Working Turn Signals: 1966 Thunderbird 428

right front

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The craigslist ad only includes a couple of pictures and very little information on this fourth generation Thunderbird. It’s just enough information to make me wonder if this might be worth a look. Could this be a worthwhile project? The Thunderbird is a heavy car, over 2 tons, but that 345 horsepower 428 should still make it peppy. It was supposed to be capable of 9 second to 0 to 60 mph times. After owning this Bird for 30 years the owner is giving up on having the time and money to finish it. The interior is supposed to be nice and the engine has less than 500 miles on it. Even the sequential turn signals are supposed to work.


There are no pictures of the engine, interior, or much at all. What you can see looks complete. He’s asking $6,500. There are many questions. If it is rust free, the interior decent and the motor is free, what could it be worth? Why doesn’t the owner at least get it running? What other work does it need? How well was the engine rebuilt? Why did the owner stop driving it? Is it worth having a look? If it were mine, I would hope to get it running well and improve the brakes to begin, then improve the suspension and look for more ponies out of the 428. What would you do with this old Thunderbird?

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  1. Joe Nose

    Dunno but thank goodness it’s on the wrong coast otherwise i’d be tempted to call Dan and get more pictures.

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  2. pajones1972

    Same here, wrong coast.

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  3. Dan Skopp

    Where is this car??? Maybe I just missed its location!!!!

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  4. Rando

    There was one a few months ago in Wilmington NC looked very similar and it was only like $2000. I even checked the ad to see if this was it.

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  5. Kevin

    Is it just me or does the from fender/grille side profile in the first picture strike a strong resemblance to a Mustang? Never noticed that before.

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  6. Gary K

    Always liked this model Thunderbird, comfy car on the open road, would like more pictures, and more detail information. According to the ad car is in the Sacramento CL, but the phone number listed is a Reno, NV area code. Not unusual as lots of Reno area cars end up for sale here in Norcal.

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  7. Luke Fitzgerald

    Regular hardtop with a 7 litre – what’s not to like

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  8. Oddimotive Cason Oddimotive CasonMember

    It’s a shame there are no inteiror pics. T-Bird interiors of the period are amazing!

    What a great way to get style and big block torque for a bargain price…

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  9. Jeff V

    I learned to drive in a ’66 Tbird 390 owned by divorced moms bf. I think I gave him a few premature grey hairs in our fun-filled road tests. They do have power! This is tempting but to far from WI for me. My neighbor has a ’90 fox-body stang with a 331 stroker, roller, T5, new paint/tires, cobra goodies for the same price, hmmm lol ;)

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  10. stillrunners

    Had a 1966….ran okay…wasn’t really a bad car – hardest car to work on I ever had…and I was young back then !!!!!

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  11. Roselandpete

    Strange so few pix.

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  12. MG'zer

    Had a 64 back in 1980. W/a 390 pass almost anything but a gas station. Loved that car

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  13. Harold Wood

    I had a 65 same color blue, but black vinyl top I do’t see a bit of difference in it and this one on the outside. Had that steering wheel tha swung out when you opened the door had a consol that went front and back, bucket seat front and back, same sequential turn signals.

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