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Wild Ponies in Indiana


While being parked out in the elements isn’t the best thing for a car, some of the most interesting finds we see are simply parked along the road. Sure a barn full of cars is an incredible sight, but the lack of light, all the dirt and dust, and the confined spaces make it a challenge to take good photos. When Bob H sent us an email stating he had found several Mustangs, amongst other cars, parked alongside old highway SR 36 in Western Indiana, we were a little disappointed that he didn’t send us any photos of his find. We love to see the things our readers spot, so we emailed him to see if he had any photos. When he finally responded, we found these great photos he snapped of his sighting. We want to thank Bob for taking these great shots and for sharing them with us!



We wish we could stumble across sightings like this more often ourselves, perhaps we better start taking more old highways and back-roads when we travel. Taking the road less traveled can always be a fun new journey and as an added plus, you might just stumble on a great find like this! If you do, be sure to take some good photos and send them over to us! If you have seen these Mustangs yourself and have more information, please share.

P.S. If you want to get better photos of your discoveries, try to take photos in the morning, evening, or when it’s cloudy. Sometimes it’s impossible to take photos of a find you just stumbled upon at these optimal times, but that’s alright as long as you get some photos to document your find. Happy hunting!


  1. Don Andreina

    Good advice on photography. Another secret if you can position a vehicle; find a jetty or cliff facing an uninterrupted sunset, park the car side-on and wait for the sun to dip just below the horizon. You will have 5 – 10 minutes to take a slow shutter shot that will look like it came out of a brochure with no sun hotspots on the car body.

    Very nice find, Bob

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  2. geomechs geomechs Member

    I often drive my wife crazy when we’re driving down the road and I spot an old relic (or many of them) along the road. I have to stop and take a picture. If it happens to be inside an enclosure I install that zoom lens and carry on. Of course it doesn’t make it right… Or does it?

    Nice find!

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  3. Quinton

    I still havn’t got a reply back on my find so I guess you don’t want those cars/trucks to not find a good home and be crushed!

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  4. rick

    @don excellent advise.

    I would also add if you can have a gorgeous woman dress up in a bikini and heels and pose with the car during the photos, that can improve the quality of the photos as well.

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    • Don Andreina

      Yep Rick, that will make for a significantly better photo. Even better if she has Countach-era big hair.

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      • red bull 77

        A hairy countach??

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    • rancho bella

      I’ll pass on the “girl in the picture”………to distracting……….

      And, I find if there is no girl in the picture………I can buy more cars………no hounding

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  5. Cedric

    That 1970 is a beauty. I’m only 19 but man I wish I had the income to buy it and restore it.

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  6. scot

    ~ i prefer a gorgeous beauty partially clad but seductive, in a natural pose.
    the art of hunting vintage tin is rapidly evolving to a science.

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  7. David Reeves

    Love finds like these

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  8. Doug Edwards

    I want the log skidder. I have a 67 Mustang ragtop willing to trade.

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      I was kinda looking over that John Deere 400 Series engine myself.

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  9. Jim

    Just wanted to say in 2002 when I got married again, I had electrical problems, exhaust problems and brake problems on my 1966 Mustang rag top. I parked the car in the garage for almost 11 years. Since coming to this site you gentleman have gotten me motivated to get off my butt. It’s almost finished now. When it’s done I will post some pictures.

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    • Josh Staff

      That’s awesome Jim! We can’t wait to see your Mustang. When you get it done send us an email at mail@barnfinds.com and we will be sure to share them with everyone! We look forward to hearing from you. Good luck!

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