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Yard Find! 1973 Dodge Challenger Rallye


This Challenger sure looks like a neglected find, doesn’t it! Even down to the front plate hanging on by one of two fasteners–just the look I expect from a “find”. This particular Sublime Green Challenger is located in sunny Miami, Florida and is listed for sale here on eBay for an opening bid of $3,000.


What happened to the passenger side front wheel? Anyway, we can see that there’s going to be some work needed here, pretty much no matter what you want to do with the car. Unfortunately, the seller doesn’t go into a lot of detail on the car for us to know why they are choosing to sell this particular project. This is a “Rallye” car with the fake air vents on the front fenders and the striping–or at least some of the striping. I’m guessing there was a vinyl top on the car at one point as well. I’m hoping the really bad panel fit of this door can be adjusted out.


The driver’s side doesn’t look much different. Relatively solid but needing attention none the less. I wonder if the doors were replaced for some reason?


Perhaps this is part of the reason the seller has lost their enthusiasm for the project. This is a closeup of the passenger side floor. There’s no telling what lies under the metal placed in the front, but I’ll bet it isn’t good. Here’s one place you can get the whole pan for around $450. In the whole picture on eBay you can also see that the car has an automatic shifter.


If this is dirt–wow! It’s as if someone sprayed tan paint everywhere! Still, I’d rather see it like this so I know how it’s been stored rather than someone pressure washing it and driving the dirt into places I’d rather it not be. I do wish the seller had told us more about the engine beyond that it is a 318 V8. We don’t know if it’s free or not, although based on the pictures I think we can be pretty darn sure it’s not running! I’m also wondering about the blue paint showing through in this shot; perhaps the car wasn’t original Sublime Green? Regardless, tell us what you would do with this Challenger, and what do you think it’s worth? Interested?



  1. JW

    He needs to give it to someone willing to restore it, why a person would buy pain when it’s right in front of you rather than hidden. JMHO !!!

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  2. jaygryph

    I dunno, I’d probably put it back together enough to be a cruiser as is , use it for a summer or two, and no doubt someone else with a bigger budget than myself would come along and be upset that I wasn’t restoring it to it’s full possible glory.

    Then I’d sell it to that guy and go find something else to tinker with.

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  3. Curtis J Henshaw

    I see a lot of Bondo on the passenger side rear quarter.

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  4. Jubjub

    Too bad they had to go paint it green and backdate the stripes. If that dark blue under the hood is original, I bet it was nice looking. Picturing it on magnum 500s with the correct striping and the black top.

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  5. Joe

    Is the glass 98% empty or 2% filled? Not for the faint of heart or without deepest pockets. A too challenging Challenger.

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    By the time someone buys at the mystery reserve. Then ALL the parts needed. Hours on end grinding/cutting and welding to get this pig back on the road one could easily buy a newer Challenger with such desirable items as a 4 speed auto, Air conditioning and quite possible a Hemi. which is the route I would take.

    Why would I want drum brakes 5 mph bumpers and a 2V 318 with Valiant handling? No thanks.

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      While I don’t entirely disagree, if that were the case we’d all be driving Camrys and the vintage car scene would be something we read about in books.

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    • billy

      For the day, Valiants handled pretty good.

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  7. stillrunners

    dang…..where is the love ?

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  8. sparkster

    Blue By You . . . . Bad paint job years ago.

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  9. Rick

    Lose that stupid ’73 front bumper and replace it with a 70-72

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  10. James

    Too bad Dodge messed up that car with the sad catfish grille and ugly taillights in 72.

    The Rally dash is worth $500. Way too much work and that’s why no bids so far. Plus, sitting outside under a tarp in humid salt air Miami could not have been good for it.

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  11. Bobsmyuncle

    There is a LOT going against this car; auto, 318, rust…

    But for someone looking to restomod (which is exactly what I’d do) this could be a decent base that you could use guilt free.

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