Wild ’70s Turbocharged Custom!

We’ve seen some wild finds over the years, but this might just be the craziest one yet! The seller clearly has an interest in oddball vehicles, just take a look at the cars in the background. They don’t offer much information about this one, but they do state that it’s powered by a turbocharged Corvair engine and that it starred in a movie! It’s definitely wild and unlike anything else we’ve ever seen. So, if you’ve been on the hunt for something unique to add to your collection, here’s your chance. You can find it here on Kijiji in Bradford, Ontario with a $5,000 (CAD?) asking price. Special thanks to CanuckCarGuy for this tip!

Initially, I thought it might be a modified Bradley GT, but upon closer inspection, this one is clearly a one-off. Whoever built it was clearly skilled with fiberglass. There are lots of intricate curves and lines here, plus getting something like this to look symmetrical is an art form. Of course, there are clear signs that it was handmade, just take a look at the underside of the engine cover here.

This is one of those mysteries that leaves you with so many questions. First off, why? Second, who built it? Third, why? Fourth, what movie did it make an appearance in? And lastly, why? If any of you remember seeing this in a movie, please let us know! I for one would love to see what it looked like when it was on the road. I’m sure without all that dust covering it, it is even more over the top! Speaking of over the top, just look at this button-tufted interior.

The engine looks to be a stock turbocharged Corvair six-cylinder. There’s no word on what year of Corvair it came out of, so it could have anywhere from 150 to 180 horsepower. It’s hard to say how much this thing weighs, but chances are it is lighter than the Corvair the engine came out of, so it should prove to be quite wild to drive. Honestly, I would want to inspect the entire car very closely, change a few things (like a fuel cell), and take out a large life insurance policy before pushing it too hard. At low speeds, I’m sure it would be safe enough to drive, but since it is a custom creation that’s been parked for who knows how long, it’s best to be safe than sorry.

I really can’t decide if this is the greatest oddball I’ve ever seen or the worst, but there is just something about it that makes me want it! Just think of all the looks and conversations this thing would create. And you’d be guaranteed a trophy at the Concours d’Lemons with this thing! So, what do you think of this creation? What are your favorite features? And what things would you want to change if it were yours?

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  1. MattR Member

    “Anyone, any sex, over 75 years old has been upped to 100 points.”

    I am going with 1975’s DEATH RACE 2000.


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    • RayT Member

      One of my favorite movies!

      I don’t remember anything but open-top cars in the “race,” but this one sure gives off the right vibe….

      And my first thought was: Dean Jeffries had something to do with this!

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  2. Mark

    Last time I saw a car in this configuration was a drawing done in crayon being held up by a magnet to a refrigerator door. The artist got a cookie.
    Lesson here folks….when working with resins, make sure your work area is well ventilated.

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  3. KEVIN

    I want!

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  4. Adam G

    Manta Mirage kit by the looks of it, and yes, a very similar one appeared in Death Race 2000

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  5. Jon

    Look at the other cars in the garage. Doesn’t look like this was the builders only weird project.

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  6. PaulG

    Usually I’d cue up “Too much time on my hands”
    However, I’ll go with “Crazy” with this one…

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  7. Frank Sumatra

    Possibly owned by a Canadian goalie before they wore head protection

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    • ACZ

      I don’t think so. That would mean that a Canadian goalie could stop a puck.

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  8. 19sixty5 Member

    The Corvair engine appears to be a 62-64,150 HP, based on being equipped with a generator rather than an alternator. “Interesting” car…

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  9. Mike

    Might have been on the custom show circuit just based on the interior.

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  10. Max

    The 2 cars in the background in pic 2 don’t look bad…

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  11. bobhess bobhess Member

    Isn’t there a salt water fish that looks like this thing?

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  12. Greywollfe

    Ageless head turner just the ride to go to the grocery store and make the trip fun . Really no need to go fast

  13. Robby C

    I think it started out as a Bradley GT…?

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  14. Karl

    When I first looked I saw Bradly GT but I think your more accurate with the Manta. Talk about a front end only a mother could love? Not for me!

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  15. John Nimmo

    It looks like a highly modified Manta Montage.

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  16. gerardfrederick

    Good Lord, isn´t it amazing how many people are out there who have tons of money and absolutely no taste? This thing is so ugly, it should be prohibited, it is pure sight pollution.

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  17. Jasper

    Looks straight out of the 1975 Matchbox Superfast range! Things must’ve been getting pretty weird at Lesney about that time.

    I’m curious about the bathtubby looking white car in the background. It looks vaguely familiar…like something I’ve seen or read about.

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  18. John

    I believe it was actually a submarine in its former life. I also believe that it would be most humane to drop it back into the ocean — preferably someplace deep.

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  19. Gerald

    I kinda like it. Looks like it would be hard-as-hell to get out of though. I REALLY like the white bubble sitting next to it,,, will ya take payments? lol!

  20. Jaker76

    I sat in one kit car with similar seats and would let the guy that owed it even close the funky gull wing type doors!!! To say- ain’t no way that a vehicle like this should be street licensed is being nice!!!!

  21. Robby C

    I think I saw the white car in the background recently on a show. It was a VW prototype. One of a kind…

  22. steviealx Member

    front looks like stonehedge

  23. DayDreamBeliever Member

    There are a couple of other cars seen in the background I’d rather have…

    Of those listed, this one, but I’m not sure why….


  24. Dave

    It looks like someone crashed it into a dumpster.

  25. V8roller

    Great. I like it.
    Wonder how you get in and out… do you open the roof then climb over the sides?

  26. Jnb#7

    If it were mine, I would remove the boxy protrusion in the front center. With those fender contours it has a very Can-Am appeal.

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  27. Vince from DT

    Josh & Barnfinders– I found it!! The car was in the made for TV movie Condor 1986 along with a sibling sold from the same owner — read it on my site. -Vince from DT.

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    • MattR Member

      Hey nice work Vince! Sorry you had to suffer through that movie to figure it out. lol
      Nice write up too!

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