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Winged Beauty: 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air


It’s amazing how much the Bel Air changed from 1957 to 1959! The design went from having flat sides to having wings and fins. Don’t get me wrong, I like both designs in their own way, but it’s a bit hard to see how they are related. If you happen to be in the crowd that prefers the looks of the winged ’59, this one seems like a good start. The front floor pans have already been repaired and it runs and drives. It still needs a lot of work, but if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, you can find it here on eBay in Jonesboro, Georgia with a BIN of $5,500. So would you make this Bel Air beautiful again?


  1. Luke Fitzgerald

    Could you find a more amateur floor replacement? Saved, I guess

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  2. Car Guy

    Already sold. My father had a 59 Impala with factory A/C and power windows. When the car was off they still worked. More than once I discharged the battery by repeatedly running the windows up and down when the car was parked in the garage……

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  3. Mark S

    This is so cool I never used to like these but it’s funny how time will change you.the work on the floor pan is ok but I think it should have been welded. But if you don’t have a welder the way this has been done shows decent work and well sealed. This would be an awesome car to show up in on car night. This is a car I would like to own, so I hope the new owner will do a proper restoration.

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  4. JW

    I always liked the cat eye taillights of the 59 over the 60 model. My sister had a 60 that I just couldn’t get used to it’s design.

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  5. the gezzer

    I think Junior Johnson of NASCAR fame raced a 59 chev and it was told that he stated those wings actually made the car lift. Those guys had some real nerve back then.

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    • Tom Member

      Police had the same issue/complaint in high speed chases in these cars. Get going too fast and the rear of the car would float. Not cool….but cool !!

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  6. mat

    They priced this thing too low. I bet it sold fast!

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  7. Ken Nelson Member

    Just don’t let anyone sit on the tail fins! My Dad had one as a company car, and those batwings were weak! You could do major damage to them by plopping a heavy derriere on them too hard.

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  8. Tom Member

    The trim on this car is probably worth the selling price. very, very good deal at 5500. V on the hood indicates 283 V8 car. (V with crossed flags indicates 348) no emblem at all was a 6 cyl.. rear bumper is a 1 pc that was produced out of California or that part of the country. many were the 3 pc rear bumper meaning it had a left and right end cap on the straight center piece if build elsewhere in the country. At least that was true for the 59 El Camino.

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  9. John P


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  10. Clinton

    Seemed too cheap. I bet this shows up back on ebay from a Cleveland Ohio seller with Coys and air ride. Way2lo2 I think is the seller.

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    • Big Rob Member

      Guys name is Boris. He has a Facebook page called the Street Machinery Sunday Swaparama.

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  11. Jesper

    Olsen banden Denmark…

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  12. Rocko

    I would Love a ragtop with patinaed look. Way cool…

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  13. 68 custom

    make a seriously cool patina/ cruiser with a 348 and limpy stick shifted T-10. the cat eyes in the 59’s make them cooler than the 60’s with individual lights.

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  14. Ross

    I grew up largely in a ’59 4-door wagon version of this, also black, V8.
    Yes, of course, we all called it the batmobile.

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  15. Rustytech Member

    This was my first car. I loved it then, and I love it now. Too bad it sold before I even got to open the e-mail. I had a 327 300 hp from a later model Impala. It was a rocket. Had it up over 80 mph several times and never experienced any float.

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  16. Prowler

    I think it is amazing the physical difference between the 1957 to 1959 chevrolets
    What a total transformation year to year…the amount of detail and trim on the 58 impala is over the top.
    New cars now run 4 to 6 year cycles and in some cases even more before major changes are done…in that cycle maybe the headlights and tail lights are modified
    When you think about all the parts and pieces and part numbers to be entered into the system and then retraining line workers.
    And all that with no computers..they had to be almost retooling for the 59 right after the 58 was introduced to the public
    No wonder there was the occasional incorrect build

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  17. Ck

    My dad had a 59 4dooŕ it was the first car that I remember him driving me around in .He said that he bought a 57 chevy wagon ,had it for a week or so but my mom didn’t like it .He ended up bringing it back and trading it for the 59. I guess this 59 was a good deal at 5500.00 ,if thats what you want . I’d rather have a 57 chevy wagon myself.

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  18. Rustytech Member

    Prowler You can thank Chrysler for that. Their 1957 “forward look” designs sent GM onto a design tissy, and we got some amazing style cars from it. This being one of them, another was the 1959 Buicks.

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  19. Melvin Burwell

    Old Skool MC. The first car I came home from the hospital in. Born. Was a 59 Chevy Biscayne. We called it the Bat mobile. My parents sold it when I was 5. And bought a 69 Impala custom. Memories.

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