Will It Buff Out? 1985 Isuzu P’up Diesel

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Admittedly, no, it probably won’t. The hood might, but that’s about it. It might still be fixable, though, and it definitely has some value. It’s currently available here on craigslist for an asking price of $1,700 and… while repairing it would be an interesting challenge, it’s definitely not for the impatient or faint-of-heart. One really has to be a fan of the mini-truck scene to truly appreciate the possibilities here.

“What possiblities? It’s worth more in scrap than anything!” Well, not exactly. You see, the P’up was (generally speaking) the successor to the Chevrolet LUV (which was really just a badge-engineered first-gen Isuzu Faster) in America and, while both were known to the rest of the world as the Isuzu Faster, Bedford KB, and/or Isuzu KB, the second generation that this represents was a world-platform success for Isuzu. Eight different engines were available, two of which being the diesel (2.0 and 2.2 liter) and four different body configurations (including a cab-chassis for commercial bodies and a crew cab) could be had, depending upon where you hung your hat at that time.

There really aren’t many left in America anymore. Nice examples have recently sold for quite a bit more than the asking price here and, while the listing is light on details about this one, this particular sad case could become a miracle-restoration-story or, at the very least, a prime pile of “spares” for another. If you own a “less-collectible” truck like a Courier, B-series Mazda, or Chevy LUV, you know how few and far-between these truly are.

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  1. M.BalmerMember


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  2. JimmyJ


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  3. Howard A. Howard AMember

    More shredder material,,,

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  4. Big_FunMember

    Those clean cuts are from a “Jaws Of Life” device. I’m scouring the pictures for blood, because I see there is a blanket or cloth in the front seat. Hopefully someone was not injured…
    After careful consideration, more than likely a training vehicle for a fire department or police on using said device. Otherwise a macabre BF!

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    • Fred W

      Like you said, probably wrecked and used later for training. Just not enough damage to require cutting the occupant out of the truck. The roof looks too good to be a rollover.

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  5. ChebbyMember

    I’ve driven one, the diesel is gutless. Wonder if this was hit by a texting driver.

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    • Snuffy Smiff

      Many, many moons ago a girl I was dating at the time father bought a brand new one of these new. Nice silver color but a ‘stripper” model to the “T”. First time I drove it I thought it was a diesel-it was that slow! But it wasn’t-it was gas but it was the absolute slowest vehicle I’ve ever driven! I convinced the old guy to take it back and he did a couple times but he always returned with “they said that’s how it is”…. he barely ever drove it and last I heard he’d passed on. No idea whatever happened to the girl or the truck…

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  6. Vance

    Where is the imagination that BF readers are notorious for? It might be a low mileage drivetrain with four good hubcaps. Asking price is never selling price, this might be just what someone needs.

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    • Dave

      I get you! There are a lot of other countries where this ride would be hauling people or lumber…or people AND lumber!

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  7. TomMember

    I was going to go with “if you need a GC Grille and 4 good hubcaps!”

    Sometimes it is just good fun to look at pics like these! Normally I would complain about so few photos but these 2 pics really do tell the story!

    Call Dave K at “Bit__in Rides” to let him know of this one of a kind Chop Top!

    I love the windshield wipers still on the cut off glass !!

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  8. Sidney

    Looks a lot better then the 356

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  9. Mountainwoodie

    I was gonna look at it but then I read it has a bad battery….I’m out

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  10. Mark

    Was in rear end accident , bed crumpled so doors would not open I am guessing, so cut off roof to get out driver,

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  11. PDXBryan

    These were awesome little trucks. Maybe not fast but indestructible engines that got amazing mileage. My cousin has one with over 1/2 a million miles. He won’t sell it, says he wants to be buried in it.

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  12. UTJMAC

    I was about to buy it, but the AC probably needs charging, so I’m out.

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  13. Adam

    My parents bought one in 1986 and it was the gutless wonder. I could barely make it up a hill in that POS! IDK why anyone would ever want one of these???

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  14. Joe Isuzu

    These trucks have a following. But this one is too far gone. There are far better specimens still out there.

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    • Nevadahalfrack NevadahalfrackMember

      “The following” being someone with a tow chain for a climb on a 2% grade..

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  15. Nick G.

    I’m going to guess it was originally totaled with a hard hit to the rear that bent the frame rail. After that, it was used for training as the roof and pillars don’t look to be damaged from a collision.
    I’m all about keeping rare vehicles on the road but it’s going to need extensive frame repair, another bed (the few that haven’t rusted away are more likely short) and the roof welding back on. Finding a windshield would be even more scary.
    Maybe someone could make it a topless farm truck?

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  16. Duaney

    There is a dedicated Isuzu Pup and Chevy Luv diesel fan group, we absolutely love these little trucks. If this were closer, I’d be there in a flash to buy. The engine alone is worth $1000, transmission, $500. Factory AC worth $500. The truck looks to be a low mileage unit that suffered a terminal wreck, but the remaining parts are pure gold.

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  17. pwtiger

    A talented guy could make a camper out of it. From what I gather reading the comments the thing is lacking power, maybe put a turbo on it, that might get a heavy camper up the hill…

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    • Country Joe

      …….just to leave it parked in a puddle of coolant from a blown head gasket at the top of the hill. I’ll pass…….

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  18. David Ulrey

    Engine and maybe trans for a dedicated off road vehicle. Parts truck for ones still on the road but need love, NO pun intended. It seems a little high unless you just absolutely feel you need to have it for a donor for another project. Drop the price around 500 to give people more incentive to buy it as a whole or the seller should just part it out themselves.

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  19. Duaney

    Why off road? Most of the comments are from people who have never owned one, never driven one, have never known anyone who owned one. As a diesel owner, my Chevy Luv diesel has adequate performance at 7500 feet, keeps up fine with highway speeds. No, it won’t burn rubber.

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    • David Ulrey

      Duaney, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with them. I’m suggesting it as parts for a Luv or a Pup or an off road vehicle because many people build dedicated off road vehicles where they put huge tires on and re-gear them. Diesel swaps are incredibly popular for vehicles like that because of the many virtues of diesel engines.

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      • Duaney

        I misread your second sentence. There hasn’t been lots of activity with dedicated off road for these small trucks, there’s no aftermarket for changing gear ratio’s or chassis kits to raise them up.

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  20. Duaney

    Just for fun, went to E-Bay, looked up the SOLD Chevy Luv’s. 1-22 a ’78 sold for $5,900, 1-2 a ’79 sold for 8,012, 12-12 a ’79 sold for $10,000, 12-12 a ’78 sold for $7,500. None were diesels, usually the diesel sells for much more money.

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  21. KevinLee

    Oh yeah, that’ll buff right out. Here, hold my beer and I’ll show you.

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