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Worth Fixing? 1968 Dodge Charger

Classic car enthusiasts are a special breed, and many will see the positive attributes in a bad situation. Take this 1968 Dodge Charger as an example. This is a car with so many problems that you could almost write a book about it. However, that hasn’t caused people to pass it by as a lost cause. In fact, the complete opposite is true. It has managed to attract an incredible 41 bids since it was listed for sale here on eBay. Located in El Paso, Texas, all of this action has pushed the price along to $7,777 in a No Reserve auction.

The person who decides to tackle this Bright Blue Charger as a project will need to have nerves of steel. If they possess this characteristic, it probably means that they have more steel than you will find in this classic. In its glory days, this would have been a stunning and desirable vehicle. It appears that as well as wearing Blue paint, the original owner ordered it with a white vinyl top and white bumblebee stripe. All of those features are a distant memory, as is the glass and most of the trim. There is rust in all of the places that we might expect from a Charger of this era. It has gotten its claws into the lower rear quarter panels, rear valance, rockers, and around the back window. There is also a heavy coating of surface corrosion, but all of these issues are only the beginning of the problems.

This poor Charger has been dealt a bad hand because the rust that we find below decks is extensive. It has claimed the floors, inner rockers, and some of the frame rails. These problems can be repaired, but it will take a lot of time and effort if the repairs are to be performed correctly. The key here will be to ensure that the car retains its structural integrity because the middle of an accident is not the time to discover a weakness that has gone undetected. Apart from a few steering components, the Charger has been stripped of all of its drivetrain. When it was shiny and new, it rolled off the production line fitted with a 383ci V8 and a 4-speed manual transmission. With 330hp at his disposal, the driver would’ve been able to launch the Charger through the ¼ mile in 14.7 seconds. Those days are a long way behind it, and the buyer will need to have a clear vision of what they are trying to achieve with this blank slate.

The Charger retains some of its interior trim, and this shows that it featured white vinyl upholstery and bucket seats. There are components like the seat frames and steering column that could be reused in any restoration project. However, from there, the buyer will have little with which to work. This looks like it will be a monster of a project, and it will not be cheap either.

I mentioned the number of bids submitted on this 1968 Charger, and reviewing its history reveals that there aren’t two people going blow-for-blow on this classic. There have been 11 people who want this vehicle badly enough that they’ve thrown their hat into the ring. Would you be willing to join the party, or has this Charger deteriorated beyond the point of no return?


  1. Avatar photo JACKinNWPA Member

    Somebody will fit the body over an old Crown Vic finish it up with repro parts, paint it orange and jump it at the next Dukes reunion.

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    • Avatar photo angliagt Member

      It’s a ’68 – wrong year.
      (I’m embarrassed scary to admit that I know that).

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  2. Avatar photo 8banger Member

    Good lord.

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  3. Avatar photo Moparman Member

    I love Mopars (obviously) but I cannot even begin to understand WHY some one would take on a project in this condition. The amount of money/time/materials/parts/etc. it would take to get this car back onto the road will surely exceed what it would cost to buy a RUNNING/DRIVING car a lot less further along the deterioration curve than this one! Best wishes to the winning bidder on this and Good Luck!

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  4. Avatar photo Steve R

    I can understand why the seller listed it on eBay. He’s a long time seller having dozens of his “finds” featured on this site, including the low mileage 68 Charger highlighted here last week. He probably figured he had nothing to lose, which looks to be proven correct. He started this auction at $700 with no reserve, he’s not responsible for potential buyers actions, but would be stupid not to let them throw their money at him.

    Steve R

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  5. Avatar photo B-Boy

    Send it to Mark Worman.

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  6. Avatar photo Jack W

    I’m sick. Sold the same thing in 5times better shape for less than 1k. With a running motor and tyranny. Frame was jacked. But to think people are throwing this kind of money at stuff like this now. I need to lay down.

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    • Avatar photo Jack W

      Oh jeez. I’m going to lay back down. Lemme go in the back yard and dig up some scrap. May be a rich man by morning.

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  7. Avatar photo Clement

    There’s nothing there to buy but a title and maybe a fender tag. 🤮

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  8. Avatar photo Dave

    Aw, c’mon…this would look nice parked next to what remains of that VW bus a few listings ago!

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  9. Avatar photo Jerry

    $7,700 for this? Twenty five years ago this was a excellent hobby to belong to. But watching the Mecham auctions and now this, I believe many people lost their minds. Ruined the hobby.

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    • Avatar photo Ramone

      Jerry, our hobby is still alive and well. These crazy offers on junk are nothing that any of us would consider bidding against. Yes, it inflates the cost of any real and viable project cars, but they are out there. Chargers are the worst offenders, in my opinion. There are others to pick from. Don’t give up.

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      • Avatar photo Steve R

        You are right, there are plenty of reasonably priced cars available for anyone that is willing to search out cars within their budget. The problem often comes when potential buyers are inflexible. Even in the early-1980’s right out of high school the SS454 Chevelle’s, early Z28’s, Shelby’s and Hemi and Six Pack cars were priced beyond what I could afford. Me and most of my friends figured out what we could afford and went after them, we settled for 383 Road Runners, 390 Mustang GT’s and small block SS Camaros. Later on as they became to expensive we would buy base model 60’s cars or later model performance cars. Some if my friends wouldn’t compromise, nor would they put in much effort either, those guys are still “looking” nearly 40 years later.

        Steve R

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  10. Avatar photo cold340t

    I paid $150 for one these H-code 4spd’s in 1984. It was Illegally towed away in the dark of night by the same Tow yard, Metro Auto (Formally Pinks) in Oakland. That I bought it from 2 yrs later. They saw new heads and other parts on it and wanted $1000.00 for it’s return to me. Didn’t have the money and let it go. It’s 1 of @212. Probably why so much interest.

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  11. Avatar photo Vance

    I’m with Jerry, I got my tetanus booster after the crumbling VW bus rusticle, and then you see this abomination. I’m thinking the legalization of weed goes hand in hand with the out of touch craziness of some people. I was born in 1963, and have owned many fine automobiles. I lived at a good time (I sound like my late father), with all the other problems in this world, I appreciate the past.

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  12. Avatar photo Arthur

    Somebody is going to need the AMD catalog and a professional shop for this one, and as much rust as this has, I’m thinking this is more of a restomod candidate as opposed to a standard restoration.

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  13. Avatar photo Dan

    If you could fit it in a time machine, it could be easily restored.

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  14. Avatar photo Gary Rhodes

    I LOVE 68 Chargers and have owned many, but WOW. Bury the poor thing and let her rest in piece

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  15. Avatar photo Martin M

    Someone’s beaten up, scavenged, picked clean parts car is not worth saving.

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  16. Avatar photo Allen L

    I don’t even think Freiburger and Finnigan would touch this pile.

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  17. Avatar photo gaspumpchas

    Looks like after it was wrecked and picked clean like a turkey carcass after thanksgiving, then into a swamp. wait for something better. This looks like an excercise in futility. Good luck and happy motoring.

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  18. Avatar photo rod glaser

    They built and jumped plenty of 68’s doing the Dukes saga.

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