Wide-Track 1969 Chevrolet C-10 Short Box

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Short-box Chevy pickups have been a main-stay in the collector car hobby for a long time. They have been restored and customized in every conceivable configuration and are still extremely popular. This truck is from 1969 and can be found here on eBay with a current bid of nearly $10,000. There isn’t a lot of information in the ad regarding the history of the truck, but it looks to be a pretty honest and un-restored example. It has obviously been driven and parts have been replaced, but it hasn’t been restored or customized, which is a benefit for the next owner. Located in King, North Carolina, the truck features new 295mm-wide tires on 10-inch wheels front and rear, which gives it a nice wide stance. Have a closer look at this one for yourself.

There is a short video in the ad where you can hear the Target Master 350 engine revving and idling. Other than the addition of headers, there isn’t any information regarding aftermarket accessories or transmission choice. The interior photo shows a column shifter, so I’m guessing the tranny is probably a Turbo 350 or 400.

The interior could certainly use some help. A new seat cover along with a good cleaning would probably do wonders. The rust in the bottom of the cab may indicate rust in the floors. If this is a big concern for the new owner, they’ll want to pull the sill plate and pull up the rubber flooring.

There is a bit of rust in the rocker panels and doors. Hopefully, the rust hasn’t totally eaten the underside of the cab. Overall, this looks like a fun project. It could certainly be driven as-is and worked on as needed. What do you think?

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  1. Mikeh

    Back in ’78, I bought a nicer 1970 C-10 for 800 bucks. Of course, a gallon of gas was 0.50/gallon. Makes me think in another ten years, I’ll have to stuff a backpack full of cash to go shopping and fill the gas tank.

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  2. Rw

    Doesn’t say if front drum or disc,if drums those big tires will eat bearings,tire drum and all can come off.

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    • C10 Dude

      Chevy didn’t start installing disc brakes in the front of their pickups until 1971. I have a 68 swb chassis that I swapped the whole front crossmember out of for one from a 1976 C10. Only about eight bolts. Makes it five lug, though, so I swapped the rear axle for one out of a 72 c10(coil spring). Several aftermarket companies make bolt on 5 and even 6 lug disc brake conversions, as well as conversion axles if desired. These are the fun trucks. I’ve had a few. Current one is a rust free turquoise c20 cab on fore mentioned swb chassis and currently an orange a stepside bed I got for $60 (!) power comes from a 1998 trans am LS1and auto trans. If (when) the auto dies, I plan a t56 swap.

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    • $where mouth is

      Uhmmm NO, that simply wouldnt/couldnt happen. To help enlighted: no different than the guys that put big 32s or 33s on theyre trucks; some even on rear wheel drive trucks (eyes rolling).
      The only instance where the steering might ‘eat shoulders’ is parallel parking, wouldnt be noticed much while rolling.
      The wheels do wonders for the stance in my opion, well done; wheel well done 😉

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  3. Cooter914 Cooter914Member

    Forget the bearings. If it doesn’t have power steering it’ll eat up shoulders like M&M’s. Lol. This looks like a pretty solid, honest old pickup. It would be a nice driver as is (tires not withstanding).

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  4. Joe Haska

    There is no doubt how popular these trucks are. That of course is a good thing and a bad thing depending on which side you are on. My first thought is 10 K for this is way too much, but if you look at the market it probably isn’t. I helped a friend find one. He wanted a turn key that was nice and he could do some things to improve it. In the search we discovered that nice driver quality C-10’s are about 30 K. Using that as a guide ,if you bought this for ten and put 20 in it, that would be about right. Popular trucks are not for bargain hunters or flippers.

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  5. MorleyMember

    Do not worry about the gas, this would be a great conversion to EV

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  6. Rw

    Has happened more than once, somebody doesn’t know how old school front drums are set up, only thing holding it together is spindle nut,outer bearing fails good luck.

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    • Aribert

      RW, I don’t disagree, but if an outer wheel bearing fails on a disc hub; the wheel, hub, rotor can also depart the car (presumed having a sliding brake caliper).

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  7. trav66

    Concerning the wheels, they are 10″ wide Chevy rally style not offset aftermarkets so there shouldn’t be any excess stress on the bearings. Offset wheels force the weight outside factory specs and are notorious for eating up bearings. Also, happily for the new owner, it does have P/S! $11k – 8hrs left.

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