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What’s Under That Tarp?

Whats under the tarp

Barn Finds reader Forrest S. just sent in this photo of a car he is currently digging out. He is going to send more photos soon, but we wanted to post this to see if any of you can tell what’s under that tarp! Leave your guesses in the comments and then we will run an update once he gets it out. Thanks for sharing Forrest!


  1. Paul

    there is something funny up front that I think is a red herring.

    The tall windshield makes me guess a later Dataun Roadster.

    • David Mann

      1972 triumph TR6

  2. randy

    Whiskey Barrels? Old Vet?

  3. randy

    Forgot to subscribe!

  4. perry

    Based on fender humps and hint of bumper, im going with jag or cheetah. And I’m guessing the hood is off causing the sag.

  5. Don

    I was thinking an early AH Sprite

  6. Jim


  7. Blindmarc

    Xk1## without a hood

  8. charles hefner

    Austin Healey 3000 maybe?

  9. Rick

    Not much really to clear off, but only thing I can say is ‘convertible’

  10. Robin

    Alfa Romeo or Fiat

  11. guggie


  12. Steve

    I think we are looking at the back. TR 3

  13. zackman

    I’m thinking an MGA or possibly an Austin Healy 3000….

  14. Tom

    I think we are looking at the rear of the car. The cover indicates a dip at the door belt line making me think of an imported roadster! maybe there is a clue in the (back) bumper! The size of the things on top of the tarp indicate a small car.

  15. marc

    MGA from what few bumper overrider details and rear fender curve that I can see. Looks like the rear tail-lights location and shape.

  16. marc

    See the similarities?

    • jim s

      yes i think you are right. good eye.

    • Jim Simpson

      You nailed it Mark and Zackman it looks very much to me like an MGA as well.

    • Tim

      Nice, Marc. We have a winner, folks.

  17. Glen

    I think Marc has it figured out.

  18. ChipsBB

    Great, an MG-A looks correct, and I was about to add it might be a chopped roof Sabra.

  19. jim s

    ok more photos and the rest of the story please. thanks for sharing.

  20. Dave Wright

    Well……I know Forrest and have some unfair advantage but would like to see how this plays out.

  21. DRV

    The trunk is too low for the MGA. The hugely round rear fender and tall windshield and extended rear got me thinking.

  22. marc

    It’s not common but continental kits were available for the MGA maybe explaining the bump in the cover between the tail lights. I’m still on the MGA plan. Just think the spare is gone and the bracket is sticking up – plus the bumper seems to be sticking out a bit further.

  23. marc

    another view…

  24. DRV

    Can a Jupiter Jowett have a continental on it?

  25. marc

    I don’t think so – even if what we are seeing is not a continental kit, the stock license plate light sits pretty darn high on the rear of the MGA – enough to appear as it does in the photo under the cover.

  26. Ed P

    My guess would be a ’73 Studebaker Golden Hawk convertible!!

  27. Bobsmyuncle

    So I’m the only one that thinks we’re looking at the front of the car?

    • Barry

      I agree bob ,if that is the rear end , I wouldn’t want to drive pushing the air with the angle of that windsheild !

      • randy

        I have migrated to the school of, this is the front we are looking at, no idea the kind of car.

  28. Robert Adcoc

    Daimler Conquest Roadster

  29. mg Kent

    I agree with Steve, TR 3.

  30. Horse Radish

    Fiat Dino spider ?

    • Jim Simpson

      As utterly cool as Fiat Dino Spiders are that is not one…


    I’m still sticking with my original assessment of it as an MGA. That’s the body line and taillight shape….. that other thing sticking up, however, is not a continental kit. It sticks out too far… I’m thinking that is probably some sort of aftermarket bicycle rack….. a very European idea I do believe….

  32. steve baker

    the tarp seems to show the lip of the wheel well rolled, or perhaps fender trim. i’m still looking.

  33. mowogeditor

    MGA by the rear fender line and the posts sticking up at the corners of the windscreen and the straight front fender line

  34. John

    Could it be an MGA

  35. sunbeamdon

    Its a cut-down ’40 Ford! Want proof? It is in the barrels!

  36. Gary

    From the picture I would definitely say that is a rear shot and I agree with a few others on the MGA with a continental kit or rear plate bracket.

  37. Robert R. Member

    I too believe this is the rear of the car. The, what appears to be, upside-down ersuctions are present on MGAs. MGA.

  38. Alan (Michigan)

    You front end guys seem to be in the minority. And I’ll be joining the rear view crew. I think that the MGA guess is as good as any, so I’ll go along.
    What distracts the eye is the angle of the photograph. If it were more to the side, I think that the windshield tilt would be more obvious. I’m guessing that the car is wearing a tonneau cover over the cockpit, leading the “nose first” adherents to believe that they see the junk piled onto the hood. But that stuff does not look heavy, so it could easily be supported by the cover.

    How’s that for over-analysis?

    • Alan (Michigan)


      Copy/Paste to Paint, enlarge to 150%, and… Look! Is that a TAILPIPE protruding from under the blanket, just a bit to right of frame center in the photo? And the placement seems to be identical to the spot shown in Marc’s photos. Hmmm… Anyone still think this is a front end nearest the camera?

      I think I’ll even join the “Continental Tire Holder” proponents. Hehehehe

  39. Deborah K.

    Something with a roll bar?

  40. John C Cargill


  41. David

    Looks like an MGA roadster. The bumper guard is MGA and the pins sticking up at the windscreen end is MGA.

  42. DRV

    Tr3s don’t have a rear bumper and the MGAs overrides don’t look like that. I know this rear end….I just can’t remember her name….

  43. DRV

    Even though the tailights of the MGA should be bumping up more and the overrides might be bent down a little , my money is on the MG through default. To good of a match with the empty continental kit.
    With the empty whiskey barrels it’s no wonder it sits.

  44. Ian Evans


  45. Bobsmyuncle

    I’m not buying the continental kit. For one there (obviously?) is no wheel which is fine but how does that explain the protrusion both upwards and outwards (toward the camera).

    The possible tailpipe is a good catch but again seems to protrude awfully far from the car and awfully close to the covered over rider to be plausible.

    I still think the apparent angle of the windshield evokes a front view but concede that the angle of the shot could be playing tricks on the eye.

  46. Bobsmyuncle

    Sticking with the front of the car vein, could the protrusion be a rally light and/or a badge bar?

  47. gunningbar

    The windshield says Austin Healey…. but the front not so much.. Jensen?

  48. Tim

    I’m troubled by that rear fender shape, and the length of the tail. Makes me think it’s either rear-engined, like a Karmann Ghia, or something older with a very swoopy back end like a 1950-ish Studebaker or Buick, or even older with separate fenders. The rear bumper is also a problem. It does not have a concave middle (top to bottom) like a Jag, double bar like so many 1930’s cars and the over-riders are a very subtle shape with their slight rearward lean at the top. Is that a badge on the top edge of that over-rider or just a reflection? Also, look at the flat top of the bumper disappearing round the body corner – is that an ‘s’ profile in the upper bead? That’s more reminiscent of 1940’s-50’s Americana than European isn’t it?

  49. Dolphin Member

    The bumper guard, tail pipe, and the pins at the ends of the windshield frame that secure the top frame are right for 1960-61 MGA 1600. I’ll go with that and asume that bulge at the middle of the rear bumper is the bracket for the continental tire kit, as mentioned already.

  50. Brian

    Looks like an MGA to me!

  51. pongo

    bug eye sprite

  52. Bobsmyuncle

    A conclusion would make this a lot more fun!

  53. Rev Rory

    Sorry Bob’s, I get it; I haven’t been back out there to finish the dig-it-out. Soon…
    I promise a happy ending.

    • Bobsmyuncle


      Maybe another hint first?

  54. Rev Rory

    Not a Spitfire. ;-)

  55. randy

    “Front or rear?”

  56. Alan (Michigan )

    Talk about a slow reveal!

    Two weeks is an eternity in Internet terms.

    So I’ll push the subject a bit. If it posts from my phone, saw this on the road Monday.

    Oooo… success! Getting better at this smartphone thing, lol.

  57. Rick


  58. Rev Rory

    Usually see those things headed east from here in August with a few Harleys aboard and a can of spray-on road grime in the trunk.
    Good guess.

    • SoCal Car Guy

      Rev Rory,

      Assuming you’re referring to Sturgis, along with the can of road grime they need their Hollywood-style glue-on ZZ Top beards and wash-off-in-a-week removable tats. You can’t be a wannabe bad-ass biker for a few days without tats a Duck Dynasty whiskers…

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