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Working Classic: 1967 Dodge D200 Crew Cab


We recently featured a vintage Ford crew cab pickup; if you didn’t like that one, maybe you’ll like this old Dodge better! It’s located in Pembina, North Dakota and is listed for sale here on eBay at no reserve with bidding currently under $1,000! Thanks to frequent finder Jim S. for this cool old find!


The crew cab for the Dodge looks a little more awkward than the Ford, especially in the B-pillar area. Obviously, given the low volumes of this type of truck at the time, it wasn’t worth designing a completely different door/window assembly for the four-doors. As far as this truck goes, it looks pretty solid, and the seller says most of the rust is in the rocker panels. That’s a pretty serious looking rear bumper, isn’t it?


I’m guessing the chain under the front is from towing the truck somewhere. I never quite understood the styling feature of the exaggerated headlights on these Dodges. I’m thinking as long as this truck could be made to run again (the seller tells us that it “ran when parked”, as if that really tells us much!) relatively easily this could be a great working classic.


It shouldn’t surprise you that there’s no luxury on the inside of this truck! Plain but not bad looking, although I think the seat would benefit from a $20 seat cover from your FLAPS (Friendly Local Auto Parts Store). According to the data plate on the truck, it has a four-speed transmission. I wonder what the history of this truck is–anyone know about who used yellow quad-cab mid-60’s Dodge trucks?


Under the hood we find a 318 “poly” motor according to the seller. They also point out that it has a limited slip rear end. Looking at the orangish paint under here, I’m wondering if the truck could have belonged to a school system? I’d love to see this truck being used again for what it was intended for; would you like to be its new owner?



  1. Avatar photo MH

    Cool old truck. Kinda reminds me of the truck in the movie “Overboard”.

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    • Avatar photo Rick A. Loera Member

      Good memory. That’s what Kurt Russell drove in Overboard give or take a model year.

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  2. Avatar photo Dave Wright

    Somebody’s old company truck. They were the most common crew cabs of there era, I don’t know what you are calling the B pillar but they were designed so the doors were interchangeable front to rear. It simplified manufactur and parts. My old buddy and Chemistry teacher in Highschool Pete Weitz bought a new 68 power waggon like this. I drove it a lot. In those years you could still not get power steering on a 4X4, or at least a Dodge. One night coming back from hunting, he probably fell asleep and hit a ditch hard, the steering wheel broke both his thumbs. He ran it down a mountian side another time and was injured but survived because of the toughness of the old girl. That did the truck in.

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  3. Avatar photo JW

    Get it running / stopping and use it as is for a parts hauler and hunting vehicle.

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  4. Avatar photo grant

    Hmmm. Would make a good beater tow rig.

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  5. Avatar photo geomechs Member

    These are getting more popular all the time. I’d be tempted to pick it up just to be different from the rest. Worthwhile to restore it. And MH, I was thinking Overboard too…

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  6. Avatar photo John H. in CT

    Interestingly if this were a car it would be a four door and most would make a face at it. As a truck, it’s looked at as cool. This is one heckuva big job to restore. When done it definitely would be cool, but likely a real pain to park when going out to do anything other than a car show. And did I mention the garage?

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  7. Avatar photo Lee Hartman

    Yellow crew cab, I’m thinking it’s an old Union Pacific Railroad truck. My Dad used to buy old railroad surplus trucks and work the crap out of them.

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  8. Avatar photo Hank

    The seller says it’s a 383, not a 318. This is a Canadian built truck per the plate and still located in Canada. I doubt it served with any US company. If you look at the side profile it’s clear the doors are not interchangeable.

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    • Avatar photo Jamie Staff

      Hank, the seller corrected it to a 318 further down the listing.

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      • Avatar photo Hank

        You’re right. My mistake.

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      • Avatar photo Jamie Staff

        No problem! And you were dead on about the doors. I wonder who uses yellow trucks in Canada…?

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    • Avatar photo Jim

      The 383 gas the distributor in the front pointing towards the passenger side. This is the poly 318

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  9. Avatar photo Terry

    The orange engine was a standard color in the 67d200 on the,La, 318 small block

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  10. Avatar photo skloon

    Alberta highways used yellow trucks back in the day

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  11. Avatar photo Trey

    That truck is a 66. 1967 had push button door handles not the fridge handles this one does.

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  12. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    IDK, if it was a Canadian truck, wouldn’t it be a Fargo? This probably belonged to a fire crew or rescue truck. http://olympicmountainrescue.org/history/OMRtruck_1_lg.jpg

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    • Avatar photo geomechs Member

      Hi Howard. Both Dodge and Fargo trucks were built in Canada. Fargo trucks were sold by Plymouth/Chrysler dealers in Canada. Dodge trucks were sold through typical Dodge dealers. (I might add that after DeSoto was canceled, Dodge dealers picked up Chrysler as well.) What’s going to be really confusing is that some Fargo trucks were assembled in Detroit because the Canadian assembly lines couldn’t handle the orders. There’s a small town just north of the border. Back in its heyday it had dealerships that sold just about anything you wanted for cars, trucks, or farm equipment. With Shelby and Cutbank being much further south (and a lot of cross- border marriages and estates) a lot of Canadian stuff migrated south into Montana. Fargo, Mercury and Canadian GMC trucks were commonplace, even as far south as Great Falls.

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  13. Avatar photo Bill

    Orange before it was yellow, Could easily have been Highways department. These trucks are getting insanely popular, generally with the Cummins conversion. It would be a good one to flip. Get it running and stopping and put a stereo in it. Kids love da Crew cabs.

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  14. Avatar photo Jim

    Bill, even us big kids like them, they make great tow rigs. We could get a late model truck cheaper but the old ones look cool.

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  15. Avatar photo Jim

    I’ll get a picture this spring and post it. In the pits ag the track. the crew and extended cab trucks are lined up like soldiers.

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  16. Avatar photo Bobsmyuncle

    Yep looks to have been orange previously and it looks to be in Manitoba.

    Cool truck just how it sits.

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