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When You’re In Europe And Want To Explore Barns…


So you want to go around Europe, or at least the UK, and see what barn finds you can turn up? Don’t like staying in those quaint little hotels? Here’s the answer–a classic camper that’s been off the road since around 2006 and is only showing 59,000 miles. It’s located in Bromley, Kent, UK and is up for sale here on eBay UK where bidding is up to 2,000 pounds (roughly $2,916). Thanks to fellow Barn Finds writer Jeff L for the tip!


This is a Holdsworth camper conversion on a 1983 Ford Transit van. Unlike the Westfalia conversions of Volkswagen vans, this one sends the entire roof straight up when camping, not just one end. While there are a “few small areas of festering,” as the advertisement says, as a whole the body looks pretty solid. Sure there are some dents, and I think a good polish would help the paint a lot. I think that might be a trailer hitch on the back as well, so perhaps you can tow your finds home!


One of the previous owners was apparently a big fan of Coca-Cola, and the entire interior is decorated appropriately. That’s a nice wide door to access the interior with as well. That step at the bottom is automatic and folds out properly.


You can see a small stove, sink and a bed. With stand-up room provided by the pop-up roof, this could actually be a comfortable place to spend some nights in between discovering that next find. The seller tells us that there is a two-berth bed in the roof, and the one down here is a single bed.


The driving compartment doesn’t look too bad either. The camper is fitted with a manual transmission with overdrive, although I’m not sure if it’s just a taller gear or the separate Laycock overdrive as fitted to other British vehicles. I’m guessing the seats would clean up at least somewhat after a good shampoo.


Here’s the engine that will be taking you around the countryside. It’s a 1993 cc four-cylinder, so I’m not sure if that towing idea will work out. That is the original tool kit on the left of the picture, though. I’d love to be the one taking my fantasy trip around the UK looking in barns for the little British cars I love so much. Anyone else want to go?


  1. Avatar photo Chebby

    These kind of sellers bug me, when they talk about all the easy little things the car needs, but they haven’t performed. If all it needs is a tune up, why don’t you do that? And if you don’t know how, or can’t be bothered, at least you could do the “light cleaning” required, anyone can do that. If you can’t even attempt to do the simplest things to make the car more appealing, it makes me question your assessment of its condition in the first place.

    That said, this is a neat rig, but since it’s more of a panel truck than a van I think the interior height would be too cramped without the top up. The sink and stove look to be at knee-height, so you either have to sit in your bed and cook, or stoop way over with the top popped. Cute factor aside, there are better camper setups out there.

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  2. Avatar photo James

    there is an older style one sits near me its been sitting up the side of a house for years and the boy wont part with it. hes one of the ” Im going to restore it” group of people.

    the 1993 cc four-cylinder engine that were fitted to these were surprisingly not to bad at towing but then the gearing on them did help. I personally would fit the later 2.5Di engine as its a straight fit and would make it better on fuel and give it a lot more torque

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  3. Avatar photo Lee

    Hey Mr. Knee High –Its called camping –its not a Prevost —Pretty neat looking rig /Lee

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  4. Avatar photo sheffield cortina centre

    this is ideal for a barn find tour, it will have the separate overdrive unit (working on 3rd & top).
    being a similar size to a family saloon & the pop-top keeping the height down there won’t be any places you can’t get too.
    an lpg conversion (its half the price of diesel & gasoline) would be better than fitting a diesel.
    parts are readily avl, simple to work on, as the best selling van in the uk for more years than I can remember you can’t really go wrong.

    the transit isn’t known as the backbone of Britain for nothing.

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  5. Avatar photo z1rider

    Were they still using a straight front axle in these second generation Transits?

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  6. Avatar photo Dougm

    Caravaning is the term thru the EU, would be a great 1-2 person rig and better umpff
    through the Alps and Dolomites than the VW I used a few years back, diesel is the better fuel for over there just don’t trust the petrol station pump labeling, give it the sniff test, know how I know that?

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  7. Avatar photo sheffield cortina centre

    yes even the mk3 lwb versions retained the front beam axle upto 91!

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  8. Avatar photo RickyM

    I live in Bromley but have never seen this around. Looks good. I like the unique interior too.

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