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Wind In Your Hair: 1970 Mustang Convertible

Skibaron sends us this tip on a 1970 Mustang convertible, found here on ebay and available for the next 25 days in a buy-it-now situation with a price tag of $24,500. There is also the opportunity to make an offer, which the savvy sleuth might well do. If you hit a number that the seller finds appealing, you’ll go to McDonough, GA to collect your new sunny-day cruiser.

You’ll know it’s the right car when you see the brilliant blue paint over the sparkling blue interior. The factory wheels will also tip you off that this ain’t no Mopar, since they say, “Ford Motor Company.” Can anyone think of other such identification in script on a set of wheels? Please put your examples in the chat, and I hope they aren’t too obvious. Anyway, the lettering breaks up the monotony of these flat disks—somewhat. As for the place in Mustang lore, the 1969-70 “Mary Tyler Moore” Mustangs were the third iteration of the first generation, if you factor that from 1965-73 as-titled years. As such, they still had some of the early cues, like the three-panel tailights and the Mustang horse with tri-bar, now placed in the grille area. The interior has handsome high-backed bucket seats, but they little resemble those that began the first generation of pony cars. In short, if you buy this car, you have to be into it for its own sake, rather than loving it as a successor to the original, which came out on April 17th of 1964.

So if this is the car for you, what will suck up further of your money? The convertible top looks a bit distressed and was last replaced a couple of decades ago, but so what if you’re showing it? Leave the top down and don’t worry about a few wrinkles. The engine, apparently the original 302-cid V8 with 88K miles showing, has been rebuilt. One assumes that means that it runs reliably, and the seller does invite you to fly  in and drive home, but I’d wonder a bit about the hop-up factor in that work. Does it matter to you how a car with flat-top pistons and a Summit cam sounds? I’m personally not a fan of 1990s builds, which this sounds like it might be a party to, but I’m not going to judge. I would want to hear the car run before I plunked down this kind of cash, however.

The body is said to be solid, though with a renewed driver’s floor pan, I’d insist on an inspection on a lift to see whether other work’s been done, other work is needed, or there are areas of neglect that spiderweb out from that floor issue. The seller says no, but convertibles are porous, and if water got into the driver’s footwell, where else has it found its way? Having said that, the interior of the trunk looks good, and original, and underneath shots seem to suggest positive results. So what would keep you from buying this car? Perhaps the price, but if this number suits you, this seems like a well turned out Mustang ready for new hands on its steering wheel and new feet pushing on its pedals.


  1. Claudio

    Scary and wavy are my first taughts !
    I know its topless and a good looker but NO!
    Mustangs were rust buckets and being a convertible makes it better at rusting !
    Someone will but it and leran and loose

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    • Bick Banter

      You’ll want to check underneath very carefully, especially around the torque boxes. If you watch Uncle Tony’s Garage on YouTube, you will know these rust prolifically underneath. You do not want to be that rich, retired Tennessee old couple who gets ripped off on one of these!

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  2. Howie

    With the top down all the photos are low, but with the top up they have higher photos. Not the best photos to sell a car.

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  3. Mark

    Mostly original, the Marti Report mentions it was supposed to have a console. That short thing between the front seats is not a factory console which would have been full length and no cup holders. That is an aftermarket console.

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  4. Mark

    And yes on the hub caps. 68-69 Dodge Charger hubcaps say Dodge Division on them. And there were some AMC hubcaps that said American Motors Corporation in script on them. Even the popular Chevy rally wheel centers say Chevrolet Motor Division.

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  5. Beauwayne5000

    Georgia car means no salt on the roads – which saved it & far enough inland no Airborne sea salt.
    It’s nice enough-intake & engine update is mild enough to be ok.
    I’d swap it out for Sniper EFI & dial in economy.
    It’s a cruiser for summer drive ins hamburger stands & Theaters.
    Theft magnet tho – easiest anti theft device is to simply yank central distributor plug – size of key fob pops back on in seconds for when you park it at any grocery store mall etc.
    Notoriously easy to steal & brings top dollar to eager shady buyers.
    Avoid MANY states or it’ll be in next yrs home coming parade driven by local sheriff deputies who “acquired” it.
    Not super special it’s nice enough.

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  6. Jamie

    I have no idea what these have been bringing, but I think the price might be on the high side. Speaking as an old man who experienced a lot of muscle cars and pony cars back in the day, these cars weren’t that great when new, and are probably a lot worse 50 years later. I certainly wouldn’t want to be $24k into a plain Jane Mustang like this. And no, that console is not stock. Judging from the wear on the carpet, I’d guess that this car didn’t come with a console when new.

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    • Mark

      If you click on the ebay link and check the photos, the Marti Report says it did have a factory console. I’d say the past 50 years that the carpet has been replaced at least once

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