Wishful Thinking: 1967 Fiat Dino Coupe


The Fiat Dino Coupe and Spyder were essentially created to find a home for a Ferrari V6 that needed to be produced in sufficient quantities to be homologated for racing. I think the Bertone lines of the coupe are timeless and that it’s one of the prettiest cars to ever come out of Italy. Something about the crisp styling, especially from the rear 3/4 view, really speaks to me. This one looks to be in pretty nice shape and is somewhat surprisingly offered here on eBay with no reserve. As I type this, bidding is only up to $2,125, but I’m sure that will climb considerably (if not, I’m going to own it!) before the auction isover. The car is located in Berlin, Connecticut and I can’t imagine a more fun summer drive than to ferry this back home, eventually reaching the Blue Ridge Parkway. Ok, enough dreaming! The car looks really nice and benefits from a bare metal respray. In some of the pictures the door fit doesn’t look great but that may just be an optical illusion, and I had to look hard for it. Said to run “great” and with no outstanding issues, I have a feeling this little car will make someone very happy. Unfortunately, it’s probably not going to be me!


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  1. XYZOL

    OMG I would SO MUCH love to own one…

  2. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    And it’s up to $30,000. That escalated quickly :-) I predict someone will be very happy, and I’m 100% sure that someone won’t be me!

  3. redwagon

    i’m sorry but when i look at this body all i see is a mercury capri – you know, “the sexy european”.

    it may have a v6 ferrari under the hood but the body styling doesnt do much of anything for me.

  4. Sean Smith

    The car is offered by a small shop in CT. I have worked with them. Nice people I would trust anything they offer.

  5. David Frank David Member

    Styling was interesting in that era with some ideas that stuck and others that (happily?) were forgotten. Here’s a bit of trivia, from what early seventies car is this steering wheel, instrument cluster? Can you imagine sliding behind the wheel of this beauty? The car is currently going up for auction.

    • Jason

      Looks like a fancy watch.

      Maserati Boomerang

  6. bcavileer

    Bought one of these out of Washington state in 2009 for less than 15k. It was as nice and a better interior too. Amazing how market is resetting now.
    Wish we had hung on through the slump… oh well.

  7. Dolphin Member

    I agree with Jamie—one of the best coupe designs that Bertone ever did. It’s a small car that looks larger than it is, probably because of all the glass area in the ‘greenhouse’. Still, it was a fairly large car for a Fiat in the ’60s.

    No surprise that it’s bid up to over $30K quickly. It’s on the East coast but the underside shots show what looks like a completely intact and unrusty underside, with just a thin layer of undercoat that’s not hiding the solid metal underneath. A lot of Ebay sellers could learn something from this presentation in the photos. The problem for a lot of those sellers would be that their cars aren’t anywhere near as well preserved as this one.

    From what I heard the main problems with the Fiat Dinos are in the engine. This 2.0 liter engine is just too small to boot a 4-seater along as well as the car deserves. The later 2.4 Dinos got more displacement and are better. And these engines can be fragile if not cared for and if revved too high too long.

  8. rjc Member

    I also agree with you Jamie, I love these cars.
    Beautiful shape, great sporty interior!
    They look great in silver also.

  9. john


    hi all, the steering wheel dash is a acid trip from the 70’s, but take a look at the sale price…

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