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Worth Fixing? 1969 Dodge Charger RT/SE 440

Hope springs eternal. That would seem to be the case with this 1969 Dodge Charger RT/SE 440. In its prime, this would have been a pretty awesome classic. Those days are a long way behind it, and it has been reduced to a shadow of its former self. That means that it is decision time. Is this a muscle car that is worth saving, or is it beyond salvation? The Charger is located in Louisville, Kentucky, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. It seems that the world is full of optimists because there have been an incredible 28 bids submitted to this point. This has pushed the price along to $3,750, but the reserve hasn’t been met. As if the Charger hasn’t got enough strikes against it, it is also being offered without a title.

The Charger rolled off the production line resplendent in Bright Green with a Black vinyl top. It would have been stunning when it was new, but that was a long time ago. It has been in a private collection for many years and has spent those years sitting outside. That means that it has been exposed to the worst that Mother Nature can throw at it. The results are plain to see because there is rust everywhere. There isn’t a massive amount of healthy steel to be found in this car, to be brutally honest. The floors are toast, as are the rear frame rails. The rear quarter panels will require replacement, as will the rockers. There is also rust present in the lower corners of the doors and in the lower front fenders. From the windshield forward things look encouraging, but is that enough to justify saving this beauty? Most of the glass is present, but most of the trim and chrome is gone. The picture is undoubtedly looking bleak so far.

I’d love to have seen this Charger in its glory days because the interior would have also been quite special. Black trim with bucket seats and a center console would have been a fabulous combination. All that remains today are a badly cracked dash pad, a few minor trim pieces, and a steering column. It is doubtful whether what is left would be salvageable, so the buyer would be starting from scratch here. The story is no better under the car. This was originally equipped with the 375hp version of the 440ci V8, backed by a TorqueFlite transmission. The Charger would have howled through the ¼ mile in 14.3 seconds. Today, it wouldn’t even raise a moan, let alone a howl. The entire drivetrain is gone, so there is no chance that the R/T will ever be a numbers-matching classic again. Of course, replacement components could be sourced, but does the cost justify it?

One of the most significant problems with being so passionate about classic cars is how heartbreaking it is to see a vehicle like this reduced to this state. When it rolled off the Hamtramck line in 1969, nobody could have envisaged that it would wind up looking like this. At that point, it was about to become somebody’s latest-and-greatest new toy. Today, it is a classic that will need a dedicated owner with a thick wallet if it is to be returned to its former glory. If this 1969 Dodge Charger RT/SE 440 was a numbers-matching classic that was fully restored, it would have the potential to threaten a six-figure value. Barring a miracle, it will never be numbers-matching. That raises the question of whether it will be worth rescuing. Would you take it on?


  1. Avatar photo Moparman Member

    A Reserve? On this?!? (IMO)This is simply a case of someone seizing the opportunity to post the rusted out hulk that has been residing in the back 40, returning to the earth! Your money would be better spent on finding one in better condition. Optimism is one thing, this is INSANITY!

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  2. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Total BS. I find it hard to believe anyone would bid on this. Got to be a way of fudging the number of bidders, like the “thumbs up” here,,

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    • Avatar photo Paolo


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    • Avatar photo Howard A Member

      See? Whoever did that, pretty funny, a new record,,

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  3. Avatar photo Mitchell Gildea Member

    Does the seller also have some swamp land for sale?

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    • Avatar photo Steve Clinton

      And beach property in Arizona,

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  4. Avatar photo AndyinMA

    Did it run when parked?

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  5. Avatar photo Cerno

    It just goes to show you that one mans junk is another mans gold . The first General Lee was found in a personal mans back yard in about the same condition and it was saved so anything is possible. If you can part with the money and wealthy people hate doing that so Joe Dirt might be calling you .

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    • Avatar photo Boatman Member

      Or Mark Worman.

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  6. Avatar photo 86_Vette_Convertible

    A no title pile of rust! You’re buying a couple of spindles with a lot of rusted junk attached to them IMO.

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    • Avatar photo Scott

      A VIN tag. That’s what you’re buying I think.

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      • Avatar photo 86_Vette_Convertible

        But is a vin worth much with no title to go with it?

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  7. Avatar photo JudoJohn

    Ha ha ha ha ha! Good luck with the scam!

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  8. Avatar photo Vance

    Ashes to ashes, rust to rust, there isn’t a tetnus shot big enough to prevent lockjaw. Put this car in a field and leave it alone.

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  9. Avatar photo Arby

    You’re kidding, right?

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  10. Avatar photo T

    Where would you start?

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  11. Avatar photo mike

    scrap yard would even laugh at this one

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  12. Avatar photo JohnfromSC

    But on the positive side, it still has the ORIGINAL master brake cylinder! 😁

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    • Avatar photo Pat

      And the cigarette lighter….

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    • Avatar photo Bill McCoskey Member


      And it’s a non-power brake car, with a 375 hp 440!

      Who would have ordered this new, and be so cheap as to not spend about $30 for the power brake upgrade?

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  13. Avatar photo Dean

    Really ?? Scrap it if they’ll even take it!

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  14. Avatar photo Steve Bush Member

    WTF! Total POS picked up by Greedy Hillbilly Titus for virtually nothing that somehow people have been desperate /stupid enough to bid to $4250. And it still hasn’t met the reserve! Hard to believe the whole thing isn’t an elaborate joke.

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  15. Avatar photo Dairyman

    It should say:
    For sale, bankruptcy starting kit!

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  16. Avatar photo Jeff

    But, But, it only has 11,000 pampered original miles…

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  17. Avatar photo Paolo

    Original wiper motor!

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    • Avatar photo David Lundquist Member

      Good enough place to start your rebuild. Just jack it up and start building around it. Probably better than the rest of it.

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  18. Avatar photo Arthur

    Adam Clarke wrote: “Would you take it on?”

    Not unless I owned a professional hot rod shop that had a media blasting area, a special jig to hold cars in place for parts installation, and a collection of sheetmetal from AMD and/or Dynacorn.

    In which case, I would be better off giving this car the restomod treatment, especially since the original engine and transmission is long gone. It would be the perfect opportunity to install a Hellcat engine and a Viper transmission.

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  19. Avatar photo Jeffro

    If you have it sandblasted…..there probably won’t be anything left.

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  20. Avatar photo B-rad jeepster

    Guys Guys Guys there is nothing left to restore. You would be better off buying all the repop metal and building one from scratch. There isn,t anything left to recycle. Let go back to mother earth and make the rest worth more.

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  21. Avatar photo BlackTa

    Looks to me like an older restoration, I can tell because of the rust that’s starting to bubble through.

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  22. Avatar photo JoeNYWF64

    It still looks better than most new appliance “cars” today. lol

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  23. Avatar photo Ed

    Hard to believe that there is even a reserve on this car .

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  24. Avatar photo Johnny

    Well their is alot of stupid people out their. I sold a running 6 cylinder 3 speed comaro. Good body with a messed up title for $75 and I was asking $40 for it. The guy asked me what was I asking for it and I told him $40 because of the title being messed up. The he asked me-if I would take $75. I told him I sure would and he paid me $75. People couldn,t believe it. They asked me if the guy was drunk or on drugs and I laughed and told them I didn,t know,but I got $75 and they still laugh.

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  25. Avatar photo PRA4SNW

    At least we can look forward to the supply of these that are sitting in a field, in a stack at a junkyard, etc, eventually running out, can’t we?

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  26. Avatar photo Rick

    I feel that in this case one man’s junk will become another man’s expensive junk.

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  27. Avatar photo curt wichman

    AMD sells everything needed to restored the rusted metal. its an R/T SE, finished in a very rare color. It will be restored by somebody. I’ve seen folks pay way more for less.

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  28. Avatar photo Russ Ashley

    I like that “it has been in a private collection” for many years. I guess he’s thinning his herd and must get rid of some of his toys. Sorry Folks, I’ve been reading Hemmings and I’m learning how to compose and ad in case I ever want to sell my truck.

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  29. Avatar photo Paolo

    What defines “private collection” in this case? A collection of junk to stabilize the bank of the creek down on the flood-prone lower 40?
    I can always appreciate the effort made to rehabilitate the most hopeless derelict anything. There are many personal benefits derived from the reverse engineering and restoration process, The satisfaction of doing “the impossible”, spinning gold from dross, is a powerful thing.
    This would be considered a labor of love. You would go into it knowing that it will challenge your skills, brain power and pocket book. As long as you can accept the idea that you will be spending lots of money and time no matter how you go about this project then you will be fine. The first thing to do is make an honest evaluation of what this job will require. Then double that number.
    At the end you will have gained a real education.

    Or just pass on this and buy one in decent condition and save the time and money.

    I feel bad for having cut up cars in much, much better condition back in the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s. I haven’t cut up anything in the last 10 years.

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  30. Avatar photo Mjf

    Lol, right….

    There is nothing to see here..

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  31. Avatar photo Dewey gill

    Does the radio work?

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  32. Avatar photo Terry Melvin

    To restore something, first you need something to restore. There’s nothing here but a few pieces that someone might use to restore another car.

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  33. Avatar photo John Oliveri

    I think it would fall apart on the forklift on the way into the crusher, it’s toast boys, let it go

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  34. Avatar photo Phlathead Phil

    Shame on the parts pervs for “raping” this car.

    Shame, shame shame, I hope they all RUST in h*ll.

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  35. Avatar photo Lee

    this must be one of those usta’ cars. Usta’ be a 440, usta’ be an S/E, and in this case usta’ be a charger. Come on now guys, I know we all love old muscle cars but we have to know when to let one go.

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  36. Avatar photo DON

    “Private collection” – translation , it has been sitting in a junkyard for about 40 years, was picked over years ago, and then some flipper comes in and offered more money than scrap for it.

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  37. Avatar photo DON

    When it rolled off the line, I’m sure the builders would know its time on earth was limited ; very few cars escape the ravages of time . This car has done exactly what it was supposed to do. It was transportation until something took it out , and then it was picked clean to provide other cars with a lease on life. After that it should have been crushed out and recycled . For whatever reason it escaped the last step.

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  38. Avatar photo Terry Melvin

    I was just checking, the thing ended auction at $4900, did not meet reserve. If that was my car, I’d take the money and laugh all the way to the bank.

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  39. Avatar photo John Oliveri

    It didn’t sell cause it had no bidders, just his relatives and friends, there never was a bidder

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  40. Avatar photo Matt Trummer

    Gentleman I found Ben Peterson in the Carolina’s that takes completely unrestorable Mustangs from 64 1/2 to 73. He completely removes all bad and inserts new metal floor to roof. If there is a Mopar metal worker out there, this car is salvageable, but not at the price it’s offered at today for sure.

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  41. Avatar photo Matt Trummer

    This poor thing is at $4900 today. Ouch

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