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Wrecking Yard Liquidation Update!


The guys over at Grandinetti’s Metal Recycling have been busy getting ready for the big liquidation starting November 5th, but have taken sometime to post a few new photos of the yard! I was blown away the first time I saw this place, but I honestly had no idea just how many cars there are hiding there! Take a look at the original story here and then have a look at some of the new photos below.


I know most of these cars are past being realistic projects, but there are plenty of cars here I wish I could drag home!


Well now this is just a sad sight to see. Note to anyone looking to start a salvage yard, please don’t stack the cars on top of each othere!


Here’s another stack, but the Corvair may have fared well enough to be saved. That is if it isn’t rusted out! I like the looks of it though.


I’d actually like to see more of that Pacer in the left hand corner. It looks like it might be in decent shape! So do you see any cars in this new batch of photos you’d like to have?


  1. scooter8

    daley towed my dodge yrs. ago. went to pound. said why? they said what? said where? said,what? MY dodge! what dodge? MY dodge! HUH? maybe the toaster i bought recently? I tear up making bagels!

    • Bob Bonardi

      I have no idea as to the point he was trying to get across… any suggestions??

      • Bill

        I think he said they towed his car to that junkyard. When he asked them “where’s my motor”, they said “it was eaten by snakes”. From a Frank Zappa song.

  2. Cassidy

    I like that truck to the right of the Pacer!

  3. Alex

    Out of the ones I saw in the picture, I would love to have the pacer.

  4. Walter Joy

    So much potential…so little money

  5. Frank Pack

    58 Chev looks interesting.

    • Woodie Man

      2 door hardtop….YES!

  6. Jesper

    I only see cars i would like to have 😟

  7. Joost

    Everything, obviously…

  8. Myron

    I wish I lived closer and I would drag something home I am sure but I live in SC so that would not be possible for me.

  9. Dovi65

    The Pacer, the Corvair. It’s unfortunate that the cars weren’t better organized when they arrived; more of them might actually have been salvageable. It seems that most of the cars will end up in the shredder. RIP

  10. Gary

    Junk is junk my friends .. .. .. Bring in the crusher and crush it all. That’s about all it’s worth is scrap metal.

    • Jesper

      I see a lot of parts, it helps keep other cars on the road.

    • Loco Mikado

      It is the older 6 cylinder OHV 195.6 cu In. But it would be the correct 6 for ’64 and back to ’56. It would also replace a Rambler flathead 6 as the engine is a redesigned flathead incorporating overhead valves and externally the same size. Also has the valve cover designed to accept a PCV valve.

  11. Anthony

    I’d like to make next years calendar with a whole bunch of photos. > Maybe Black and White?

  12. Bill the Engineer

    I think up over the roof of the Corvair in the distance is a first generation Tempest or F-85. Either way I’d love one of those!

  13. Neil

    The engine was running in the Corvair when they parked it up there !

  14. Chris

    I like the early mkI VW Rabbit and the 58 Chevy

  15. D. King

    What is the orange car to the right of the Pacer? And the blue one next to it?

    • Wiley Robinson

      Look like Renault R-8s to me

      • DrGonzo

        Are you sure it isn’t a Hillman Imp?

  16. Lee

    looks like by the pound would be the honest way out –thats why whats left is still there Trash

  17. kevin

    D. King,

    They look like Simca 1100’s to me, anybody else?

  18. Dave

    I use to visit a yard that they would stack 5 high had a great time climbing up over & around! I don’t think they would let you do that now!

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