Won’t Last! $3,000 1964 Volvo 1800S

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Most of the “early” Volvo 1800s seem to have rusted away (it didn’t help that the first 6,000 bodies were manufactured by Jensen in the UK) but this 1964 model (after body production transferred to a Volvo plant) looks relatively solid in the pictures. It’s listed for sale here on eBay and is located in Walsenburg, Colorado. Best of all, the buy it now price is only $3,000!

One thing interesting about this picture is that the seller does mention there’s a lot of rust around the jack points yet the car is on jack stands in the front. I’m guessing the stands aren’t on the jack points — although where to jack an 1800 is apparently a point of contention! The seller tells us that it has been in storage like this for 15 years and that it ran when placed into storage.

I’ve been trying to decide whether ot not the patch at the top of the rear wheel well is exposed body filler or primer. What do you think? One of the nicest thing about these stylish Volvos is that they are well-supported by clubs and were produced for a long time with many parts being the same throughout the run. Lots of patch panels and even complete fenders are available.

One of the things the seller tells us is that the interior is very unoriginal. While that might be true, I’m fine with what it looks like, as well as the fact that the rear “seats” have been converted into a luggage area. I think that is the remnants of an F-500 air conditioning unit in the center and there’s even manuals for that system available here.

Here’s the 1800S engine, which is a 1778 cc (almost 1800!) four-cylinder with twin SU carburetors like many British sports cars of the period. The engine produced about 100 horsepower and ample torque for a car of this size. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t be setting any speed records but the car will get out of it’s own way. You can see parts of the air conditioning setup in this shot as well. Given the complete nature of the car, the way it’s been stored for the last 15 years and the presence of the air conditioning, I think it is a very worthy project. Do you agree?

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  1. poseurMember

    yes, these are beautiful cars & i’ve always appreciated their lovely shape.
    no idea what they are like to own or drive but i used to fantasize about swapping the aluminium 3.5 liter V8 i had sitting in a crate into one & terrorizing the streets.
    seems like a very reasonable purchase price

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  2. DRV

    Trust me, if the jack points are too rusty it is a major body undertaking. What’s great is it’s a ’64.

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  3. RoughDiamond

    Sold! Apparently someone was willing to take the risk knowing about the jack point issues.

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  4. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    Those gauges look to be from a later model 1800, ’70-’73. Shame they were replaced, as the nice chrome-bezeled units were way more attractive. That whole dash treatment is really a letdown.

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    • Justin Schmidt

      Rex, those aren’t the 1800E/ES instruments by Smiths. Those look generic, or possibly from the VDO Vision series.

      I bought a 1969 1800S a couple years ago, last year of the old body and interior, first year with the B20. Car was high mileage, but from California with minimal rust, only two small areas on the rocker the size of a business card. Floors, inner fenders, jack points were all immaculate.

      I paid just a couple hundred more than the asking price on this one, and I had it on the road in a couple months once I sorted out a brake and electrical issue. I put about 6,000 miles on it in the summer of 2018 alone.

      1800 prices are certainly on the rise, I’ve had offers at local car shows for four times what I paid for my car; “not for sale,” this is a keeper. I missed my chance to get into an affordable 911 15 years ago, so my 1800 is my forever car.

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  5. Mike Barra

    I once put a lift right through the chassis of a P1800 that came in for servicing at a shop I apprenticed at. Until now I’ve always felt rotten about it! Thanks for that info!

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