. The ride was a mini gum ball rally. The big block really helped passing on the wavy two lane roads with double lines. Establishing the pecking orde was the main prior. LOL

  19. Grr

    Ok, now we have to hear the story of your win over the plane…

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    • Peter G

      Traveling south in Northern Maine with a hitchhiker picked up at the Canadian border. I was making time traveling well over 100 mph when I paired up with a 442 who had a CB radio. We started gabbing about the apparent open roads and lack of other cars. Big mistake, the State Police were monitoring our talks. We were pushing 110mph plus or minus when a hippie dude in a Dodge van warned us via CB of an awaiting trooper (2) reception ahead. We immediately backed down and a State Police plane caught us from behind and turned over the tree tops next to us. Our trooper friends were left without a catch, in this case probably jail. Phew. One of many epic road trips in the Delta. Many thanks to the hippie dude.

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  20. MikeW

    I’d go with OLD CARS PRICE GUIDE like the WALRUS

  21. Luke Fitzgerald

    That car is what poms call ‘da bomb’ – look at it – I like the comments – makes me laugh – it’s probably the last one on earth like this and people are saying it’s not this or that – I hope someone gets it and nods silently (laughing inside) when it’s in it immaculate low mileage glory at a show when people pontificate that it’s hasn’t got / isn’t something while they boringly describe how their cousins uncles best pal has a mustang / chev in 10,000 pieces costing a house to restore that’ll be ‘better than new’ – someone deserves this – me!

  22. nova scotian

    Mrs. Alberta Hontz….aka your friends father should hav drove the damn thing! They really missed out. How sad, knowing there was a new car in the driveway,..but not driving it…Why? AHDRIVER has the right way to go to sell it….but what a sad thing NOT to have driven the piss out of this car….

  23. Utes

    If it happens to be the base Delta 2bl./425, NADA lists its value as…

    However, if it has the base 98 4bl./425, or the optional Starfire 4bl./425,
    click ‘Change Options’ for a revised value.

    • Utes

      But that’s an unknown though, isn’t it?
      Never assume…you can only logically go w/the info. provided.
      If it had either of the Hi-Po 425’s, you would’ve been apprised.

    • Utes

      Your suggestion is pointless. Read the widow sticker.

  24. DENIS

    I have owned numerous Oldsmobiles and still do. I would place the value at $10,000 and not expect much appreciation. I would detail the hell out of it and keep it for the sentimental value. Drive it on Sunday to keep it limbered-up and functioning.

  25. Howard A Member

    My parents had a ’65, 98, 4 door, with a 394 ( I think). My brother got his license with that car. And Peter G is right. We used to turn the top of the air cleaner over, and that car would smoke the right rear tire for a block. Matter of fact, when the tire would start to get bald, we’d put it on the front, and told the old man, must be an alignment issue. Stupid kids.

  26. braktrcr

    My 66 Toronado is a 385 hp 425 and it hauls the 4800 lbs around quite well. If this car has the same motor its a cool sleeper

  27. ben

    like u said its a 4dr as they used to say 2 doors to many ive got a 66 chry new Yorker not any where as nice rust issue but repairable around 57 k on the speed ometer 4dr ht 440 cant get 2000 and its a mopar like the engine and trans are great for another project sell the rest of the parts same owner sense 1970 even has a 8 tract ben have a great day guys

  28. RickyM

    Nice looking car – great to see it kept so well. Love it.

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