Worth $27K? 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air-150-210

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No matter how you build, modify, or restore one, the ’55 Chevy is a classic that looks good just about any way you can think of. This sleek looking driver has a weathered appearance that holds some charm, as well as a 350 V8 that adds to its character. Despite its cool looks, would you pay the $27,500 asking price for this machine? Check it out here on eBay out of Laurens, South Carolina.

Inside we can see what appears to be an original condition dash and steering wheel with a small set of auxiliary gauges, and a stick shift. Well despite the lack of engine pictures, this Chevy is powered by a rebuilt 350 V8 backed up by a T10 manual transmission. The car is a driver, and the seller describes it as a blast to drive. Hopefully the car has power brakes, and some go fast goodies mated up to the engine.

The front bench is pretty tired and worn, and the floors look a little rough with some admitted rot in the front section of the floors. The jug of coolant and the new aluminum radiator hopefully mean that the old radiator was bad, and that the new radiator does not leak. Repair to the floors and a full interior restoration would be a welcomed addition to this ’55.

Definitely repainted, this Chevy shows a lot of surface rust. All of the trim and glass is accounted for, and the bumpers are new. The confusing thing about the paint is that there are areas where primer is evident and others where it is not. The paint on the driver side almost looks as if it were exposed to a chemical stripper. While the paint on the passenger side appears to be either forcefully distressed, or naturally distressed by the sun. Despite the wacky paint, the body actually is very straight and quite reasonable. The only concerns I can see is that the rear quarters may have some mild rot, and there is a possible round area of rust on the driver side near the door. While this is a cool looking driver, would you pony up the money for this $27,500 Chevy?

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  1. bobhess bobhessMember

    ’59/59 Steering wheel mounted up side down? Good starter car but no way worth the asking price.

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  2. NotSure

    The headline & the first pic were enough to make me keep scrolling without reading the owner’s thoughts on the car. EXCEPT that I just had to comment….. $27k? Oy….

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  3. CCFisher


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  4. Bowtie Brigade

    I’m holding a $35000.00 check from a Nigerian Prince that I’ll trade for it.

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  5. mainlymuscle

    no !

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  6. John M.


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    • Chris

      Only if there is 17500 in cash left in the glove box upon purchase other than that heck no.

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      • Dave

        This guy is cracked or on it.
        Piece of junk rust bucket.

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  7. HoA Howard AMember

    Sure, why not?

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  8. JohnD

    Does not appear to have been a v8 car originally (no emblems below tail lights). Trans would be good for a 62 vette, but no engine compartment pics? I would think the “2” at the start of the price should be a “1” . . .

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  9. Suttree

    Seller is suffering from BarrettJacksonitis.

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  10. PatrickM

    Car and house need a lot of attention. Someone was playing with is ’55 just to see if they could do stuff. “Okay, now it is time to sell it for a bundle.” Not to my way of thinking. Values on tri-5’s are increasing, again….just not this one.

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    • TimM

      I’ve said this before!! Real deal steal sells brand new bodies for about $10 grand!! You can get rolling frames from a couple different companies as well!!! Why spend
      $27,500 on something that you have to take apart clean up every nut and bolt and put back together when you can get new delivered to your front door!!!

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  11. Chris in Clover

    the house might be worth $27K, but not the car….

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    • GPMember

      I kind of would like to see the rest of the house. Looks interesting.

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    • Kman

      That’s what I was going to say but you beat me to it.

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  12. Mountainwoodie

    Must be owned by a Nigerian Prince.

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  13. Arthell64

    Noticed tri five prices have been down for a while. It’s way cheaper to buy a tri five already restored.

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  14. PaulG

    Not just no, Hell no!
    Honest honey, haven’t got a single call…

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  15. Patrick Farmer

    You will only get what someone is willing to pay for it. With my luck I would have to pay people to come look at it. And pay them again to make an offer.

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  16. Patrick Farmer

    I wonder if the brakes work because somebody’s butt done took a big chunk out of the seat.

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  17. Jamie

    I love seeing this! If this is worth $27,000.00, then I easily have a couple hundred grand worth of cars in the field!! Time to start hauling them out and selling I guess!
    Seriously though, I have (4) 55 Chevys. One restored, one in this kind of shape, 1 being turned into a gasser, and another getting the Run-er-like-ya-brung-er treatment. The restored car is 50k+ all day long, the one in similar shape to this one maybe 15k…hard maybe, and its road worthy. It’d be 20k just to get the body and paint done, then interior, bright work, etc., etc.
    Unless Elvis owned it and there’s a gold brick in the glove box it’ll stay in their possession for a while.
    Suttree hit the nail on the head with the BarrettJacksonitis

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  18. Mikey8

    Another Barrett jackson humorous entree. I don’t know where these people pick these numbers. Either pulling out of a hat or dart board. I like the car, doesn’t look bad but needs a lot. Maybe cut the price in Quarters or thirds.
    It’s sad that the auctions have done what they have to car prices.

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  19. D.Meister

    No way in any universe. I’ve got 500 in cash and 3 quarts of 12 year old moonshine if the seller is interested.

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  20. GPMember

    I’m sorry, But this cars paint or what’s left holds no charm in any way. What’s left of blue outside- red inside with a green seat is real bad. Should of used black and white pictures and then the dumb ass that pays 27000.00 would have a super surprise. 55’s are great, but come on.

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  21. Scott

    Dear GOD what fell on the owner of this car that caused them to think it is worth $27,000 ??? I have to say in its current condition it is NOT worth half that amount. I have said this before, Not everything that is old is a Gold Mine ! Barrett Jackson has ruined the Classic Market. Now every knucklehead with an older car thinks they have hit the Lottery.

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  22. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Would I pay $27K for this car – absolutely if it was someone else’s money! If on the other hand it was my money, no way in heck would I part with it for this car.

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  23. Jim Williams

    Not for 27.5K…

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  24. Retired Stig

    I have to agree with GP, the house has more potential than the car. I believe I have discovered the source of the, how should one say, “optimistic” pricing. The last picture on eBay shows the car parked at an establishment called the AM PM Bar and Grill. I suspect that visit effected the seller’s thinking.

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    • Bowtie Brigade

      Beer goggles!!!! That’s it!!! Why didn’t I see it???? Beer goggles have helped me to make a few questionable decisions in the past, but paying 27k for that …….. No.

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  25. Jamie Holmes

    One to many zeroes in the price

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  26. Chuck Foster Chuck F

    No way, I’ve got $300 plus gas towing it to Florida from Indiana in this one, the 56 Nomad that came with the package for $4500 I sold for $4200 on Ebay.

    Put this 55 on Ebay and it would maybe break $10 gs.

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    • Mountainwoodie

      The world has gone really nuts.

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    • Chuck Turner

      Point well taken. Thanks for the post.

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  27. Del

    Normally I would guess a real value but this one is silly.

    Maybe he meant 2700.00 ?

    But even that is to high.😎

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  28. g Wentzell

    ‘Wacky paint job’? WHAT paint job? Wacky price for sure! For that amount, why bother? Tri- Fives are a dime a dozen (sorry) and I can figure out more ways to spend 27K (I just priced a four year old Chevy-Holden SS for 30K!) I mean, source a correct – or better steering wheel, redo the floors and PAINT the car in the VERY least. A fool and his money and all that.

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  29. Patrick Elam

    Two zeros too much

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  30. TortMember

    Price is absolutely nuts. No problem asking on the high side because you can always come down but this is ridiculous. Add 5K more and you can come and get my fully restored 55 although it is a 150.

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  31. 38ChevyCoupeGuy

    Holy “American Gothic” batman…. Now maybe, just maybe if this car was in the painting, instead of 2 people, it would fetch a few dollars, but who knows. IMO, I think the sellers toolbox may be getting emptied out little by little on every testdrive when the driver door flies open, hence the need for the cash, not to mention remodeling the house.

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    • John Oliveri

      When someone gives me 54000.00 for my fully restored 73 Grand Prix, which is when He’ll freezes over is that car worth 27 grand

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  32. Philip B

    I clicked on Barn Finds, and must’ve gotten redirected to craigs list. April 1st is still 5 days away.

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  33. Nostromo

    In my youth, just six doors away from my home, there was a fellow who breathed new life into old Chevys such as the one profiled here. He’d be the only person I’d trust with bringing this somewhat aged shell back to its fresh-from-the-factory glory. Guess today we’d refer to him as The Chevy Whisperer. The man passed away about fifteen years ago and his four-bay garage hadn’t held a Chevrolet automobile since the mid-’90s but a slew of gorgeous, period correct mid-’50s Chevys passed through his hands over more than a quarter century.

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  34. Jack Quantrill

    Barn finds ain’t what they used to be! Any clunker that comes out, is nowadays overpriced. What fool would pay this asking price?

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  35. Arizona SleevieMember

    Now 2 1/2 years into whispering to my own ’57 Bel Air and coaxing more El Paso dust and rusty bits from the street side with the chassis staged ten feet away, the FIRST place I would hit the deck is for an up-close look-see at the metallic secrets.

    There below decks is where the real value of the car is +/- $5000 to $15000.

    This five-five might be worth $13500 in “new-era” pricing for being complete and fairly rare, but let’s see what’s what below the sheet metal.

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  36. the one


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  37. Krash

    …Only in that alternate universe where zip ties are $80 each and broken Timex watches are selling for @$1,100…

    Is it April 1st already….

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  38. Brian Scott

    26,000 if Nigerian currency perhaps. This guy is delusional.

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  39. Lance

    It’s that’patina’ thing again. Rust must be getting expensive to buy.

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  40. newfieldscarnut

    I said no , no , no …

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  41. 1st Gear

    Come on people ! ! ! That house behind this ’55 don’t look like it’s worth the asking price of the car – let alone the car itself. Lets just hope that W. C. Fields legendary statement is not true in this case.Don’t get me wrong,I love these ’55’s don’t at all appreciate`some scallywag who has visions of dollar bills dancing inside his head.

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  42. JHolt

    But “It’s so cool looking”,
    Umm, hate to break it to ya BuB,,
    Aint no way in he(( its worth what your askin…

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  43. r s

    I’d much sooner buy this for $10,000 less. Rust free, fresh paint, just needs interior… and I couldn’t care less that it’s a 4 door (though I know 4 doors aren’t worth as much).

    It’s on hemmings.

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  44. Grunt0331

    W O W …..I have to admit one thing…it “could” be a “fair to good” candidate for restoration, if you had unlimited funds…you were a 5-Star Mechanic with all the skills and equipment needed to do all the work (as in repair, weld, prep, paint, re-upholster, etc and were able to purchase the car for $2,750 (NOT $27,500)!

    This ’55, even if restored to “Saturday Night Car Cruising” and “Weekend Car Show” standards, would not fetch $27,500, and I doubt that the VIN Plate and /or Cowl Tag on a 6 cylinder Powerglide car would be of sufficient interest to command the big-bucks that the Seller is looking for.

    Although “NOT FOR SALE”, I would have a hard time selling my ’57 for his asking price.

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  45. Roger Carpenter

    I bought my rust-free Arizona 1955 210 for $4800 running and driveable and drove it home to Vermont. $27,000 for that hulk is a dreamers nightmare. I have less than that in my completely finished and modified with a new ZZ4 350, a Richmond 6 speed trans and a Strange rear axle and a California flame job.

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  46. Patrick Farmer

    Da daa duddy da Daa da Da “Tequila!!”

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