Wow! Dodge Charger Daytona: Buy It Now For $2,000!


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Well, I didn’t lie, it IS a Charger Daytona! Just not the one with the wing (awwwww!) This low mileage, tape stripe special was offered for 1976 and 1977 in a attempt to recapture the magic of the earlier wing car. This one is located in Troy, Montana and is offered for sale here on eBay for a buy it now of $2,000, but even lower offers are being considered.


Not quite a droop nose wing car, is it? However, it is a rather unusual car and it is obviously wearing it’s original paint, which means there’s nothing being hidden. And I find the two tone blue pretty attractive, all things considered.


You may not have been able to see the T-tops in the first picture. Somehow, they seem fitting on this car. It’s even still outfitted with it’s original wheels, although some of the skinny little trim rings and centers are missing. The seller tells us a typical story of too many projects, not enough time.


Here’s an ad depicting what the car looked like new alongside it’s running mate the Cordoba. I wonder if the Charger got “Corinthian leather” as well?


My eyes aren’t good enough to read the date on this plate, but it’s obviously been off the road for a while. The seller tells us it runs great with an aftermarket four barrel carburetor currently having replaced the original two barrel. Honestly, I don’t think it looks too terrible, although I wasn’t able to find a replacement decal set anywhere if you want to repaint it. Even that wouldn’t be too hard to duplicate in vinyl with a little effort.


Where’s the light blue leisure suit I wore for my high school senior picture? It would fit right in this interior! Again, things don’t look too awful if you were willing to clean for a while. My question here would be if the T-tops leaked and if there’s rusty floors as a result.


The seller tells us this is a 360, and with some detailing under the hood I think this would work out okay. No, again, it’s not a wing car, and most folks might not even find it particularly desirable. But look at the price, and remember a time when it was all you could do to afford any classic car, and think how this could work out nicely for someone to enter the hobby. I’d encourage them to take a look, and perhaps buy this Charger Daytona. Who knows, maybe someday they could afford a wing car instead?




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  1. JW454

    The seventies was weird time in America. I’m glad it happened but, still weird.

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  2. lostboy

    I know a kid who literally collects grand fury’s I don’t know where he finds them but they’re always clean and low mileage.

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  3. Tony S

    I liked the Cordoba back in the day – compared to other cars in it’s segment I thought the styling looked great. I don’t know – this might be a fake – the lettering is missing from the trunk lid! LOL. Ricardo Montalbán was cool.

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  4. TomMember

    Look Tattoo….the fine CORINTHIAN LEATHER looks to be in superb condition. Wow, not sure who at Mopar stole the front end off the 73-74 Monte Carlo for this but wow, I never noticed how similar they are.

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  5. Rspcharger Rspcharger

    I’d dig it more if it had the rally wheels as seen in the brochure pic.

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  6. Oingo

    I like it. White leather would be my preference.

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  7. Charlie G

    I owned the 1977 Daytona. Starlight Blue over Cadet Sky Blue metallic. PB9 was one of the blue paint codes. For which one I can’t remember. I took it through a car wash which was a mistake. Half of the 5 tone pinstripe decal got removed. So I purchased two sets. I still have one complete set of replacement decals stored in a box in my back shed. I know of another 77 Daytona owner who actually had the decals removed and replaced by a sign painter. Looked good the last time I saw it in 1987. The only drawback to the whole car though was the piss poor 400 cid V8 , locked up 727 and the rear gear of 2.73. It was a good car until it was totaled in the spring of 1983. And YES, the Charger could have had the Corinthian leather by special order. The ‘T’ tops were more 1976 than 1977, which puts this as a mid – stream crossover to the 1977 model year. The tail lights are 1977. The Rallye wheels were also special order, otherwise the car came with stock steel wheels and one of two types of hubcap. The ones as in the photo or wire rims. After mine was totaled, I started to purchase new parts to rebuild it, but a company strike stopped that. Still have an NOS Big block ‘K’ member in the back shed. All of what I have in storage for any of the MOPARS I’ve owned in the past 47 years are for sale. By the way, The Daytona’s were built in 1975 to 1977 according to the Chrysler parts and service manuals. The colors were blue one blue; black on silver; maroon on silver; butterscotch on aztec gold and two tone green.

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    • Boyd B. McNiel

      Do you still have the pin stripe sets. I might be interested in buying them from you.
      Call Boyd

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  8. Chebby

    The Cordoba is a good-looking body style. The only real problem with malaise cars is the smog-strangled engines, which is easily remedied these days. Update the power source and you’re good.

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  9. Dave the Sprinter Guy

    I was lucky enough to sell these new back in the 70’s at Glass City Dodge in Toledo Ohio. I think I had one for a demo for a while, back in the good ole days when car salesmen got demo’s.
    Sure would be great with a new generation Hemi under the hood and a reworked suspension.
    Wish it was closer to Austin Texas, I would be first in line.

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  10. Mike

    There was one for sale elsewhere a couple weeks ago in much better condition for not much “MO MONEY” with real non-working A/C!

    That “270” A/C on this Montana car would be tough down south.

    I guess that’s what the T-Tops are for!!!

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  11. stillrunners

    My 409 buddy bought one new…..what does that tell ya…..we still laugh about that….he’s a die hard bowtie kinda guy…..but he did like and had good things to say about that Cordova….

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  12. Terry

    Made the mistake of buying a used Cordoba with a 400 “lean burn” engine. Biggest pos I ever owned. And I owned a bunch. Car got about 6 mpg and gas fouled plugs every week. For two weeks. Then I drove it to the salvage yard and tossed them the keys. I had managed to forget that pile until I saw this car.

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    • Charlie G

      Lean Burn 400 actually had decent gas mileage as long as you got rid of the MOPAR supplied plugs which changed constantly from Champion to AC. I’ve always used Autolite/Motorcraft plugs in my MOPARS, just as my dad and grandfathers. Gapped to .035 your mileage should have been good. Better than 6. And if your plugs were gas fouling almost every week, they were the wrong heat range and the O2 sensor in the computer, which was not repairable, went bad long before you had the car. In late 1978, the US Gov gave owners of Lean Burn cars across the country permission to remove the failed units without being penalized under the Clean Air Act and replace the complete system with a new sub-wiring harness assembly, resistor pack and distributor. At the same time, if you had the Carter 4 bbl Thermo Quad, new jets and brass floats ( the original floats were made of a plastic compound that soaked up gas like a sponge causing the carb to fail) were being sold over the counter of some speed shops. The Thermo Quad’s mid section plastic body also had the tendency to warp causing other issues. Until late 1979, many a Chrysler automatic trans failed at or about the 70k mileage mark. The issue was finally resolved when an out of house company known as B&M Transmissions realized that the original pressure and torque settings on the trans bands for more than 20 years had been reversed and too light. By making the changes across the industry and country, 727’s lifespans now improved.

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  13. Jubjub

    I like it. I think these were the only way to buy a Córdoba without a vinyl top.

    Aren’t these the polycast wheels?

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    • Jamie Palmer JamieAuthor

      I think you are correct about the wheels, but I wasn’t sure enough to put it in the posting.

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  14. Charlie G

    Found a copy of the title and purchase papers from Tom Tague Dodge of Moline , IL.
    I paid $7,357 including tax back in May 1977.

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  15. Chris Kruse

    Looks like that plate expired in 2010.

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