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White Hat Special: 1969 Dodge Charger

One of the sixties Dodge Charger packages that’s kind of a rarity is the White Hat Special, and while the name sounds pretty cool, in reality, it was little more than a seasonal offering where a buyer could group together a few options and receive a discount on the combo.  But they are a bit uncommon, and I’m not even thinking the last one I ran across back in December billed as a WHS by the seller was indeed such an offering, as it lacked code A41 on the fender tag.  Some good news here though, as this 1969 Dodge Charger here on eBay does fit the mold as a genuine White Hat Special example, and if you’re in the market for a B-Body project this one may be worth checking out.  The car is located in Simi Valley, California, and it’s going to take more than the current bid of $18,000 for the seller to turn it loose as the reserve has not yet been reached.

While we don’t really get any history about the Charger’s previous days, there is a fender tag present with a very clear photo showing all of the codes, including the A41 already mentioned above.  We also get confirmation that the body numbers match as they’re supposed to, although there’s no title and the car will come with just a bill of sale.

About 70% of the R6 Red paint is estimated to be original, with the seller stating that there is absolutely no body filler anywhere on the car.  The Charger is described as being very solid, with the only rust limited to the valance below the rear bumper and some on the trunk floor.  Code V1W indicates that the car left the factory with a white vinyl top, but it’s now gone and it may be good that it was removed to help prohibit rust on the roof, of which there’s said not to be any.

Originally a 383, a 440 is now resting in its place, but there’s not any information provided about where it came from.  Some of the external parts appear to be missing, as do quite a few other items under the hood, but if the big block turns at least you’ve got a 440 to start with.  A 727 TorqueFlite is also in place, although it’s not hooked up plus there’s no driveshaft, but the underside does seem to be reasonably solid as the seller claims.

If the owner’s WYSIWYG words hold true, you’ll be getting a bare-bones interior, as most of the inside pieces have been removed and I’m guessing found their way into another car quite some time ago.  At least the carpet is missing too, and we get a good view of the floor which does seem to be mostly solid metal.  This one’s going to take some time and resources to get back on the road, but it seems like a decent starting point if you’ve got the skills.  What do you think?


  1. Avatar photo Howard A (retired) Member

    “The Dodge Rebellion wants YOU”! Oooo, my old man HATED that ad campaign, but he hated a “rebellion” of any kind. It’s why we didn’t get along. “Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends”,,People are the craziest people when it comes to this stuff. The white vinyl top was the signature feature of the “White Hat” special. Get it? White hat? White top? Why would you boast it being one with that feature removed? I had a Charger similar to this, maybe a ’70, another one of the winter beaters I had, late 70’s. A guy owed me $500, so he gave me the Charger. It was a total POS, sorry, it drove, handled and stopped like a truck, and bamboozles me, the attraction.
    What do I think? If there was such an attraction, that person selling all the rusty Mopars , by rights, should be a millionaire, or an enterprising person would have scooped them up long ago. There isn’t, they aren’t, and it’s all a bunch of hype.

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    • Avatar photo Melton Mooney

      Too bad your b-body experience was not so good. With fresh bushings, shocks, and steering bits, I’ve found them to ride quite nicely even with heavy big blocks up front. Bigger wheels and modern performance tires will vastly improve the handling of these and any older car as well. I’ll never run a Goodrich T/A radial again, except maybe on my pickup. All my b-bodies have been 440 cars and as such had the 11″ drum brakes all around. In good condition those big 11″x 3″ fronts were pretty darn effective, although I never got much over 120mph.

      All that said, I don’t get the Charger craze either. All my cars either had birds or bees on them,

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  2. Avatar photo Joe

    I had the twin to this Charger in 1988 . There was one difference , mine had a 225 slant 6 with a 3 speed on the tree . I wish I had that Charger now .

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  3. Avatar photo Big Bear 🇺🇸

    Well here we go.. Another Mopar and big money.. I see the Max at $20,000.. it’s going take another $20,000 or more to make this right. It’s getting harder to find parts and the people my age are retiring from the parts business. The young ones don’t care. To me my generation is the last for knowledge and parts. Good luck to the next owner. 🇺🇸🐻🇺🇸

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  4. Avatar photo Bob

    My thinking is that this owner did not have much luck finding parts as well and is giving up. Good luck to the next owner.

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  5. Avatar photo Robert West

    You can tell this seller has been holding on to this for the right time to unload it. $18,000 and reserve still h
    as not been met. This guy is awful greedy. Asking that kind of money for a car with half a non running engine and ZERO interior installed.

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  6. Avatar photo MoparMike

    I bet it’ll exceed 30k in the final minutes. It’s solid and there’s still plenty of people resourceful enough to source the needed pieces.

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  7. Avatar photo DON

    Where do you people think getting parts for these is hard ?? Everything is available for these now, its just how deep your pockets are . This one is really solid, just by looking at the under hood shots and floor pans you can see its way better then most of the rusty “restorable” Chargers , Mustangs and Camaros that are usually shown on this site , and it still has its tags . Seeing what horribly rusted and picked over Muscle cars are going for, this one is probably a steal at this price.

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  8. Avatar photo Emel

    Where oh where….have the White Hats gone ?

    Inquiring Patriots want to know ! This White hat apparently went Rogue.

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  9. Avatar photo George Birth

    No title No Sale!!! Protect your investment, make the seller get a replacement title. If he can’t take your cash and leave. To easy to unload a stolen vehicle that way!!!
    Don’t get burned!!!If the seller is legit let him get you a clear title.

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    • Avatar photo DON

      A title may not be available anymore for this car. Not sure about CA. , but Connecticut no longer issues out titles for vehicles 25 years and older. A quick check by the DMV would tell you who owns the car .

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    • Avatar photo MoparMike

      No title no problem

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