Yellow Submarine! 1978 Ford LTD Country Squire

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After seven generations, Ford’s Country Squire station wagon reached its grandest proportions, and this 1978 Ford LTD Country Squire in Chula Vista, California represents the top-of-the-line wagon from the final year before a significant downsizing. Hidden headlights, simulated wood-grain panels, and other features distinguish the Country Squire from lesser wagons. Power options and functional air conditioning promise high style in this handsome yellow submarine-shaped family transporter. Offered for $11,500 or best offer here on eBay, the “excellent” driving Ford awaits its next aspiring Squire.

The So-Cal sun may have faded the steering wheel, but most of the dash looks shiny and colorful. Fingertip Speed Control features steering-wheel buttons for easy operation, just like modern cars. That phone alert you’re dying to check out will have to wait, though, because this is the last car humanity wants you to be piloting when you look up from that hilarious Tick-Talk video and realize you’re barreling into a line of parked cars.

Nicely painted white steel wheels mark a significant visual deviation from stock, better matching a no-frills surf wagon than this decked-out Squire. Ford’s 3-Way Magic Door Gate offered swing-out access and a folding tailgate along with a standard power window for quick access. Energy-absorbing bumpers protect front and rear and all four corners from errant parallel parkers and minor impacts that might leave a scuff on this Ford and a $1200 insurance claim on your 21st-Century Blobmobile. Thanks to Lov2xlr8 for some details.

Though leather was available, this looks like the Ruffino vinyl, also in great condition. Power windows and locks make it easy to secure the cabin after your absent-minded passengers disembark. Assuming it’s the original engine, VehicleIdentificationNumber indicates the reinstated-for-’78 entry-level H-code 351 cid (5.8L) V8 propels this beast of burden, despite Wikipedia noting a base 400 cid (6.6L) mill on the Country Squire. A spartan description and lack of engine pictures leave further identification a mystery.

With seating for ten (!!), this LTD out-guns nearly all modern SUVs. You’ll be the talk of the town after dropping off nine screaming crumb-snatchers at the roller rink in this high-zoot Squire. Some cosmetic refurbishment and this Queen Mary is ready for the ball, or just drive it as-is. Would you daily-drive this well-preserved Country Squire?

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  1. CVPantherMember

    Nice write-up, Todd.
    What a fine beast this is, and I agree, some “cosmetic refinement” would do her justice.
    Oh, and the “this is the last car humanity wants you to be piloting when you look up from that hilarious Tick-Talk video and realize you’re barreling into a line of parked cars” line is excellent, Todd.
    Thanks, I needed a good laugh today.

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    • Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

      My sentiments exactly CVPanther, including the credits to Todd for a fine write-up.

      Nowadays, when I see someone drifting out of their lane, or dawdling when the light turns green, or puttering 10 mph under the limit, my mental thought is “get off your phone.”

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  2. Norman "Pete" McGill

    I can’t see the steering wheel but the center bar is straight off the Lincoln of that era.

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    • Chuck Dickinson

      All Ford products used the same design steering wheel.

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  3. Hawk

    Love this write up Todd! I drive city bus for a living and watch people texting all the time. Wouldn’t even want this hitting my bus lol. Beautiful car though. Love the hideaway headlights and rear seating. Makes me wonder if there’s a business opportunity for shuttling people to retro concerts 🤔

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  4. Rw

    Very cool,tires look under size, needs 235/75/15s

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  5. Chris Cornetto

    A friend had one of the in a chocolate brown with the cloth plaid type interior with a 460. He towed a travel trailer with it
    I believe it was a 77. By 89 rust and twelve years of non-stop use had pretty much brought that unit to the end of the line. Slippy c6 sealed its fate. I still have the, to me beautiful turbine wheelcovers with the blue centers in them hanging in one of my garages. At one time these were everywhere and then it seemed they all disappeared over night. These drove nice as I drove his several times and I had a 72 Monterey with a 400 that I used to tow with
    I miss these. I like the color as my 72 was that pale yellow.

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  6. Mark Taylor

    Excellent write up Todd

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  7. Zen

    I had a 78 Ford LTD 4 door sedan with the 302 2bbl, and it was pitifully underpowered. I’d imagine if the 351 were well tuned, it could be adequate, but in those days it probably needed at least a 400 to confidently get on the highway. Very comfortable and nice riding car, though.

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