Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing -1968 Chevrolet C-10 with a Twist

Only this truck’s raised, cowl-induction hood suggests more than a hand-me-down beater in rattle-can white, and even the hood could be high-school swag… all show and no go. However this 1968 Chevrolet C-10’s hood is, well, necessary. More about that in a minute. Thanks to reader Nick T. who spotted this super-awesome Stepside located in Holbrook, Arizona with a listing here on Phoenix, Arizona craigslist.

Right, then. Here we have the 396 cid Mark IV big block… with a blower. Furthermore it has a 700R4 transmission, a four-speed automatic with overdrive, Vintage Air, power brakes, and power steering. The seller, “Monty,” clearly spent his money under the hood, creating a truck he could drive every day in Arizona without attracting much attention… unless he decided to turn that tailgating Tundra into a spec in his rear view mirror.

Clearly the 15? inch tires are no match for the blown big block. I can’t get away from how laid-back this truck looks. Trivia for the day:  we often use “blower” as short-hand for “Supercharger,” but the Roots Blower Company chose the word “Blower,” the original and correct name for a twin-impeller device that moves air. Engine blowers move air into the motor, making it possible to add more fuel, causing a more powerful explosion, and effectively imbuing the engine with magic super-powers. My daily driver for years, a modified blown L67 Buick Regal, looked completely stock, and I used fishing line to remove the word “SUPERCHARGED” from the trunk lid. The drivers of various Mustangs, Hondas, and at least one Corvette will not be telling stories about my Buick anytime soon.

You have to respect someone who invests in Vintage Air but eschews the $10 brake pedal cover. Let’s hope at least the truck’s brakes are at least well-adjusted and maybe converted to discs, though I wouldn’t bank on it. Nearly every motor-head pauses while flipping through a paper or online catalog wondering what that winds of change a supercharger kit would blow across their ride, but my hat’s off to Monty who “went for it” and (apparently) made it work. Some engineering gymnastics might get the stock hood to close, for the lights-out Sleeper effect. What do you think of this mellow-looking pickup with the mechanical punch?


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  1. Rock On

    Walk softly and carry a big stick. Good philosophy. Never gets old.

  2. Steve R

    It looks like a swapmeet special. There is a lot of oil coming from the breathers, the short block may have seen better days. There is a good chance the next owner will be buying someone else’s problems.

    Steve R

  3. gaspumpchas

    Dam sam that’s sweet. Ultimate sleeper. Good luck. Toast em at the stoplights.

  4. erikj

    just a few years ago i sold my 68 corvette that i bought with a 454,and that same low slung blower. (my 454 had a B&M unit) 4 spd and 4:11. It was so scary that i pulled the 454 and put a mild 350 in. At the same time i got a 73 step side gmc 2wd with a 454, a big rearend with factory opt.#2 4:11 posi. T-400 all on a 1/2 ton frame(all factory per the inner fender option list). I never got a chance to do it , but i really wanted to put the blower motor in that truck. This 68 reminds me of that truck i had. The blower was tame unless you put the hammer down. Very streetable.

  5. stillrunners LAWRENCE Member

    In the old days….the early 70’s…one of the supervisors ran a like short step side with a little built 350 and 4 speed with posi….he put a nice steel plate the size of the bed over the factory wood….and then a nice factory looking wood bed over that steel plate….not many every figured out why that truck hooked up so good….and why he took a lot of money….

  6. George

    I wish I could go get this truck!!

  7. Classic Steel

    It seems a little wore for the 15k price. I am not a fan of the hood as if I wanted a sleeper which by definition is to look stock but be running high ponies then hence the hood is a problem.

    Sorry Monte you looking at a 10K max price on the vehicle. If I was buying I would say keep the blower showing oil leaks and the hood….

    Good Luck on the sale!

  8. geomechs geomechs Member

    Nice truck! The 396 is a good touch but the blower is a definite overkill. If it came my way, it would be reverted back to a warmed up 396 with a simple Quadrajet. I don’t care for headers so I’d try to source out some decent cast iron manifolds which would flow plenty of exhaust to accomodate my lead foot. Add to that: I wouldn’t have to be rushed to Emergency to treat burns to my face and arms every time I open the hood (exaggeration I know but I’m sure you get my point). The 700 R4 is overrated. Don’t get me wrong; it’s a good transmission but the gains in fuel economy would be miniscule. For this a TH400 is all the transmission I’d need, and it will take one helluva lot of abuse. And, yes, the hood could go to someone else’s place. I’d find another (stock) one….

  9. Troy s

    Farm Truck, without the camper shell. I guess the 700R automatic can handle all that torque of a blown big block chevy, right?
    Interesting truck, has a nasty vibe about it, but I just wonder how squirrelly this thing could get in the wrong hands.🐒

  10. Bob

    I have a couple of Chevy big block trucks, and even though they provide lots of performance, I could have even more fun with a blower. I love the fact that the seller left the body plain. You can catch a ton of fish that way.
    We put a blower on my son’s Toyota Xrunner (I think that is the model, but it has the body skirts with the front air dam), and potential fish always smell a rat.
    I also have a turbo Regal, and the only reason I mention it, is because there is nothing like a blower for an exciting bottom end, and to my mind, as good as a turbo is for performance, they just don’t give you that immediate punch.
    $15,000 would be too rich for me, but whoever buys the truck is going either wrap it around a pole or have a lot of fun with it.

  11. 86 Vette Convertible

    What, no horn! That lets me out. Too many drivers in the way that would need a nudge in some situations. Either that or a big heavy steel front bumper. ;-)


    The reason for the tsll hood is to clear blower and allow an air filter capable of not restricting sor flow into blower. Stock hood would not work, unless you cut a hole in it. Then still lose sleeper look. Come on guys its not that hard to figure out, blower tall air filter= hood with scoop.

  13. chad

    Short step side, that yr? yeah,
    2 20 inch racing stripes over hood/roof 1 inch apart!
    It IS the SS any? right (look on grill)

    the rest, meh.
    esp. the hood – jerk it.

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