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Wrecked DeLoreans Found In Baghdad

Wrecked DeLoreans

I have heard lots of stories about the rare and exotic cars scattered across the middle east, but most are in private collections. Well the guys over at WreckedExotics had someone submit a pair of DeLorean DMC-12s that were discovered in Baghdad, Iraq. They don’t provide any information about them, but these cars clearly aren’t in a climate controlled collection! Perhaps they were liberated from a collection during the war? It could explain their battered condition. If you’ve ever wondered what a DeLorean would look like after being in a demolition derby, I imagine this is it. I would honestly love to hear the whole story behind this pair and how they ended up in this sad state! If any of you happen to know more, please share! Special thanks to Jack L for this tip!


  1. Randy

    Looted out of Kuwait and abandoned on the Road of Death? I saw a bunch of wrecked exotics during Desert Storm, littered along the highways, left where they ran out of gas on the way to Baghdad.

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  2. Don S

    Looks like leftovers from a Mad Max movie.

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  3. Mark E

    Since you can buy originals in nice shape for a relatively reasonable price or even buy BRAND NEW ones (for a not-so-reasonable price) it would be interesting to get these and do some kind of a street rod project! Maybe transplant a V8 and make the performance finally live up to the look… ^_^

    • Cy

      They aren’t “brand new” ones. They are remanufactured using an existing (non-salvage) vin and about 80% new or NOS parts. New ones can not be created because they do not meet today’s crash and emission standards.

  4. Dolphin Member

    Probably owned by Uday or whatever Saddam Hussein’s son’s name was. He pretty much had the run of the city in fancy cars while Dad was in power.

  5. fred

    Just goes to show that stainless steel can survive anything, right down to war and civil unrest.

  6. Meshal

    And this is what my uncle has, this collection is GM trucks from 1976 until 1980. low mileage, original paint, 2wd and all of them have 454 engine, no 350 and no 4wd (:. He’s . This collection in Saudi Arabia.

    • Wiley Robinson

      I used to go to the NC state auction back in the 90s. I ran into a guy paying $80,000 for a group of used police cars, all Crown Victorias and Impalas. I asked him what he was going to do with them and he told me he ships them to Saudi Arabia because they love them over there for the upgraded suspension and the power. Apparently in a place where gas is extremely cheap, these were the car of choice.

  7. Jason

    That website is depressing!

    They also had this pic posted last month, think the same cars:

  8. Neil Aussenberg

    Just install anti-aircraft gun in the back and you are ready to go!!!!

  9. Jeff Staff

    Looks like one of them may have been painted red – weren’t there a few rare birds that were custom painted by the factory for wealthy customers? Those are fairly desirable among DMC collectors, if I’m not mistaken.

  10. Matt51F1

    There is one getting around near where I live (Strathpine/Brisbane/Qld/Australia) that is blue – but I think it was painted with a 4″ paintbrush instead of being a factory colour.

  11. RickyM

    Shame that these are in this condition – I suppose it would not be cost effective to repatriate them and restore them………

  12. Gary Rhodes

    Those things were turds when they were new, low powered, poor quality and ugly to boot.

    • Jason

      Thanks for that low-value years-old reply, Gary.

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