Which GTV6 For You?


Barn Finds reader Olaf E has uncovered three very different Alfa GTV6’s, all located in New York. The red 1982 limited edition Balocco on the left only has 44,000 miles but needs some work. It and the silver car are advertised here on craigslist in Queens. On the bright side, it’s said to have a solid body, and is going for $3,000 but that figure is negotiable. The silver car is a 1984 “Maratona” edition that runs and drives, but has 91,000 miles and some rust. It’s going for $2,500. Finally, the other red car is a 1984 that was running but isn’t now. It’s for sale here on craigslist in Staten Island. The interior, grille and headlights are sold, but the seller is willing to take $699 for the rest of the car. Which one of these three do you think is the best buy? And why do you think these cars so inexpensive compared to earlier GTV’s?


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  1. Peter

    This (un-commented-upon) post is simply against one of “Nature’s (Web) Laws”–to wit:

    This many CHEAP Alfa GTV6’s cannot go un-commented upon. Period!

    And you will all bear witness to this, on this very day, the 8thy of August, 2015.

    There–it is done.

    P.S.: I’m leaning toward the rust-free track *****. A possible race lineage (and did I mention the alleged “rust-freeness” of it?), and, well, need I say more?

    Oh, yes I need to: JAMIE: Thanks for posting!

  2. Bobsmyuncle

    “Was running but isn’t any more” LOL Yep much like every non running car in history!

  3. Bobsmyuncle

    Wow that silver Maratona is a beautiful car!

    A quick search revealed this amazing opportunity;


  4. Dolphin Member

    The first pair of featured cars are badged models that don’t differ underneath from regular models, and I see a lot of work needed there. If someone wants a really good GTV6, I think Bobsmyuncle showed why it would be better to buy a car that has been gone through properly even if it costs more than all 3 cars featured here put together, like the one he linked to on alfabb.com.

    That car is from 4 years ago but there should be others, and these cars are not appreciating, so prices should be stable or even less than they were 4 years ago. The reason for buying one of these should be for the driving and for the style. For what you get with a good GTV6 that’s been gone thrpough by a knowledgeable owner, they are relatively cheap.

  5. Tirefriar

    Dolphin is spot on. Almost any classic car is cheaper to buy in a restored condition than unrestored. I like the GTV6 but would pick an Alfetta GT just because of the Nord engine and overall general simplicity, especially when compared to GTV6. The Busso motor is a great engine when it runs right and it sounds just as exhilarating as the Nord DOHC but to rebuild it would cost twice as much even though you are getting only two more cylinders ;-). If someone here is looking for a GTV6, do yourself a favor and pick up a clean one for about $6k. There are running conditions that can be bought for less, but they will inevitably have one sort of problem or another, repairing which may just bring you back up to the price of a good one.

    BTW, the Maratona aero kits were available through the dealer for upgrading the look of a regular GTV6, although I really wouldn’t call it much of an upgrade when compared to the clean lines of a regular GTV6…

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