Widebody Targa: 1977 Porsche 911

This 1977 Porsche 911 just oozes period cool, featuring an aftermarket widebody conversion and a sweet Recaro interior. It’s rare that you find old air-cooled models like this anymore that haven’t been restored back to perfection. I personally love cars that still sport their in-period modifications, as it shows how what may be priceless today was just another enthusiast car when it was new. The seller reports that it doesn’t run but that the engine still turns freely, and that it is a  genuine European-market example, which usually had some features that didn’t come standard on U.S. models. Find the 911 here on eBay for $26,000 with the option to make a best offer.

Oh man – this is just killer. Not only is it an aftermarket widebody conversion, but it sits on those sweet three-piece Gotti wheels that were all the rage when this 911 was new. Look at the dish on the rear wheels! That is a classic German tuner look, with the staggered wheels and fat fenders, not to mention a classic whale-tail rear spoiler. While the Targa models were rarely the most desirable, there’s no denying this one has tons more appeal if you’re like me and dig sports cars wearing period enhancements. Of course, in addition to the wheels and the widebody kit, the interior also features several upgrades, including aftermarket stereo equipment and the aforementioned Recaro seats with speakers in the headrests.

If you have followed the market for Recaro seats over the last few years, you have no doubt seen that prices have exploded as of late for seats in very good to mint condition. These Recaros were the granddaddy of Recaros, with the huge side bolsters, power controls on the inner-most thigh support, and headrests in the speakers. Covered in leather and seemingly in mint condition, these seats are as good as it gets for the seasoned Recaro collector. Of course, they look even better mounted inside an air-cooled Porsche, and whoever modified this Targa back in the day definitely wanted to source the best-of-the-best components for this Euro-spec 911. Check out the classic 80s car phone, too!

This 911 retains its European-market 3.0L engine, and while it doesn’t run, the seller confirms it spins freely by hand. The odometer shows just under 124,000 miles, which I see as a good thing – this 911 was being used before it was parked, and while air-cooled engines of this era generally all leak, the internals were quite stout and I’m sure it will run again with minimal sorting. The paint appears to be consistent from the fenders to the engine bay, and while it was undoubtedly painted as part of the widebody conversion, it does make you wonder if it at least kept its factory colors throughout the process. This seems like a great price for a sweet, vintage 911, especially if the seller accepts a lower offer.


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    There’s a good chance that it will take another 26K to clean up the car, fix the engine and put some decent paint on it. Nothing like trying to sell a car with two flat tires and an engine compartment that looks like it came out of a muddy lake.

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  2. D. Nieuwenhuis

    From the looks of the engine and the year, it should be a 3.0 Carrera. When in fact Eu market, it has 200hp and is worth quite some $. It don’t like the aftermarket parts however..

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  3. FireAxeGXP

    IT don’t??? Did IT send you this message thru secret alien code?

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    • D. Nieuwenhuis

      I don’t like, autocorrect.

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    • Steveo

      How dare you question his pronouns.

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  4. FireAxeGXP

    This car is AWESOME exactly as it sits. No it wont take anywhere near 26 gs to get it rolling again. Why ever paint it? Break out your tools, sort that engine, make sure the tires are up to having a blast and go have one.
    Never understood Porsche purists. The Krauts made some really dog-ass ugly cars in the day but the 911 isn’t one of them. These never looked better than fitted like this! Ever 911 should have a whale tail spoiler from factory. Otherwise the tail end looks like a flaccid p*n*s and nobody wants to see that.

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    • bobhess bobhess Member

      If the new owner does all of his own work I agree with your numbers. Turbo look looks good on the Targa but good paint makes it look even better. Either way it’s fun on wheels.

    • Harold Daniels

      I’d grab some of that rust converter, and just treat the car, after making sure it’s solid. Then I’d WRAP it, just to piss the purist’s off lol.

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  5. Montana Channing

    Ah but purist or no, none of you have mentioned the rust. This one has it showing on the hood which means the pan is Swiss Cheese. Mine was that way at 50k.

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  6. Squigly

    It needs a bug engine like that other P Car. Start a trend. Be trendie. I hear that is all the rage with the younger generations.

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  7. douglas hunt

    I got to say, back in the day when I was a young man dreaming of these cars, and checking all the tuner cars in the car mags, these seats were always amazing, they do look so good to me, as I am stuck in the 80’s lol.
    would luv to be able to resurrect this one for sure

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