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Worth Saving? 1968 Ford Bronco V8

First-generation Broncos have always been popular. The classic look, removable top, and off-road versatility appeal to many. I wonder if the introduction of the new 2021 Bronco will spark new interest in the classic models. The first-generation Bronco had a long production run from 1966-1977, many were worked hard like this one that saw use on a farm. Early Broncos are prone to rust and this one is no exception, that raises the question to Bronco experts and enthusiasts, is this one worth restoring? Check it out here on eBay in Duluth, Minnesota with bidding at $3,100 at the time of writing.

When assessing a future project vehicle we all look at the pros and cons, this one has its share of cons but it’s not all bad in my opinion. The biggest problem is the obvious amount of rust, it looks like most areas of this truck have been affected by it. From the exterior pictures, we can see the fender, quarter panels, and rockers are shot. The front floors are gone as well but the seller says the cargo area, doorposts, and kick panels are “surprisingly decent”. There are some pros, this truck looks to be in original unmodified condition, many of these had the rear wheel arches cut to clear bigger tires but these remain stock although they are rusted out. The front grill looks good, the amber lights above the center lights in the grill look odd to me, is this an early Bronco feature?

The interior is very original and unmodified as well. What appears to be a factory radio is still in place, the seats are original as well as the factory rubber floor mat, which is cool but probably helped to trap in moisture and promote floor rot. All Broncos had a three-speed column shifted manual until ’73 when an automatic was offered. The transfer case shifter is very predominate in these trucks and is often mistaken as a floor shifter for an automatic transmission. The shifter handle looks like a Mustang part, were these taken from the Mustang parts bin?

Speaking of Mustang, I usually associate the 289 with Mustang but here we have it in the Bronco. The theme of untouched originality continues under the hood. Although dirty and rusty everything looks like it should, from the offset air cleaner to the fender-mounted jack. The 289 was the V8 option until ’69 when it was replaced by the 302. The engine is said to turn over by hand but nothing else is known of its mechanical condition, odds are it will run if it turns over but it’s safe to assume some refreshing will be needed. There is little known about the history of the truck other than it was used on a farm and the title could not be found, looking at the condition of the tires and everything else its been sitting a long time. It will be interesting to see what happens to it, possibly a parts truck or a restoration project not for the faint of heart.


  1. sir_mike

    Sorry but save what???

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  2. Tom

    The last year for the 289 was 1968.

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  3. chrlsful

    a few non-standard prts thrown on it. That’s OK cuz it has a very long way to go ! Some would just take the VIN & make a new 1 – all’s available (every single thing, like w/a ‘stang) from over a doz vendors.
    Lazy is – “Just put some new T-signals in above the old, too hard to fix those.” In fact looks like the 1st 3 yr’s lghts are where they should B & the uppers are the last 9 yr’s.

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    • Todd Zuercher

      Those ‘turn signals’ are actually reflectors – they were a very rare option for a few years. I have a set out in the garage that a collector friend gave me but I’ve never bothered to install them.

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      • half cab

        I’ve got a set also here somewhere. Most I’ve noticed came on ’68 and ’69.

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      • KKW

        I have a pair of those reflectors brand new in the box. They were used on 68-69 pickups. I’ve never seen any on a Bronco, probably added on by an owner, but maybe they were available, I’m not sure.

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      • half cab

        I have old magazine ads from 68 and 69 with them on the broncos.

        My cousin gave me the ones I have about 40 years ago and they came off his 69

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      • EricHi

        Correct, my ’69 has them, they are on the options list on my Marti report.

  4. Chris in Pineville


    but not $3000 worth.

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  5. rdxblast

    Time to put my crappy 66-69 broncos in market :) Thank god I sold only one out of my 5 broncos. Looks like a bitcoin stock all of a sudden :) (I am sure it will crash hard but before it does….)

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  6. Todd Zuercher

    The reflectors above the turn signals in the grille are a very rare option that was only seen on a few years of these trucks.

    As for restoration – the body is shot on this one. It would likely be cheaper to re-body it if you’re intent on saving it.

    And yes, the t-case handle was likely re-purposed from the Mustang’s parts bin.

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  7. Arthur

    With the new Bronco parts from companies like CJ Pony Parts and even a complete body from Dynacorn, I’d say this Bronco is worth saving. Indeed, if Stacey David bought this Bronco, it would have been the basis for his Project Crazy Horse.

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  8. Arby

    Were the previous owners Bonnie and Clyde?

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    • Lance

      What did I miss that makes this POS worth 3K. Tell me PLEASE

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    • Lance

      No Arby it was Mr. Potassium Cloride

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  9. Jt

    Sold for $4550.00

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    • Chucko

      WOW……. That is all I can think to say.

      I am obviously to out of the loop and or dumb to make sense of it.

      Good luck to the buyer; and to the seller: “Well sold Sir!”

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  10. Guggie 13

    yup I have seen my dad who was a huge Bronco fan rebuild worse ones than this , he was retired and had lots of time and a complete metal shop . it wont be cheap !

  11. KKW

    No kidding they were prone to rust, just like EVERYTHING ELSE in Minnesota. A lot of work, but well worth saving.

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  12. Tracy

    This would be a good candidate for a new body as long as the chassis is good. I love the uncut Broncos.

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  13. John C.

    I have been watching the prices these old Bronco’s bring that are featured on here. I’ve been looking around to find one to flip too. It’s really amazing what some folks will pay for a pile of rust nowadays! Yep this one sold.

  14. Phlathead Phil

    Well, if it was offered phor $3,000.00 and sold phor $4,500.00 then buyer has met seller and both happy, (I assume.)

    Q: How long will $4,500.00 last in today’s 🌍?
    A: Not long. I think sellers cash will be gone in less than a year.

    Q: How long will this Bronco last?
    A: Years.

    Broncos in ANY condition command attention. It was one (and now even more so) of the most popular and versatile vehicles ever created. I’ve had my E.B. ‘88 phor 23 years. True, it’s not like my F-350 body lifted turbo diesel, but it can still do things the 350 cannot.

    Again, rust never sleeps, but lucky for the buyer replacement parts are available.

    IMHO, this is a ‘body-off’ RUSTO-mod.

    Now, if the boys at Ford wanna pull up their pants, roll up their sleeves and put their thinking caps on to create a fire 🔥breathing🐲 turbo diesel lifted new version, (not like that baby edition) they will have the GRAND-DADDY of ALL vehicles!!!

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