What’s This Ugly Old Dodge Worth?

1993 Dodge Ram 2500

The crazy active bidding is what caught my eye here. Even with a few days left, this 1993 Dodge Ram 2500 is currently up over $16k! What could cause that kind of excitement for an a truck that is too new to be collectible and too old to qualify for a loan? Well, I’m guessing it’s the Cummins diesel under the hood. That reliable workhorse’s power is routed through a 5-speed manual and goes to all four wheels. This type of vehicle only appeals to a certain type of buyer – a guy who wants to drag anything anywhere forever! It’s located in Renton, Washington and is listed here on eBay without reserve. Take a look and let us know what you would be willing to pay for this old Dodge.

Bad Running Boards

Josh and I looked at a Dodge truck the other day that looked a lot like this one. It was 20 years older though! That could be because Dodge just kept face-lifting the same old design for a couple of decades. I’m all for continued improvement on a good platform, but honestly I think this truck was starting to look a little frumpy by the time this one was built. It probably wouldn’t look too bad actually if you ripped those running boards off and removed the tie down hooks on the bed. Obviously, people want this one for more reasons than its rugged good looks though.

Cummins Turbo Diesel

Dodge started dropping Cummins diesels in these things in 1989 and instantly saw a lift in sales. The direct injected inline-six was turbo-charged and put out an impressive 400 foot pounds of torque! When coupled with a 5-speed and four wheel drive, this thing had some serious towing capacity! Do a search online and read the tales of what people have towed with these things. It’s insane!


So, when I first saw this truck, I just didn’t get it. But, now I’m starting to see the appeal. This thing isn’t going to go cheap, but it will still be a whole heck of a lot cheaper than a new truck with this kind of capacity would cost ya. I would just want to make sure the brakes are up to the task before hooking up anything too heavy out back. It sounds like the owner kept up on the maintenance, but this is still a 23 year old truck so the rubber hoses could be brittle and seals could be cracked. Still, the cost to go through the brakes is probably a small price to pay for those who really need a truck like this. Now, where did those cassette tapes go?


  1. audifan

    These old Dodge trucks, especially with a Cummins Diesel and a 5 spd. , seem to be the ultimate REAL truck for rednecks and there are quite a few wealthy ones in the PNW.
    I bet they also enjoy terrorizing their neighbors by warming up this awfully loud engine in the morning or smoking out people driving Priuses.

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    • boxdin

      Roll Coal

    • boxdin

      Still much quieter than a ford w pwrstroke.

  2. Walter Joy

    I love my first gen Ram (1989 W250) and I wish I could get one of these

  3. Bob's your uncle

    The 12V Cummins is the ones people are crazy for. I saw an ad for Diesel Brothers and they were going nuts for one.

  4. Chris in Nashville

    I would love this truck, not ugly in the least, I would likely retro fit a grill off an older one and remove the runningboards but that is an awesome truck!

  5. Matt Tritt

    Not only “rednecks” love these…. And it’s rare to find one that the paint hasn’t peeled off of. In such good shape I’d put the value at more like 10 grand, certainly not 16!

  6. Dolphin Member

    I’m not surprised at this. This is a special truck, and I don’t think there are many left like this one. When a new Diesel Ram costs $50K this is a decent deal for someone who can appreciate this truck.

    This is a low mile cream puff. These were usually worked hard because they were sold before the macho-man fashion-statement era of full size trucks, when people actually used them for work and hauling. These older Rams often have 400+K miles on them by now, so the 127K this truck has is ultra-low. And it’s from Renton, WA, so it avoided the rust belt.

    One of the best vehicles I ever owned was an ’03 Ram longbed with the high output Cummins and 6-speed. That truck could easily haul a 6000 pound hauler+car up a 10 mile long 8% upgrade in 6th gear without breaking a sweat. I liked that truck so much that I couldn’t put it through that, so I shifted down to 5th just to give it a break.

    This ’93 Ram 2500 has the 12-valve Cummins. Later models have the 24 valve and are quieter, but I wouldn’t mind this 12-valve. I got to like the clatter, and besides you don’t hear it that much in the cab with windows closed. I hope this truck goes to a good home just like the home it’s lived in so far. It deserves it.

  7. Gary

    Yea lately anything with a Cummins gets retarded amounts of money!

  8. RickG

    Easy now. I’m a Dodge truck fan, I have two. A 1973 Sno-Fiter Power Wagon

    • Scotty G


    • Jonathan Johnson

      The roof has that cover. My dodge is missing it. What is it called so I can try to track it down and add it?

  9. RickG

    and a 1988 W350 Power Ram

  10. RickG

    oops. here’s the W350

  11. Slim Chance

    1st Gen with no rust!? Buy it and forget what you paid. It will outlive you and the next guy.

  12. Nessy

    An ugly truck you said? Well, I don’t know think many will agree with you on that. This was the last year for this older body style, which had the same basic look well over 15 years before this one was even built. With it’s sharp looking two tone black and silver paint with the red stripe, this truck is anything but ugly. A guy in my town has a clean white 92 Dodge Diesel extra cab just like this and I think it’s a great looking truck. I always liked the look of the Dodge trucks over the Ford or Chevy but I still think the Ford and Chevy were stronger, overall better built trucks.

    • Dolphin Member


      And when a Diesel Ram has taken you across the continent close to non-stop at 20 MPG on diesel with a load that weighs more than it does without a hint of complaint, it’s even better looking than you started out thinking it was.

      • Nessy

        As I said, I like the looks of the Dodge trucks better but I found the Fords and Chevy to be stronger built trucks. I am in the towing business so I had all three makes over the years built into tow trucks. At first, I had mostly Dodge trucks. The Dodge frames were not made to stand up with tow truck or flatbed bodies. The frames cracked on every single Dodge I had where the Ford and Chevy frames never had an issue. Now, I stick with Fords for the most part with a Chevy or two. I still have one Dodge tow truck left which I kept since it was the first truck I started out in. I had to weld the frame twice on that truck in less than 10 years. Now it’s just a back up truck for local light duty town work. I would not trust that frame on the highway anymore.

  13. dave

    My 1984 with 70.000 miles. CA truck 8500.00 Not a Diesel but a cool truck.

  14. Ed P

    Chrysler’s 4 speed automatics were iffy in the early 90’s. That makes the 5 speed manual tranny a very appealing option. The body and interior looks great and that Cummins @ 127,000 miles is just broken in. Nicely optioned and a lot of life left in this one. It is a buy for anyone in the market for a pickup.

  15. MountainMan

    Man oh man do I like this, It would be all the truck I would ever need and the last truck I would have to buy. After killing some time last week on the Ford lot and seeing that a gas powered 4×4 F150 is stickered at OVER $60,000 I cant say much about the price on the old Dodge…two weeks ago I would have balked at $16,000 but compared to what it would cost to find a new truck with equalivent power train I think this Dodge worth every penny

    I love the front hubs poking through the wheel covers on Daves blue Dodge…nice truck!

  16. Rod

    This truck is just broken in at that mileage, it has lots of life in it. If it is mechanically as good as it looks this will be worth the high dollar it is getting.
    I did notice they said this was a non smoking truck but if you look at the front drivers seat it sure looks like a cigarette burn on it, how does that happen if it is a non smoking truck.
    My biggest problem with these trucks is the ride quality. It will rattle your bones loose and the seats aren’t very comfortable.
    Gotta admit that these trucks are tough and are in big demand.

  17. skloon

    This is a truck- agricultural, and tool like good at certain jobs but is still a 70s pickup underneath

  18. Bruno M

    Not ugly at all…

  19. Woodie Man

    Where I live theres a quite a few 12 valve clatter monsters. Drives me nuts. So effing annoying. Counterintuitively, because the air is so clean up in the mountains Cali legislators in their demented fashion don’t require smog checks. So every pollution belching couldn’t pass smog diesel truck driven by old guys with white beards and handicap tags hanging from the rear view mirror, are up here. I feel better now. Still I would buy it over the overpriced modern dreck”

    • audifan

      I feel for you and see it the same way. Usually people who don’t “need” trucks buy the most annoying, loudest, lifted in the air redneck monsters. I don’t get it.

  20. Gerry

    Not ugly, Nuevo classic looks ? At 127m miles that Cummings is just barely broken in.

    • boxdin


  21. MikeG

    When the description says, “drives straight down the highway”, sounds like dealer /flipper speak. Much like, “AC blows ice cold”.

  22. Jason Houston

    If it seems to good to be true, it probably is. Or, put another way, there are probably some very active shills at work. eBay is full of them, more than most people could ever imagine. And the way the new eBay is today, they’re hidden for good. I agree with you, this is a lot of to do about not much!

  23. RON

    i have heard it said a dodge owner either loves it or hates it. as for me if i paid 16 grand for it the title to chrysler corp and its associate companies and the original dodge brothers serving the donuts and a few transport loads of original hemi’s better be with it!!!!

    • Jason Houston

      Or, “I can’t stand Chrysler products!”

  24. jim s

    seller has 2 trucks listed for sale on ebay both being bid up by low feedback bidders. still this is a nice truck with a manual, most of the newer trucks i see on the lots have automatics. looks like it has been used to haul a slide-in camper in the past. great find.

  25. Rando

    I had an 84 W150. Shortbed 4×4 with the granny low trans and a SLANT SIX. Yeah it was a slug, but out in the woods it would go anywhere it would fit. We pulled the race car(3000 lbs, trailer [heavy steel, not aluminum], 3 big people and all there stuff to North Wilkesboro speedway for the Sportsman races one weekend. THe U joints were already creaking some, but the old barge made it. Even though it was a slow trip in an ugly truck. Loved that beast. The day I traded it, I parked in grass at the dealership so the leaking power steering fluid wouldn’t be noticed. LOL

    The cummins made that even better.

  26. Slickimp

    It does not look like a barn find to me

  27. Jim

    These trucks are workhorses! Considering the age it’s got no visible tin worm and looks to have been cared for. Compared to the price of a new equivalent truck at 16k plus maybe a grand in brakes, w/strip and small stuff you’d have a dam nice truck for half of new. It’s a good deal for someone.

  28. Rod Davis

    Just barely broken in. Mine did not get it’s top average fuel economy until nearly 90k miles. ’91 Cummins 6BT 12 valve/one ton duelly with 350+k miles. Only problems in the 25 years I’ve owned it…one brake rotor (pad broke) injector pump rebuilt at 300k miles ($3000). And, the obligatory paint job back when the truck was just a few years old. Waterbased paint simply ‘blew’ off. It’s a truck, people. It does not have to be pretty but it absolutely must do the job and this old Dodge carries 2 1/2 to 3 yards of gravel on a regular basis and still, to this day, gets 22 mpg.

  29. boxdin

    Love this era of Dodges. I removed the front battering ram and put a 77 bumper on there like the sno-fiter shown above. I agree the frames on the HD dodges are the weak point, a buddy won a new 440 at a car show and put it in his 78 3/4 Club Cab and used it to pull his trailer until the frame came apart. The lighter trucks like half tons etc don’t seem to have that problem.

  30. Norm

    And ur granny wears combat boots !!

  31. Jim

    The chassis first have inherent flaws but I’ve seen reinforcing kits available online, also a good welder/chassis guy should be able to get it right without donating a kidney.

  32. AMCFAN

    What’s not to like? As Dolphin said. You won’t have to pay $50K for one besides who wants to buy DEF fluid?
    12V engines are a manual injection pump not an electronic controlled. The benefit here is the scroll pump is way cheaper to replace then say a later 24VHO
    There is a computer but actually controls the charging system. Most people will wire in an older model Dodge voltage regulator. Cost $10. Also nice is that these start as good in the winter as in the summer. Although a good idea to plug them in I do know a truck that had sat for three weeks and started fine at minus two degrees. Amazing.
    Because it is not computer controlled a 12 Valve can run on about anything oil based. WVO, used motor oil, trans fluid etc. Some Rural areas (won’t use the term Redneck) still sell Off Road Diesel fuel at the pump.

    The deal maker here is the manual transmission. You do not need to be a Redneck to know NOT to buy one with an automatic. They just do not hold up. It costs about $3500. to build one. Some guys who swear by them. I know several who refuse to think otherwise and are on their fourth rebuild. No thanks.
    The only disadvantages are the goofy Dodge problems like electrical system, Steering front end along with everything inside the cab rattling and vibrating apart. Keep in mind when this truck configuration was engineered in the 1970’s it was with a gas engine. When the Cummins engine and driveline was being developed for the truck in the late 1980’s Very few at Chrysler at the time would have guessed that many would still be on the road nearly 30 years later some with a half a million miles. Despite any short comings Cummins powered Dodge trucks are still the King of the road.

  33. Paul R

    12 valve and a Getrag (Grease-Rag) 5 speed. Bullet proof combo that impresses the neighbors with a 6 a.m. cold start! They always sound like they are running without oil!

  34. geomechs geomechs Member

    The Cummins engine definitely put Chrysler on the map in the truck department; these ARE good trucks. The engine will run almost forever. Some troubles with the main springs in the injection pump but if it has the updated springs, it is pretty solid. Even though this engine can handle more, you’re limited to about 180 hp (rated max is 160) with this outfit. Turning the Bosch VE pump beyond that will cause it to self-destruct inside; the camplate and rollers will start to chip from the increased injection pressure. In our shop we’ve seen some real prizes when people turn them up to 230. When Cummins installed the inline P-7100 pump in ’94 you could really get a boost in power. Unfortunately you found you were then limited by #6 piston melting out of the bore. Some of those aftermarket cam plates were way too raunchy. We could set them for about 270 hp (without the cam plate) and still keep the reliability. Just keep the smoke control unit in check so you can still pass your opacity test…

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  35. dave

    Here is our 94 that we bought new.
    Cummins,5 speed with 4.10s 4×4
    Loaded with 165.000 miles with no problems except for front ball joints. Pulls 20.000lbs on a regular basis.

  36. Mark-A

    Wonder if Manuel knows that his 5-speed transmission is in this vehicle? No excuse nowadays for poor spelling thanks to spellcheckers, surely it only takes 5 minutes to read the Advert before you publish it online? If seller is too lazy to do this I wonder what else they’ve been too lazy to do as well? Food for thought?

    • dave

      Spelllll check dose not work alll the time. Me be were knot as edaction as you. Get over it. Lot of the kids were just rushed through schools and you think this is a bad problem? The newbies are even worse spellers.

      • Jason Houston

        And that makes it OK?

        BTW, spell-check does have its limitations. It does not check syntax or correct word use, just basic spelling, the kind most of us learned by 4th grade.

    • Jason Houston

      Food for thought, or a great meal for the grammatically challenged! Thanks for posting.

  37. Car Nut Tacoma

    This Ram Cummins truck may be many things, but ugly I don’t think so. I actually think it’s quite handsome. I find it way more attractive than the current generation Ram truck. Now *that’s* hideous!

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