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Wife Says SELL! 1979 Chevrolet Malibu Custom


This guy has one unbelievably understanding wife. Believe it or not, he bought this for her and.. well, you know the rest. This is a 1979 Chevrolet Malibu Custom Wagon and it’s on eBay with a current bid of.. er.. uh.. crickets.. well, there are no bidders yet at the opening price of $3,000, but you knew that already. This wonder wagon is in Paris, Tennessee.


GA! Ok, this is not a vehicle that Chevrolet in all their wisdom and grace ever offered to the general public, thankfully. This car is a custom-made wagon, or panel delivery, or hearse, or any number of descriptions, I guess. Actually, the builder of this car put a lot of work and money into it and I don’t mean to disregard or make fun of that amount of work and money that went into building this car. It has a super cool tilt front end to access the 350 V8 under there. The reason for selling?: “as you guys know when the wife WANTS IT and GETS TIRED OF IT it gotta go I like eating and she is a good cook.” Ok, um.. next slide..


It seems like it was so close to being a cool car, so close. But, something just didn’t quite click, scale-wise. From the rear it looks like a nice, custom Malibu wagon, so as long as you’re ahead of everyone else, no worries! The seller says that they have won after entering it in several car shows so that’s cool. I’m sure that it looks great in person. Again, I’m more kidding than not, there was an incredible amount of talent, work, and money that went into this build.


GAA! Kidding again, the interior doesn’t look bad, but you’ll want to at least finish it to the degree that the exterior has been. That includes having the seats upholstered and cleaning up the details, the many, many, many details that weren’t finished on the interior. There is so much potential to make the interior shine, how would you redo this one?


Now we’re talkin’! This is Chevy’s 350 V8 and there’s an automatic transmission and AC there to make this a no-brainer, as far as driving goes. There is no mention of what year this 350 is and Chevy only offered a 305 for a V8 option in the 1979 Malibu so that isn’t it. It does look good under that custom tilt front end. Could any of you see yourself driving this custom Malibu? Or, maybe a more important question would be: could you see your wife driving it?


  1. Howard A Member

    ( whispering,,, truth be known, she never cared for it from the get-go). I guess “Gaa” pretty much describes it without being rude, it is a neat custom. I hope they find someone with the same tastes. Gonna be a tough sell.

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  2. duke

    SELL?—-i’d give this away—

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  3. Paul R

    Good Lord! LOL!

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  4. geebee

    Sometimes, the idea of something is better than the reality…..sadly, this was never even a good idea.

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  5. Coventrycat

    Yeah, I can see why she wants it gone.

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  6. boxdin

    Malibu deliveries can be cool, but not w stude fenders and that tilt front end from the Tenn guy who turns impalas into “cool” trucks.

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    • Mepo

      I like your’s, it looks super cool. Nice job.

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    • CapNemo

      I like this! Clean looking.

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    • Tim Adkins

      looks great wish there where more pictures of this

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    • RichS

      Oh I would drive the crap outta that! Just drop the front end down a little.

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  7. Ian Werner

    I agree with the wife!!! Get rid of it !!!

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  8. JW

    OMG awful, he’s lucky if she doesn’t get rid of him too, hope his off spring don’t look this bad.

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  9. Foxxy

    Is it just me,, or are those Studebaker quarters?? The front end might not look so bad if it had a real set of headlights, and put the fog lights down where they belong. to each his own.

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  10. gene

    Once again , another redneck engineering.
    From one point of view it is amazing, from another…dont drink and build custom cars. But I do hope that he gets most of the money back that he invested into this project of love.

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  11. Randall

    ugly ugly ugly.

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  12. Rock On

    The only way that this car won a trophy was when it rained and nobody else showed up!!!

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    • Alan (Michigan )

      Maybe there was a class for cars Herman Munster would like?

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      • Ck

        Herman Munster woulden’t be caught dead in this thing .His cars were true custom cars.Of all the cars built for a tv show or a movie the Munster Koach ,and Dragula are at the top of my list as being the absolute koolest.This Abomination of a Malibu wagon is so not kool

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    • Howard A Member

      Trophy for the most miles traveled. :)

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  13. jcs

    I was going to tell you guys to stop piling on, then I looked at the pictures again…how can I criticize people who are right?

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  14. S Ryan

    How much Bourbon comes with it?
    How much did it take to build?

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  15. Bear

    Lots of body work went into that!
    …makes me wonder how many pounds of bondo are there.

    & the guy who installed the headlights was definitely DRUNK!!
    LOL! :-)

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  16. troy Member

    I hope he has money to sell it, because you couldn’t pay me to take it!

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  17. erikj

    trophy was for first car to leave the show.

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  18. angliagt

    Another one of those ideas that seemed really great –

    ……after a 30 pack of beer.

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  19. PilotMike

    Wife could drive this to husbands funeral, with him in a casket in the back, and bury the whole thing.

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  20. Joe

    Looks like the 3rd graders got shop class instead of recess

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    • whippeteer

      Based on this, they really needed their naps!

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  21. Art M.

    The rear quarters do look like they are from a Stude. The build quality is horrific. My question is “WHY” ??

    I can usually appreciate all types of vehicles, but I feel this one is too overboard. I wish the seller luck, and he is going to need it. When you customize a car to your own taste, it can be difficult to find another with similar taste.

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  22. Rob

    My eyes!!!

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  23. terry

    Those lopsided headlights remind me of a girl I knew- uh, never mind.

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  24. Dovi65

    You know those ‘black bands’ they place across things to hide what might be offensive to some viewers? .. this … uhhh … ummm … needs such a band.
    While it is a clean, neat build .. there are far better uses for the creator’s talents than to make this. It should have been left on the drawing board

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  25. nessy

    Yes, it’s a turd but anytime a guy says the wife is making him sell something, that makes him sound like a henpecked wimp and you all know it too, period.

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  26. joeinthousandoaks

    Looks like something from that Ted Vernon South Beach Classics TV show. The seller should go down there and swap it for some other car.

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  27. Ralph Terhune

    I’m getting a headache just looking at this abomination! Kill it with fire!!!

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  28. whippeteer

    Restore back to original? ;-)

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  29. 70kingswood

    how many ugly sticks did that guy wear out creating that thing?

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  30. RJ

    Frankenstein’s monster indeed. Kill it with fire and bury it. Then burn and delete all photo existence of it.

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  31. rustylink

    It had a weird ugly charm until I saw the faux funny car front end, and then the charm faded.

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    • boxdin

      That front end was used in an Impala pickup truck conversion that used to be made by a fellow in Tenn. Kind of a stylish truck that could be built in a week or so. I always thought the front end was the least attractive part of it, it did have a high nature to the lights & grille. I can’t be the only one who remembers this Impala/truck???

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  32. Carvermatic

    The only way this car is worth $3000, is if there’s $2250 in glove compartment.

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  33. Andrew

    Well, if you see what they did to the Australian Ford XB Falcon, a part of here, a part of there…..and that’s how the Mad-Max car was born. It could have been a success in the same breath, but unfortunately, not the case here. Praise the guy for his hours and effort though.

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  34. Rustytech Member

    Wow this is ugly! Put some fur on ti and it would like like the dog car from the air freshener commercial.

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  35. Elmer Fudd

    Alcohol had to be involved because there is no excuse for that…

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  36. Kyle

    I would NEVER make my wife drive that!! Lol

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  37. Jeff

    That is one fugly car!

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  38. Truman L

    what a lot of work to ruin a neat car.

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  39. Ck

    It should be driven to the far end of the earth .and then pushed off.

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  40. Thatcarguy41

    Someone out there must love it, it’s marked as SOLD…

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  41. Philip

    That car has one redeeming quality…it isn’t mine..

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  42. taxijohn

    Looking at the vehicles in the background, I reckon the seller built this himself but doesn’t want to admit to it!!

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  43. Gary Chittenden

    There is a reason why builders draw or photoshop their ideas first. Would have saved a lot of time, work and probably booze. Having said that, the running gear and rear quarters should be woth a couple of bucks.

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