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Worn Out And Ugly: 1966 R-Code 427 Galaxie 500

1966 Ford Galaxie 427

At least the seller is honest. The interior is “worn out” and mostly original paint is “ugly”, but, and that is a big but, this is a R-code Galaxie! That means there is a high-performance 427 under the hood and enough power to light up the tires of this full-size at every single stoplight! The seller bought the car from the original owner’s estate after he passed away . It had been sitting for about 30 years and the current owner has had it for about 10. Now it’s listed here on eBay with only a day of bidding left. Thanks goes to Charles H for the tip!

Rough Interior

The seller wasn’t kidding about the interior. It’s trashed, but I barely make out a 4-speed poking out of the floor!

R-Code 427

And there’s the mighty 427. It has been rebuilt once and the seller claims that they have only put 1k miles on it since then. They have also added aftermarket disc brakes and teardrop hood, but luckily they still have the original parts.

Challengers View

This beast is probably a handful to drive, but I bet it’s a blast too. So, if it were yours would you restore it back to original or would you leave it alone and do some stoplight drag racing?


  1. sheffield cortina centre

    replace the stock hood & use as is!

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  2. bcavileer

    Great, if you like burning rubber. Otherwise crap car.

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  3. Barzini

    I’d replace the interior and good but otherwise leave it alone. Quite a find and refreshing candor from a seller.

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  4. James

    Would I!?! Hell I contacted him and offered to trade my mostly original paint 1941 Buick Super Coupe for it!!

    Some people might say I kinda have a thing for 66 galaxies…

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  5. JW

    Honest seller’s description and would make a fine cruise night car with a new interior while leaving paint as is.

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  6. DanaPointJohn

    True this is rare, but nearly $30K rare?

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  7. dave

    Here is mine from 1975. 1966 Galaxy 500 427 2 carb with a bench seat with 4 speed. Use to tear up Telegraph in Detroit in the 60s and 70s. Guy in Belleville MI near the Detroit Metro airport is restoring it.

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  8. Vince Habel

    The value is in the engine.

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    • Tom Member

      Yes, 30K rare, probably more. Restore it, make it right, you will get you money back. This is a bad ass car and I am a GM guy.

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  9. piper62j

    RollerD.. Nice car.

    This one on EBay is a keeper, but slightly out of my price range for what it needs to be brought back to decent shape.. I would slap a new urethane two stage paint job on it including the jambs and lid surrounds along with a repop interior (if available) and just enjoy taking it to car shows and drive-ins..

    Nice car, but priced too high IMHO

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    • randy

      I have seen 427 Galaxie convertibles like this go for over $125K

      This car is far from worn out, The seats have been well used though, that shows it was/is fun to drive, and a lot of “pucker” will wear out a seat!!

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  10. randy

    Will be worth way more than the 356 a few hours ago in a few short years. This is a fine example of a true Ford. Nothing wrong with the hood, I believe some Galaxies came with that hood from the factory. Disc brakes add to the value, no one would put drums back on one of these behemoths. My dream car.

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  11. Charles

    Restore her back to original specs! It’s a keeper.

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  12. Sukey

    Fix the mechanicals
    Replace the hood and interior
    Drive it and put to shame newer cars that pretend to be muscle cars

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  13. MountainMan

    Very rare, very fast, very cool, very sought after… therefore very valuable. The above comment about it being a “crap car” ? I would agree with Randy, far from being used up. I don’t know what its really worth but I’m curious to see where the bidding ends up. I’m sure its an absolute beast to drive and loads of fun. Personally I would put the stock hood back on, deal with the interior cosmetics and drive the hell out of it!

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  14. Howard A Member

    While I enjoy this site, I have to complain about the initial heading on some of the postings. It seems to start us off on the wrong foot. I agree with the others, this is far from worn out and ugly. I know this comment section is just that, but if people don’t know what a certain car is, please, keep your negative comments to yourself. ( ya’ sure) This is an “R” code ’66 Galaxie. I believe, the last year for the “R” code Galaxie’s ( although some ’67’s were made) as they went with the “7 litre” 428 in ’67. I think the “R” code switched to the Fairlane. I had a friend’s brother, when I was a kid, that bought a brand new ’64 “R” code Galaxy 500 XL, and to date ( 50 years later) remains the fastest, nicest ( stock) car I ever rode in ( ’68 Shelby 500 was next) Total production number’s are sketchy, but the fact is, very few of these were made, and the ones that were made were drag raced into the ground. Very, VERY cool car.
    * side note, and I’ll ask this on every comment I make, until I get an answer.( and I tried the “contact us” thing) Why do some of my comments come up, “waiting for moderation” when most others don’t. My comment on the IH panel was never “moderated”. Thanks.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      The ugly and worn out part in the title came from the seller’s description Howard.
      Also, first time comments are held for moderation in an attempt to cut back on spam. Until you have at least one comment approved under your username and email, it won’t allow any through. Hope that makes sense.

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      • Howard A Member

        Hi Jesse, thanks for the comeback. Um, not really. I’ve been here for months with many comments with “Howard A”, and some still get “WFM”. Is there something else I need to do?

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  15. Rocco

    Wish I had the time & money. But it is a little high in the shape it’s in.

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  16. DENIS

    would love to have it….had a 7LITRE and it was fun..always wanted a 427 car and I’m a GM guy…too much money for anyone but a Ford diehard..

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  17. 64 bonneville

    bidding ended @ $28,200 with reserve not met. The car is valuable, but not in this condition. 12 to 18K max.

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  18. randy

    The market sets the price, and some folks think it’s worth $28,000.00
    It’ll be back. The seller needs/wants to sell, he Is trying to squeeze every last penny out of this one. How you been ’64?

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  19. eagle

    Does anyone have this sellers phone number ?

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  20. 433jeff

    427 is special all day long, then the cammer, yea i know, after i get megabucks im going to get one of each, wait let me check these cushions….

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    Frames rusted badly on these.

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