Wishful Thinking: 1969 Dodge Coronet R/T HEMI


The photos of this 1969 Coronet R/T may have caught our attention, but the 426 Hemi option piqued our interest. That engine could put out an amazing 425 horses! The seller claims that it only has 55k miles on the clock and that it’s numbers matching. There isn’t much rust either, but something just doesn’t seem right. The car is located in New York and it’s listed for sale here on eBay.


Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the Hemi equipped Coronet came standard with double hood scoops in 1969? This may not be a huge issue, but this thing should have every original part still at this asking price. In fact, it had better have some gold bullion stashed in the trunk because $250k is just outrageous. According to Hagerty, one hundred grand should get you a perfect one of these. I know these are hard to find, but is there something I’m missing here guys?


  1. Jeff

    The shed, house and 50 acres go with it!

  2. Carl W. French

    A person can ask for ANY price when selling something. No one has to buy it. His problem. 4 pictures, send me YOUR phone number etc etc etc. Yah, no thanks :-)

  3. paul

    I never was a big fan of Mopar so I am not up on the values of these, hmm 250 g’s, lets see 2 Porsche GT3’s,or , Mercedes SLR,or, 3 ZO6’s. Hmmm.

    • stanley stalvey

      OMG, you are so funny. I love it.. hehe…

  4. Mike G

    Hood scoops came standard with the Hemi versions! Maybe someone swapped out a similar color standard hood for the scoops.

    • Robert J

      Yeah riight.

    • Jay

      you could get the standard hood with the HEMI car if you ordered it.

      • Trey

        That’s not true, Jay.

  5. Frankie

    A quarter mil will buy a lot of classic car a lot better looking than a Coronet of any year.

  6. Chris in WNC

    “bite it now” price is $250k and they don’t even pop the hood for a photo? get real…..

  7. rustylink

    Hmm, no engine pics, terrible quality of what pics are listed, outrageous price, questionable engine, year combo…this should be a quick sale!!

  8. Steve Donnelly

    Where are the pics of the interior and where are the original wheels. Hmmm!!!

  9. Thomas Spencer

    Mr Peter Ellsworth:
    Please post more pictures: under hood, under car, interior, trunk, etc. VIN would be nice, as well as photos of the trim tag(s), even a build sheet if you have one. Just sayin’….

  10. Blindmarc

    It as a “sport” hood on it, but you could special order anything back then. But with no engine pics, his price is about 200k above what anybody should pay.

  11. Palmer

    Hmmm $250K Or, buy 3 different Hemis that have sold on eBay recently for 80K and have 10 grand leftover. Document it and put it at no reserve, and watch the action.

    • stanley stalvey

      Good thinking. I like it..!

  12. dave

    this car is not a hemi car it either a 383 or 440 car hemi was a superbee

    • Chris

      I dont understand what your saying. The Hemi was most certainly available in the Coronet as well.

      This is a case of someone having Barretjacksonitis.

      • Skip Middleton

        certainly was available in an R/T, anyway. But, I agree, this is the wrong hood, among other things, for a hemi car.

  13. paul

    Did he bump his head??


      more like his wife hit him in the forehead with her favorite 2by4 and told him to get rid of that ugly green car for whatever price and this is what he came up with……

      Like 1
      • stanley stalvey

        Oh, you are so funny. Pow.!

        Like 1

        I think the owner of this has been huffing on the tail pipe. Where’s your pics and documentation and where did you come up with that outrageous price

  14. keith

    And all buyers get are some random shots of a dusty car to seal the deal, weird.

  15. Larry R

    Crappy pictures. original options missing. no engine pics. Seems legit

  16. Mike Behan

    He said “this ride is not for children” when in reality he should’ve said “the ride is not for anyone” since he’s asking a quarter of a million for a car and doesn’t provide any engine pics.

  17. geomechs geomechs Member

    A fool and his money are soon parted. For that asking price there should be a full color spread showing the highly detailed engine compartment, interior, undercarriage and everything else. As mentioned before, the hood is wrong for a Hemi. We need to see the wheels and the undercarriage.

  18. Troy

    There must be $200K in the glove box!

  19. Skip Middleton

    At that price, it should be fully restored, be a 4 spd car and come as a pair with a Challenger T/A!

  20. Lon Lofgren

    Dream on, Mopar boy! Stop being so lazy! When you’ve finished restoring it, and get LOTS of decent pictures, do some research, and price it realistically! It could be that you have something special, but you didn’t hit the lottery!

  21. Ken Corey

    There are not enough photos to tell much about this car…….but I suspect the interior is a mess based on what I can see through the driver’s side. The photo of the trunk shows some serious irregularity in the surface. This suggests that it has had some dolly work done on it. I live near the location. Once he does not sell it on e-bay I may give him a call and take a Mopar expert with me.

  22. Joe

    Never say never! The Hemi could be had in any Dodge vehicle. The hood is factory too.

  23. John

    Here is a prime example of some one pulling every one’s leg (IF) this legitimate we should all be showed what he has ‘top to bottom” front to back ” Game players are every where

  24. Billy

    Lets get real here – other recent sales on ebay include used ray bans and x-box games

  25. scot c

    ~ re-fxxx-ing-dick-ulous. as already said finished restorations of this car go for less……
    with complete documents and and a retirement fund.

  26. Splodinec

    I appreciate you guys at Barn Finds, but really, putting this up on your sight just encourages people like this. Remember, reality is always better than fantasy.

    • Barn Finds

      Good point. We don’t want to encourage over priced listings, but this car is such a rare example that it seemed worth mentioning. And who knows, maybe he just added an extra zero?

  27. Mbzgurl

    Hello there, (sent to ebay)
    Interesting script. It’s possible.
    Do you own the car and is the title in your name?
    How many owners?
    Do you have documents, reciepts, books, tools, etc.?
    Is the registration current? If not, why?
    How long has it been garaged? Is that a garage?
    When was the last time someone drove it?
    Does it start up and run now?
    What’s the VIN?
    Is there a registry for this model?

    Take one picture of the car with something dated; a newspaper, magazine, or anything that has the date printed on it, in the picture. Then email it to me.

  28. tony santos

    Maybe is a matter of wrong decimal points. Run the point two spaces to the left: $2,500.

    • Barn Finds

      You might be on to something Tony. We have run across many listings where the seller forgot a zero. Perhaps he added one? $25k would actually be about right for this rare Mopar. The seller does state that it was a special order, so that could explain the lack of hood scoops? Ah, wishful thinking…

  29. Dolphin Member

    I just got out my 1969 Dodge Coronet brochure and it does list the Hemi as being optional on the Coronet. But it also says under the “Performance” heading that the 426 Hemi engine comes with Ramcharger air induction. A bit further down the page the “Ramcharger Air Scoop Hood” is described as follows:
    “Engine fresh air induction system (Super Bee and R/T; standard with Hemi)”.

    So, if this car is a genuine Hemi-engined Coronet, it would have the Ramcharger air induction hood, as Mike G said, but it doesn’t. We get told in the listing about the transmission and the rear end but we don’t get told why the hood isn’t right and we don’t get a photo of the engine, which would have been simple to get, given the easy access to the front of the car. All that plus the insane price tells me that this eBay seller is not to be trusted. I think this is a scam listing on eBay.

  30. Richard V

    It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

  31. AMCFAN

    It is true I am NOT a Mopar fan but in defense to the seller he does offer to talk in person. You can get a better feel of anyone by talking to them in person. I watch ebay all the time. Through the years have seen some wild ads. Not everyone can make an ad or work the computer. Not using spell check makes many look like idiots too. Some back woods Americans try and write like they talk. It doesn’t mean they are out to scam anyone nor does the price they ask for something means someone is stupid. Frankly it means you are not going to steal it. So bottom feeders move on! This guy obviously knows what he has and is fishing for an offer. Be realistic. No one is going to bid the opening price. Sorry but no serious money will change hands unless the person who has the cash (and he will be smart enough….um because he has the jack) will see and deal in person. Maybe he has 5 other Hemi cars put away as well. Four pics are enough for me to see that because even with a whole library of pics you are going to still have to look at it in person. I say good luck to the seller. He has a rare car. Lucky him. Hopefully someone will step up and save it and enjoy it.

    • paul

      You make a good point. While Mopars are not me, so I wouldn’t know the correct value, he might as you say, may not be all that good with a computer or an ad etc.

    • stanley stalvey

      Good Reply. I like it.!

    • stanley stalvey

      So, ummm, how does spell check know which word you misspell.? I never use spell-check and do not need it either. How does anyone get thru school with never hearing of a Dictionary.?

  32. J. Pickett

    250 K, someone has been watching too many auctions on the speed channel. For one thing it is unrestored and secondly those things peaked a couple of years ago.

  33. Ben Burks

    $ 500.00 that’s it.

  34. Rick Rothermel

    For $250K he can drag this POS out of his garage and show it for what it really is. Probably too busy reading ten year old issues of Hot Rod and watching Barrett Jackson re-runs from 2008…

  35. Clint

    Obvious he doesn’t really “know” these cars…

    “Dana rears, Dana transmission.”


  36. George at AutoLinc

    I live near Conesus Lake. Just in case this guy misplaced a zero or two, I could check out the car for a buyer for a modest fee.

  37. Craig

    I have a 89 C4 vette early production for the year. Shortly after this car was built, Chevy cancelled the Gray Metallic color, swithched to a different gray. As a result only 290 +/- were in this color and 54 converts. So is my convert as rare as this RT? Not a chance, but I can fantasize just as well as this seller, and he is either fantasizing or dishonest. What do Hemi lovers want to see? Uhh they want to see the Hemi of course.

  38. Gnrdude

    just Plain NUTS, Some people think they have a Goldmine Sitting in the Garage just cause they Watched an Episode of Barret Jackson. This car if everything is there Still needs to totally restored if it’s everything they say it is 50K$ later you might have a Car worth 85-100K$

  39. Dan Robinette

    Yeah totally buy a restored car for way less…idiots…

  40. paul

    Well Jesse, this one wins the most responses.

  41. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    The seller just contacted us to let us know that the car is real and 100% original. We asked if the price was a mistake. No word yet…

  42. Kevin

    $250,000?? This is not a serious seller. Hope there’s a winning Powerball ticket in the glovebox.

  43. JASON


  44. Bob

    The R/T option came either with a 440 or a 426 Hemi. Either one is valuable. $250,000? only Barrett Jackson gets all the reckless/stupid 401k money, anyone looking at this find would be smarter and probably offer [much] less than $100K.

  45. Mark W

    Worst Ebay ad ever. I expect him to list in the description that he’s out of state, will ship it to you, freight paid and hearing impaired and can only use TTY operator to communicate.

    As others have said, I think thats the wrong hood for a Hemi option R/T, if it is a Hemi, its a transplant int a 440 car. 4 pics? can’t pull it out into the sunlight and pop the hood? No VIN? Two sentence description with no background? Run away

    Even if it were a real, original Hemi option car its only worth probably $150K fully restored. The Barrett Jackson Mopar-Madness ship sailed a few years ago.

  46. Dolphin Member

    Did not sell at a quarter mil.

    • Jesse

      Not surprising. Crazy thing is that this guy really thinks someone will pay it.

  47. Tricky ricky

    Yep this guy relisted the car after it didn’t sell at 250K, with an apology that it is NOT a Hemi, but a 440, …must have been too hard to pop the hood!!! Seems like hes looking at about 63 k now…still too much for the condition of the car!!

  48. Duffy Member

    Is New York State a legalized medical marijuana State. Get this guy off of it Doc.

  49. Larry K

    I don’t have a problem with you posting this ,it gets this sort of thing out in the open. I read all the comments so I can learn a few things.

  50. Carl W French

    Do you have any more pictures and information Larry? There are people here who are enthusiasts in every type of motor vehicle. It is fun to help others.

    Rusty British iron is my world

  51. stanley stalvey

    It would not be wise to trust factory assembly lines. At the end of a production run and the beginning of a new run they just throw whatever parts were left over at the cars. They figure all this stuff will wind up in a crusher anyway. Who’s the Idiot that thinks this car is worth a quarter million dollars.? Man Please.!

  52. Eric D.

    My Uncle Pete bought his ’68 Hemi Coronet R/T brand new in Newburgh N.Y., and then sold it 20 years later to Don Garlits Museum in Ocala Fl. in 1988/89. Completely unmolested original, with only 5,100 original miles on it, still on display there today. P.S. I actually got to ride in it a few times as a child when he first bought it. Quite exciting for me back then!

  53. Eric D.

    A little bit of history to my previous post of the ’68 Hemi Coronet R/T. Here is the sign the museum has in front of the car.

  54. Paul Nasby

    I believe he told his wife, or girl friend that he would sell the car so she could keep her minivan in the garage this winter, but he’s not taking a penny less than a 1/4 mil for it, so he’s got it up for sale with never having any intentions of selling it , trying to keep her happy, brilliant really !
    I went the other route , when my wife wanted me to sell my trans am , my formula , and my firebird so she could have the garage I kept the cars and got rid of her , turns out the cars are still going up in value , and she is dropping in value ! Signed Mr. Happy !

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