Your Fairlady: 1968 Datsun 1600 Roadster

The JDM scene is incredibly hot right now. With 240’s being converted to drift machines, and R33’s on the cusp of mass importing, the elder Japanese cars are not quite in the spotlight. Here is your chance to own an entry level JDM classic. This white, 1968 Datsun 1600 Roadster is located near Cincinnati, Ohio. The asking price is $2,950. Thank you Adam Clarke for the tip. You can view more on the Craigslist ad.

Listed as a 4 cylinder manual car, the engine should be a 2 liter, 4 cylinder inline, connected to a 5 speed manual transmission. It is possible that it could be fitted with a competition package, which would have included a bigger camshaft. That package also included higher threshold gauges on the dash. Worldwide emission variances caused mixed reactions to the car when new. Teams in the SCCA appreciated its price tag.

This fifth and final generation of the car brought about a few changes to the interior. A rear view mirror was integrated to the windshield. Head rests were now built into the seats, and the dashboard and steering wheel were now padded. Before this point, the interior switches had been toggle switches. Safety regulations were the reason for many of these new changes to styling and features.

This car isn’t the more recent 2000 model. The 1600 would have paralleled with that model for the 1968 year. There are no pictures of the engine, so it is hard to tell what kind of work would need done to it mechanically. The body seems to be in decent condition. It would be a fun little sports car to go to a show with, or take out on the weekends for something different than the normal same old same old.

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  1. Dean

    Posting has expired

  2. Frank

    You’re describing the technical specs of a Datsun 2000 there, not a 1600. The 1600 is literally that – an OHV 1.6 with 96 horsepower and a 4-speed. The 2000 was the OHC 2.0 with 135 (or very rarely 150) horsepower and a 5 speed.

  3. leiniedude Member


  4. Dean

    Japanese Domestic Market (I think).
    Bit surprised it’s LHD

  5. leiniedude Member

    Thanks Dean, works for me.

  6. Little Cars

    The BF writer was not saying that this particular car was JDM, just that Japanese sports cars in general are on a rising trajectory. JDM are more coveted and typically didn’t have to conform with the US specs for safety until much later. So, the driver on the left side ain’t nothing but a thing.

  7. chad

    very nice! 2000 nicer yet. 240’s grndfather & as such is nothing to scoff at (as folks did back when it was new).
    I was running aflas’n fiats so never looked @ them (figured it wuz an MG/Austin knock off). As yrs have gone by I pay them much more respect (only change? my knowledge has increased). Fairlady is an appropriate name !!!
    Thanks Brentton (same last name as me).


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